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reminds of information war between Russia and Ukraine the present majority, the Russians and Ukrainians anyway divided into two camps, children small and unreasonable either slightly mad, or just mad when are accepted in all seriousness, furiously and violently to prove, in mass media or in personal contact, the exclusive correctness and righteousness and the devilish nature of an adverse party? Unless it is not obvious to it, as the Russian, and Ukrainian mass media place obvious emphasis on on what it is favorable, giving to the best advantage what is necessary, emphasizing and exaggerating one events both shading and muddling events others and what just there is a war national, war sacred, war of INFORMATsINNAYa where OBJECTIVITY of events and giving of these events interests nobody, and interests only to show devil essence of the opponent, having exaggerated, having slandered, having muddled? That is, there is an obvious, gromkovoyny, obscuring brains exchange of information attacks, on the person and belts are lower - anywhere, and there is practically no truth, the truth and objectivity in such war, it interests nobody?

Unless millions from us, every evening, do not listen, having opened with amazement mouths to these mass media - whether it be television or the favourite website next morning to start proving, and more true to retell, how the learned lesson, what they so well remembered - learned, with such heat and heat as if they peddled this old stuff, got to the truth, but not to them, having pressed the secret button on a temple, enclosed the next portion of “truth“ which they on - pioneer bear further in the moved-forward empty box?

When speak about some - Russian or Ukrainian - the truth and start hotly proving something, to me becomes and it is ridiculous and sad that at first wants to be regretted - to explain unfortunate in what they are mistaken, then there is a wish to knock them painfully that came round therefore to kill because such amount of nonsense which is given for some exclusive truth normal, trying somehow the person can simply not think and analyze, to take out.

Why those who greedily prove the exclusive case and the devil nature of another cannot be right?

1) As a rule, formation of this or that position about and office begins not to comprehend and understand causes and effects, the truth and a falsehood on objective search of truth and the truths, sincere diligence to make more - less close to true opinion, and it begins absolutely with the return: the person already a priori has by means of the emotsio, the peshcherno - clan preferences and division on ““ and “not“ the ready point of view which he starts somehow reasoning, proving why ““ are good and “not“ are bad, and at all not on the contrary. It is right and good - because, my, our. It is bad - because others, not my, not our. And if is not present at the person of the valid attempt to approach objectively the truth if he is not in the conflict with the family, clan, the country, then its position is, as a rule, foreseen: it will defend the.

2) As a rule, similar positions always differ in the increased emotional heat. Especially women for whom it is more important personal likes and dislikes, manners and forms where often the ugly and inconvenient truth has a few chances “succeed“ here. (Vast reasonings I will give on similar subjects, behind a small exception of dy - but women capable to think and comprehend, force to remember Erasmus Rodderdamsky`s words: “The arguing woman - as the monkey who got on on himself a red pontifical cloak and decided that assimilated to the last only because her stomach and a back of steel of brightly scarlet color“). Such prefer beautiful truthful and they protect ““ just because ““ - “I fight, just because I fight“ as one well-known literary hero who was not differing in mind spoke.

Is known to much, but for some reason they forget about it that emotionality, feeling - the enemy of objectivity, reason. And, nevertheless, prefer to trust charismatic, bright words to behavior forms, goryachny appeals and patriotic spirits, but not constrained and weighed attempts to analyze and draw conclusions.

3) Inability or intended unwillingness to elementary carrying out prichinno - investigative communications, to creation of interrelations, the fact that in philosophy “continuum“ is called. Vyryvaniya of separate events from the general context and their independent consideration. For example, today the Russian mass media greedily tell about rescue by the Russian side of the Ukrainian refugees. Painting in paints the ostentatious compassion which at the simple Russians showing it can have all shades of sincerity and empathy, the Russian side for some reason intentionally, or on narrow-mindedness of mind, forgets about the fact that those refugees - including thanks to their neofmtsmalny policy - military, material and even humanitarian aid to separatists to promotion in mass media, and also policy official when a lot of things become to blacken the present Ukrainian authorities, to undermine to them confidence.

Also in the Russian mass media it is possible to see often how the Russian side rescues “the Ukrainian junta“ - the military personnel whom wounded in fight or they for various reasons appeared at the Russian side, thereby unambiguously letting know, also shirokodushna Russian are how peaceful - help the silly foe. At the same time for some reason it is easily forgotten that those bullets and splinters which they take out from bodies of the wounded Ukrainians appeared there or for the direct reason - from joint stock company, a mortar, the tank etc. of the Russian terrorists acting on Hugo - the West of Ukraine, or because of indirect - when were let out from the weapon put by the Russian side, funds for this weapon etc. of

it reminds Me at the same time comical and tragic case with my neighbors when the husband regularly beat the wife, and then healed it, that is it, wounds, being almost proud of the ability to compassion. Understanding that these wounds were caused it by jealousy and anger somehow did not come to its mind. And that, idle time was the guy as most of those who watches our TV.

Today only lazy does not argue on the fallen Boeing. And those who frankly would tell: “I do not know, still nothing is proved, we will wait - can we will see“ exactly 1% from 100. All already know everything, and a dime a dozen is weaved in the form of versions.

And meanwhile, at all the about - the Ukrainian position, I do not exclude that the Ukrainian national forces could bring down the liner. Though, of course, and I do not know. But matter in not it. And that whoever shot down the plane all brought down it. As the child who runs from the house runs not so much because the father raised against it a hand but because there was a number prichinno and consequences which led to it that the child did not sustain and left the house. And in a situation with plane all laid the hand: the Ukrainian authorities and separatists did not manage to agree and launched full-scale civil war, the Russian side delivers the weapon, supports insurgents, destabilized a situation in Ukraine, having selected the Crimea etc. Strange just almost nobody speaks about it, and all show at each other fingers, making loudspoken statements.