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Than the school uniform is bad?

on a school uniform are heard Recently more and more voices pro, from parents it is perceived as entirely positive phenomenon as reminds of the Soviet childhood in which, as we know, sugar was more sweet, water mokry and all products were natural not that now. However, despite parental nostalgia and that fact that wearing a school uniform really disciplines pupils, existence of an obligatory school uniform has many minuses.

In - the first, the school uniform often costs much enough in spite of the fact that many stand up for it, resting on mythological low cost of a form and benefit for the family budget. At least because the child should buy two sets of clothes instead of one. Not two jeans “both in a feast, and to the world“ for the fall, and two jeans for out-of-school time and two trousers for school for the same fall... After which there will be a winter, and by spring the child will grow up. Not to mention that besides jeans there are also other details of a suit!

In - the second though when scoring the first point some claim that it is possible to walk on the street and in “school“ as it was at the time of the Soviet Union, in practice it is almost impossible - quality of a modern form in the former Soviet Union leaves much to be desired. If to put on it daily not only in school, but also the street, then it will quickly become useless.

In - the third, the school uniform does not solve a problem of boasting of children in any way a financial position of a family as now children, unlike the parents, “are rather seldom measured“ by a clothes brendovost. Thanks to prompt development of technologies, rather phones and tablets, than portfolios, writing-materials, jewelry and the same footwear with outerwear are used. Though the last can “take part“ in examination “who more abruptly too“. As, however, and photos from summer or winter holiday on social networks, and entry in the cool magazine about the place of work of parents.

In - the fourth, the school uniform is often inconvenient. Not all forms have variations for warm and for a cold season, and to walk in the same trousers all the year round (and at air temperature in +25 degrees in May, and at a temperature of-16 degrees in February), nevertheless is unhealthy.

Also, in - the fifth, it not all to the person though this question rises to the utmost already a class from the sixth - the seventh. And if teenage problem “I as sucker! Why I have no such mobile phone as at Petya? “ it is possible to solve, having discussed the family budget (to explain what sum parents can allocate for purchase, suggest to refuse something for the purpose of economy on desired phone and to help to settle on some side job), a problem “Why I am such ugly creature?“, if the form sits on the child “as on a cow a saddle“ thanks to a style or color of fabric emphasizes forehead spots and circles under eyes, much more difficult. Spots can be cured, to correct circles, and to deal with the teenager`s self-assessment underestimated by schoolmates - occupation long and, for parents, almost unpromising.

Introduction at schools dress - a code of similar smart casual - the facilitated option of classical office business casual in which there is both a scope for self-expression, and the framework which is not allowing vulgarity would be good alternative of a school uniform.