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Chapter 6. About protection of

On protection are admitted to school,

Go on protection to institute,

On protection write and read,

On protection of session hand over.

Graduate from higher education institution on protection,

On protection take the diploma;

On protection even deputies

go To the government.

Chapter 6 “Protection - at all not defect. On the contrary, it is one of kinds of high parental or philanthropic feeling to which there are all bases is proud“.

It is repeatedly noticed that picturesque pictures of the truth, an order and beauty most often only beautiful illusion of consciousness which is skillfully reproduced by someone and somehow in our minds. If to try to turn such separate pictures of prettiness and wellbeing into a long opening day, then the effect and duration of illusion amplify, and it is already almost impossible to distinguish the truth from fiction. They are the skillful illusionists who are taking out rabbits from the cylinder. We are an audience and the victims of illusion sitting in the hall.

At us at the enterprise of protection and nepotism is not present. Officially. God forbid, in general to pronounce these scary words in our not so remote place from “places of confinement“. They it is similar to the word “crisis“ which, as it is known we do not have. There is no crisis. But there is administrative responsibility for it. And it is unimportant what all have. We - not all. At us is not present. As well protection and nepotism. At best, when pronouncing so difficult uttered terms, will strange look at you and will try not to understand. It seems as did not understand - it is not guilty. In the worst, will begin to find mistakes and defects in yours to excellent job before until you not “ask itself“. However I was not too lazy, and on the internal fear and risk, counted how many at our floor works “sons and daughters“. I did not have enough fingers of both hands. Then I, attentively got accustomed and observed those who are recommended and bring for work, and I already had fingers of one left hand to count those who brought “not for the handle“. At the others, here and there, friends and patrons, aunts and uncles appeared, the surnames which are again employed oddly had something in common with surnames of already working. In a word - family business, though a shop not private.

The chronicle of some events with which edge there was also your obedient servant importunately suggested an unpleasant idea of the one who, as well as by means of whom, clears away take-off career strips for the precious children.

For example, within a year heads of one of our departments were appointed and acted at what each subsequent appointment was more ridiculous previous: in a chair will put the thirty-year-old accountant, to direct a gang of experienced production workers, the former kindergarten teacher who in general cannot raise the voice on the person, nearly the uncle Vasya, the turner from shop. At what as these poor creatures did not try to justify the trust assigned to them as did not sit up late as did not fill up nights, understood what threatens “not to justify“ - the kind word was not deserved. Everything as one, there were blunderers and numskulls in spite of the fact that had experience in production. But it was worth accepting to a position of the new worker, in combination and sluchayneyshy accident of the son of the one who employed as work as if on wave of a magic wand it was adjusted and begun to argue. Surprising affairs happened during only two - three months, and to the Lord would be not to keep up: production was arranged, the discipline became stronger. And it is unimportant that the new assignee in the field had no experience absolutely. The main thing - there was a ringing surname. Conformable with a surname Ivan Ivanycha. And even the middle name was Ivanych.

On planning meetings, meetings and in a lobby the new name of the chief became synonymous to production success. The name it continually loudly sounded from lips of the proud father, here and there. In public it was transferred and repeated with instantly developed piety. And it is only private, secretly and under the screen of night somebody, continually ventured to spit with all the heart and to facilitate it.

An interesting skotinka, of course, of people, I think: as it is easy, under the narcosimilar, intoxicating feeling of sublime likeness and domesticity, friendship, association and an association, it is stultified by this highest feeling, it is possible to praise the person to high heaven absolutely for for what it would be worth scolding. And as it is easy, unscrupulously and washing hands, not having any attachment, it is possible to slander, discredit and blacken any for the most dedicated work. And then, from loud roar of our Sherkhan which tore and threw we, its faithful to Tabaki turned into coward zombies who trusted each his word, listened to each its gesture, watched each its step.

The smell of the newly made fifteen-year-old commander of our regiment was caught right there by the old administration holding downwind a nose, and at once accepted only a right poyntersky rack: to spend much time nearby, never to object and render all services: not in friendship, and, of course, in service. Already through short time the sweet couple began to remind accrete Siamese twins who were unseparable neither in the morning, nor in the afternoon.

Not the question “How Many It Is Made?“, “How Many It Is Sold?“ or “How Many It Is Bought?“, and “Where the new chief was the most often asked question of the old chief now?“.

Together they went to smoke breaks, for lunch, together left and together came. And, appear, there is no need to spend so much time together - they were at us in the public eye - serious issues were resolved extremely seldom. And, nevertheless, they could not the friend without friend and minute as Chuk and Gek, Tom Sawyer and Gek Fynn, Romeo and Juliette could not.

It is known that if you want to be pleasant and secure with trust of your chief, begin to resemble it. Its gestures, movements, manner of conversation and, of course, work manner. Keep in mind that a way to the chief`s heart provided that your manner to work - it is brightly individual and other than its manner, will be long and intense, and at times infinite, and finally can break already your heart. But if you sincerely begin to repeat after it, then be you though buttocks - the fool in the business, you for certain melt to a nachalnichya heart and will suffer you, and sometimes, between instructive kicks under the back, and to pat on a back.

Sometimes in the relations of our lovers reached ridiculous: the old chief began to copy so diligent new that it could not pass for us unnoticed and not raise a smile. Besides he and could not remain sitting minutes without the adored idol.

For example, the brand new chief came from the department into ours, and behind it afterwards as the tornado, rushed also old. At what if the first also had any intentions in our department, then old was dragged behind it just like that, idle, on a threshold shifting from one foot to the other and catching each gesture of the boss, terribly reminding a clumsy puppy - the overage, with the put-out language, everywhere dragged for the owner getting that under feet and causing all irritation of the last.

Of course, it was possible to call these relations business, friendly or druzhesko - business, having accused the author of these lines of exaggeration, platitude and cynicism. There is on light a friendship and disinterested business relations. However to me is given that it is that, a typical case from the textbook on a nachalstvolyubiya when all and everyone was understood with whom deal and as it is necessary to behave.

Despite the lack of any experience in our sphere, nobody and ever, dared to point by either gesture, or a hint to insufficient training of the new chief. Old birds hoary with age are silent and pucheglazo nodded the general and little to the meaning phrases of the new expert. “We will surely execute!“, “Of course, everything will be as it should be!“, “All of us will make as it is necessary!“ - on a “professional“ slang, with priblatnenny accent, the son with directors, designers and technologists “frayed“. All these its expressions were so streamline and empty that I was taken by laughter and melancholy at the same time.

Of course, It cannot be that hard, and all of us once started from scratch, but process was inevitable, otherwise we were waited by regress. In a case with the new chief to study and try - that blood from - under nails as some of us, had no need. Even two years later - term quite sufficient for any of us, I did not cease to wonder incompetences of our management. It reminded me astronauts in beautiful space suits and kosmokostyuma which sometimes went down from an orbit that an amazed look to look at us, mere mortals. To look, demand, to lecture. Whip, whip and whip. And gingerbread, for some reason, always remained to itself.

Instead of one former chief, at us was two now, and exactly twice the worst organization of work. Duties continually “fell down“ a snowball the one who will turn up under a hand. Once imposed to me to be engaged in what I had no slightest relation to and that it is worse - I was not able to do it. Me, it seems put for a wheel of the car which I never drove, and did not even show how he is brought. But time the team in chanson style “You, mlya was given, you will do it“ - I understood that “I, mlya, will do it“, and began to invent a wheel.

The similar manner of the management concerned also all others. The administration charged what should not be entrusted to those it was entrusted to whom, and what is worse, if the previous chief poorly - poorly understood work of everyone, then two new as the real astronauts, did not know as as it has to be made. All of us turned out in free floating at what on some there was no life jacket also. Three at whom nerves were weaker, having had suffered much with water, went to a bottom. Four hardly remained on a surface.

Nepotism, protection, a protezherstvo, mutual responsibility - all this terms with an obvious negative shade. And on that is the right. Than protection is bad? The fact that, in most cases, he is an enemy of professionalism, responsible work and diligence. Criminal with “a wide back“ it is not necessary to try. And even if at the beginning he, young and full of the best sincere rushes, will also make some attempts for introduction of to a business course, for acquisition of qualification and experience, then for a long time it all the same will not last. Because from everywhere will speak to it, from everywhere he will feel “And so will descend“. Nobody in eyes will tell how he is. And illusion will over the years be developed that everything is not simply normal, and it is better, than at the others as always, in any collective, at any enterprise there will be podpevala and the hypocrites singing praise to the powers that be.

What is protection on - Belarusian and at what it here, you ask? In my opinion, it is that protection which is not even tried to be hidden which at all before eyes which in eyes and climbs, but about which nobody speaks. It is absent. As if not. All see it, all know about it. But nobody tells about it how do not speak about everything other bad and reserved, Sherkhan`s team will not be given by the Tabaki yet. And then it “will“ be. For now it “no“.