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How to get rid of advertizing?

are known to All that the Internet is a possibility of selective viewing of information. More and more people prefer news lines on the Internet to a news on TV. It would seem, here it is release from persuasive advertizing! But also in the World wide web this engine of trade strongly occupied the niche.

Should visit any website - and right there advertizing banners emerge. This phenomenon does not depend on the used browser in any way. Really there are no ways to protect themselves from importunate and undesirable advertizing? There are solutions, and them a little. In this article I will try to give the short review of ways of disposal of your browser of advertizing.

Disposal of advertizing by means of settings of the browser

In any browser we can turn off animation on web - pages, images, a framework of drawings, to forbid to use alternative codecs for reproduction of multimedia of elements. Speed of opening of web - pages will increase, but essential minus that besides advertizing images other images will not be displayed. For example, illustrations to article. This way suits only the real minimalists. If your work on the Internet can be characterized the slogan “Information and Anything More“, then it is your way. Use of plug-ins for fight against advertizing If the simplest option you considered


categorical, then it is possible to solve a problem, having installed a special plug-in. There is a set of versions, but I will stop on several, popular now.

Flash Block Plug-in to

Everything that you need - to download a plug-in from the official site, to establish on the computer and to start, do not forget to reboot. And, voila, - any commercials, pop-up windows and messing around of banners.

But also there is an essential shortcoming. If you love browser games in applications of social networks “Schoolmates“ or “Vkontaka“, then remember that they will cease to work. The problem can be solved by additional control of a plug-in. For part of the websites it is possible to allow loading a flash - animations.

Adblock Plus Plug-in

Here he is the real veteran among plug-ins. Developed in 2002, at the beginning of the RuNet, it did not lose “fighting capacity“ and relevance now. The improved entire period of the existence a plug-in provided all types of the advertizing preventing work with web - pages. Besides importunate banners and rollers, it blocks a contextual advertizing and still some of its rare types.

Some filters are necessary for work of a plug-in. Now the Easy List filter is, as a rule, built-in in the software. With it problems at the user should not arise. After installation of a plug-in it is necessary to make additional settings, to choose what blocks of advertizing you want to see and what need to be hidden. If suddenly nevertheless advertizing filtered, you saw an undesirable banner, it is enough to right-click on the image, it will be blocked. But in general the plug-in works perfectly, you will not even be able to guess, where exactly on the page advertizing content is located.

Modern and effective Adguard

During creation of this program developers tried wonderfully well! Having installed this plug-in, you will get rid not only of standard types of advertizing, but also of a great number of the most unusual who it is difficult to hide. For example, from Rich - media. This type of advertizing is more, than just animated picture. It is considered the most aggressive. Applets Rich - media are sensitive to the movements of the user, pressing of buttons of the keyboard.

I consider this plug-in as very worthy replacement to the Adblock Plus appendix which is fallen in love by many. When using a plug-in it is also possible to make settings, to filter white and black lists of web - pages, to choose advertizing types which you do not wish to see. Perhaps, big plus - multilingualism of the interface. Installation of the Russian-language version is possible.

What plug-in to choose? All plug-ins are effective, the choice depends only on your preferences. Be guided by ease of management of settings. All above described plug-ins of an ottestirovana author of article. In my opinion, Adblock Plus checked by time is simplest in management. And from a position of the experienced user Adguard plug-in is most interesting.

Advertising - the benefit?

Wants to add a little more words about why it is not always worth turning off advertizing. The prevailing quantity of the websites “lives“ and works due to advertizing. If you turned off advertizing display, then deprived the website of an opportunity to earn. For certain each of us has the favourite resource. And if all its users refuse advertizing viewing, then it can stop the existence. Tell thanks to the favourite website - give it the chance to earn, add to the list allowed for advertizing display.

Regardless of the chosen way of protection against advertizing, I wish you interesting web - pages and topical news!