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How to learn what today lunar day?

Still ancient people knew that there is an interrelation between the Moon and processes happening on Earth. Nobody will definitely designate date of creation of a lunar calendar, but any scientist will not disprove interrelation between phases of a lunar cycle and natural phenomena. The science proved that lunar activity exerts impact on a mental and physical condition of the person. If it is interesting to you how the provision of the Moon in the sky influences your mood, health and attitude, then this article for you!

Gravitational impact of the Moon on Earth is expressed in change of the Earth`s surface and in alternation of inflow and otliv. People of antiquity, learning the world, did not ignore the beautiful hostess of the night sky - the Moon. They noticed that the Moon changes the situation in the sky cyclically and noted changes in the nature during the concrete period. Recurrence of the taking place events was reflected in a special calendar - lunar.

In a lunar calendar of 29 or 30 lunar days which are considered from one moonrise to another. The exception makes the first lunar day: it begins at the time of a new moon. Duration of lunar days is changeable. It occurs from - for the fact that the Moon rotates around Earth, and their axes of rotation do not coincide. Duration of the first and thirtieth day of lunar month is especially various - they can proceed from several minutes to almost days. The thirtieth lunar day happens not each lunar month.

Usual lunar day is longer than solar. Each following lunar rising begins later, than in previous day. The moon ascends not only at night, but also in the afternoon - remember, for certain you at least once observed in the sky at the same time the Sun and the Moon.

The lunar cycle consists of four phases lasting about a week. They are conditionally called quarters. Special points in a lunar cycle - the New moon and the Full moon halving a cycle approximately they exert special impact on an organism. The first half of a lunar cycle - the growing Moon, is considered the union of the Moon and Sun. The second half, the decreasing Moon - opposition of two stars.

How to use lunar energy for the good? How to make the Moon the ally? the Decision is simpler than

, than it seems - it is necessary to watch a lunar calendar. If you know when your organism is subject to diseases, it is simple to take measures for immunity strengthening. For example, remembering that the full moon is a critical point of lunar month, you will be able to control the psychological state. To try not to vent the aggression on people around and not to enter disputes.

Today the set the Internet of resources is offered by lunar calendars. Every day the lunar calendar contains the general recommendations. All of us are various the psychological and physiological parameters, at each of us own biorhythms. It is very important not just to follow recommendations, but also to listen to the individual feelings. We suggest you to make an own lunar calendar. From the beginning of new lunar month fix the health every lunar day. Having made such calendar once, you will notice that your psychological and physical state, working capacity, mood change cyclically.

Energy of lunar days is a background. Bad events can happen also in favorable days, but their overcoming borrows much less time. If to draw an analogy to the swimmer, then the solution of important issues in adverse days is similar to swimming in the storming ocean. Try not to make serious decisions in such days, refrain from actions.

How to learn, what today lunar day?

of Uniform time of the beginning of lunar days on the planet does not exist. In the different cities and the countries the beginning of lunar day the. Independently it is difficult to calculate the beginning of lunar day for the territory, astronomical tables, and ability are for this purpose necessary to work with them. The simplest - to use a block calendar. Practically any of them contains information on duration of light day and lunar days. There is a number of special programs and the Internet - services which count lunar days by calendar date and the location.

Short characteristic of lunar days:

1 - dreams, promises, plans

2 - profit, undertaking

3 - fight, overcomings

4 - training, knowledge

5 - intuition, complexity

6 - pleasure, appointment

7 - wisdom, a reasoning

8 - risk, activity

9 - deception, failure

10 - spiritual opening

11 - force, energy

12 - a pacification, inaction

13 - instability, confusion

14 - the beginning, answers to the questions

15 - temptations, quarrels

16 - harmony, creation

17 - love, creativity

18 - illusions, silence

19 - violation of balance

20 - meditation, search

21 - physical activity, communication

22 - rest, training

23 - scandals, quarrels

24 - a force of nature, activity

25 - dreams, supervision

26 - deterioration in health, disagreement

27 - rest, contemplation

28 - affairs, training

29 - danger, vigilance

30 - clarification, abstention

Using all magic force of lunar days, you will be able to strengthen the health, to construct the harmonious relations with close people, to realize the creative potential or maybe to find work of the dream!

Let any lunar days will be for you happy!