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What is a kosmogramma

Short acquaintance with kosmogrammy, a horoscope basis, through comparison to it: what they contain, than differ why serve.

Our practical acquaintance to astrology, as a rule, begins with visit to the astrologer and works with a personal horoscope. By means of information concluded in it, and the translation by her astrologer into language, clear for us, we resolve the arisen issues and problems. As shows experience, it is not necessary to stop at this stage to any person, it is also useful and it is important to learn also the kosmogramma. Or it is at least better to get acquainted with what is it. Such step allows not only to expand the opportunities, but also at times to avoid serious mistakes. Which, unfortunately, are not a rarity.

Ancient wisdom says that “a picture is worth a thousand words …“ therefore we will begin acquaintance with images, they are attached to article. Both images - star charts at the time of the beginning of a certain event, its certain photos, are their cornerstone astronomical coordinates of planets, stars and other space objects. (If you did not manage to get acquainted with what itself represents a horoscope that contains in it, what appointment at it what opportunities are opened before us by information which is available in it, then it can be made, having read the previous article “What Is a Horoscope Actually?“.)

Graphically cards almost do not differ - in a kosmogramma there is only no grid of division of the Zodiac Circle into sectors. But the contents and appointment - almost essentially and to these supplement each other. For this reason it is necessary to know both a horoscope, and a kosmogramma and what card for what serves.

The horoscope shows the scenario according to which our life and what it will be filled with will proceed: “scene“, “scenery“, “genre“, other “actors“, etc. And kosmogramma - that experience which is saved already up by us in the last embodiments, our spiritual basis. This card already reflects us as “actor“ therefore is a horoscope basis. In more detail with kosmogrammy it is possible to get acquainted in special literature.

The general acquaintance to its role and appointment is important to learn basic divisions: one categories of questions, mostly household, are solved by means of a horoscope, and others - spiritual, program - through studying of a kosmogramma and work with it. Speaking simply and figuratively - it needs to be known not to confuse “internal“ and “external“. And it is better to be prepared and orient in knowledge that it is necessary for us in the forthcoming work. Kosmogramm`s

can also become useful to those that it, unlike a horoscope, does not demand such big accuracy in the construction: for a horoscope - these are 3 - 4 minutes, and for a kosmogramma - 1 - 2 hours. What allows the astrologer to obtain in some cases quicker the main information, right there, at the customer.

If you continue the practical acquaintance to these cards and astrology, then will be able to learn by own experience that all our life, its duration, contents and quality directly depends on that, how well we know the horoscope and a kosmogramma, we are able to work with them. Only caution - do not try to build cards independently, without training at astrological school. The question of construction thin and responsible, demands preparation and literacy, at incorrect execution can negatively affect destiny. Even if you build someone else`s card.