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The lie as a kind of human nonsense

is masked Deception a set. It can consist of frank gebbelsovy lie with a thunderous claim for truth. Can be from one thousand small semi-truths and the underestimated, accurately retouched nonsense. Can be loud and categorical, and can be silent, about itself.

It can be sublime and sincere, with such children`s chubby face and the mumpish offended sponges when people just fondly and frankly trust some unchecked quasi facts and are incapable to see all picture of events in its sequence, deep into and in breadth. It can be intended, cynical and verified when people know, or at least assume thought that the truth is much more difficult, zaputanny and lies on different sides, and not just to be based the reinforced concrete block on their party which is staked out forever, but, quite mercenary pursue some aims, as a rule, beginning from mercenarily sublime, in the form of patriotism or even selective humanity to quite materialistic, for example. He often is just by the principle of “nashesta“, belonging to this or that party from which you receive certain dividends, for example, in the form of social security, unilateral and absolutely stupid. And the neumnost, or nonsense human, is not when the person does not know the capital of Bangladesh or is not able to use the computer in 21 - m a century and when, without knowing the capital of Bangladesh and without being able to use the computer in 21 - m a century, the person is not able to use own, separate of the general, state, public, one on all, personal, critical, calling in question foreign truth, the head.

When I watch everything in any way not appeased Russian reportings on a situation in Ukraine, more precisely in her Hugo - east part, I, also as well as most of normal people, in some, available, because of physical remoteness and not blood likeness, a measure, divide pain and a grief of refugees from there. I also as well as the majority healthy and civilians, try to present what that who was forced to remain in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions where military operations are conducted and as hardly there it is necessary them. And I do not envy them at all, and I do not justify doubtful actions of the authorities in Kiev at all, though I do not divide in a revolutionary way at all - a gangster heat of separatists. But one is interesting to me, one does not release me and does not let me know, in plenty narugavshis and having in plenty derided nonsense of these people with microphones and cameras with honest - prechestny light faces, and also and it is cleverer than those who, appear, are more fat a brain behind them, to understand and, maybe, even to sympathize with their whether mental lameness, whether lameness human. It is an obvious unilaterality and superficiality at a raportovaniye by one voice condoling on all. Obvious bias and an eye the cutting bias. Again thick-headed and emotional confidence when it is trusted not the facts, but words. And still inability to understand that there are no separate pictures from the front, each of which has the personal beginning and the personal end, and the fact that there is historical duration, event sequence, such elementary prichinno - investigative communication, at last.

The infinite chain of television stories about compassionate Russians in the Rostov, Krasnodar or Voronezh regions which in broad embraces accepted native refugees from the Luhansk and Donetsk regions with a loud refrain about fascists and Banderovites from whom that ran from there raises a sad smile. Sad smile, as last reaction to ultimate and enduring human nonsense. Or some, some causes and effects of the events are not able to understand nonsense from which cannot.

In - the first, I will tell emotionally, in Russian, that I do not believe in this philanthropy on the main Russian channels, though I trust in the first humanistic rushes of the same residents of Rostov and residents of Krasnodar (they are people near - they believe that they are saviors, and let). The reason of this custom television soft-heartedness - at first to resolve, then to organize and further properly to light reception of refugees, with the purpose to strengthen the propaganda positions in geopolitical fight for minds and the Russians, both part of Ukrainians, and some part of all others. It is known that the enemy should be demonized, and to give the chance to appear in a humanistic aura.

In - the second, unless a lot of mind is necessary to understand that at first kindling passions on separatist Hugo - the East of Ukraine, encouraging the pro-Russian supporters, promising them a brotherhood and friendship, and, maybe, even accession to Russia according to the Crimean scenario, without interfering with penetration of numerous marginal citizens of the Russian Federation with certain intentions there, directing there not only the humanitarian, but also financial and military aid about which without hesitating is declared Mironova and by Zhirinovsky on all channels, declaring a set of volunteers to be at war in others territory on hundred twenty websites which do not close, and their owners do not punish as that demands the criminal code of Russian Federation though find enough reasons to regulate to cover, again to allow broadcasting to harmless “Rain“ or “Tape“ etc. unless difficult to everyone and - politized and “not - for - red - not - for - white“ to the individual to understand that that flow of refugees, as well as number of the victims and destructions on Hugo - the East of Ukraine, took place and are a consequence, including, those reasons - partly thanks to this kindling of passions, infinite kiselevsky promotion, voyenno - material support of separatists from Russia? Unless it is not visible to everyone impartial, critically, and not just to patriotically conceiving person that one hand Russia adds fuel to the fire, and another pretends that he blows on the burned hand which suffers from this fire? Unless, in all honesty, somebody can doubt the valid purposes of all this performance at the state level?

In - the third, sadly to look on lost daddy which was forced to run with the family, and to it “here our brothers presented pampers and the toy car“ and which tries to disappear from chambers perplexed quicker that hurry to imprint as they, Russians, are kind to this person who just ran from fascists and Banderovites, having presented pampers and the machine. Or to look at the tear-stained woman who tells “that their National Guard fired from mortars“ (as if she, poor knows that it was the National Guard, but not separatists - the same and, never beat without miss, and on peace quarters and as if we do not understand that try to tell it that it is separatists them fired, and it not for “our red at all, and for not our white“ that hospitality quickly ended) and which hotly thanks for the fact that them accepted (did not tear to pieces, and accepted refugees - here what miracle) and even temporarily placed at the school closed for the summer.

Me not compassionate television baizes firsthand from the acquaintances - immigrants from Turkmenistan who were also accepted somewhere in the Urals were remembered here. To live for years, they were compelled in a hangar, children did not go to school because of lack of nationality and a registration, men could not get a job for the same reason. So far all men as flies, did not die. I know about the Russian, I`m sorry, hospitality not from television boxes, and from living people, and give, of course, god that it was not the same case when chambers are covered to go to remove further about bad ukra and good Russians when the summer ends and patience at some really compassionate Russians will begin to come to an end because of the Russian officials, not humane and much more patient for someone else`s account, who undertook to help refugees. I them would like month through three to have a talk, and from eyes approximately, but not on Channel One.

And in the last: it is enough to lie, deceive of others and to be mistaken concerning our Russian soft-heartedness and philanthropy concerning the refugees and civilians who are allegedly ruthlessly killed with the Kiev junta, humanitarian missions, rescue of women, old men and children: to all this there is no big matter neither in the Kremlin, nor on unanimous current - Solovyov` show and others where all always agree with all, all this cover which purpose is that Russian world which fantasts Prokhanov and to them zebredit similar again, including in the territory of the former republics, remote, and is better direct and direct submission of local elite, resource management and again fight for world supremacy, return to of the lost positions on the world scene. And all this, of course, others hands and in others territory.

The center of gravity of the Russian propaganda is gradually displaced from the Ukrainian fascists and Banderovites towards poor refugees and the compassionate compatriots. The just anger and patriotic splashing by saliva on all channels for incapable of independent critical judgment replace crocodile tears of compassion which are not worth a lot, directed to especially sentimental and same near. Let`s look what will succeed them.