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A. Sidersky is the author of an effective technique “Yoga 23“. What advantage to an organism from occupations by yoga?

One mention of Sidersky are caused by respectful exclamation in all who a little - malsk are interested in yoga. Still: this person - one of the most famous masters of yoga, the author of an effective technique “Yoga 23“, series of books, pictures in a genre of psy art and the best, by recognition of many, the translations of works of Castaneda. by

It is surprising - Andrey Sidersky is successful in all he touches. At the same time he claims that he is engaged only in what to it in a high, and on own example proves what can be reached, correctly treating the concept “yoga“.

During the first moments of acquaintance to Sidersky strikes discrepancy of its appearance to passport age - Andrey looks about twenty years younger. He honestly admits that he to him nearly fifty, and notes what now stays in much best form, than in young years. Four hours of a dream and one meal a day are enough for the master Andre (so he is often called), and the habitual portion finds room in a handful. At the same time it remains vigorous and full of creative energy. Really for this purpose it is necessary to pass a way twenty-five-year-old the practician of yoga?

Andrey was an ordinary child of page. unusually problem backbone. That to strengthen it, went to the pool, switched to underwater swimming later. Then - that it for the first time also faced yoga - on occupations the trainer acquainted the wards with many principles of east doctrine. But serious interest came at institute.

to be successful out of the mode

It to the yogi today politicians, movie stars and mere mortals idolize. When Sidersky only began to teach, it was considered how the master speaks, as “occupation for the muddy morons and post-middle-aged women who are hopelessly trying to return to themselves 25“. Moreover: at unsuccessful combination of circumstances for teaching yoga deprived of freedom for five years with confiscation of property.

At the same time already then it considered that the yoga has to not just come out of the shadow, and to become a counter number one in fitness - system. Told - made, and today, in many respects thanks to its efforts, in asanas diligent there is a whole world in general and Hollywood in particular.

In conversation Sidersky often uses the magic phrase “I know“ and at the same time does not specify from where at it this knowledge. He knows when and how many to it to sleep when to work when to have a rest as as is and what to create. Andrey is guided by own criteria and knows that it is necessary “to throw in itself“ at present. Sometimes it is food, absolutely unacceptable from the point of view of yogichesky system, sometimes - only correct. In general Andrey treats food very accurately: prefers boiled and crude vegetables, fruit, a citrus, dried fruits, sometimes mutton (in it there is no hormone of the fear which is developed at animals before a face) or sea fish. From drinks - ginger tea, it is very rare - a little wine, rum or cognac.

not to be too diligent

according to Sidersky, at us in respect of yoga so far everything only begins. The techniques which came from the East are good, but are unmodern and are badly combined with our conditions. And what is formed at us, or reminds physical culture more and has no special effect, or too considerably and, as a rule, traumatic.

It appears, the majority of widely known systems is counted on physiological, at best - power effect. But the main component the practician - information component (at the correct approach, certainly), yoga has phenomenal improving effect. Andrey considered a triad “information - structure-energy“ and on its basis developed a technique “Yoga 23“. Except this trinity, it included features of our climate, a way of life, a power supply system, a structure of a human body. That is why “the Yoga 23“ allows to take huge potential from the technician and already through two - three weeks to achieve the first results.

Sidersky allows not enough time for the practician, being engaged in time in one - two months. Slightly more often - time in one - - is carried out two weeks by a power dynamic complex: it occupies ten - fifteen minutes and helps the master to hold an optimum form. It is more and more often it is necessary to be engaged only in the beginning when you want to transform something and you understand why you need it. Having reached the desirable, it is necessary to keep result, and small for this purpose suffices.

And many newly made adherents of the Indian doctrine do not take one important moment into account: the effect of asanas possesses a certain inertia and becomes stronger in an organism during two - three days. That the equipment worked adequately, it is necessary to train not more often than one - two times a week, daily practicians wear out a body and joints. Most of people who thoughtlessly and very hard work by standard techniques just themselves destroy.

is productive not to litter brains and to think

One more consequence long-term the practician - lack of a peculiar white noise in the head (a continuous stream of thoughts, ideas, memoirs) familiar to the majority of us. Sidersky considers that a similar way to generate ideas - confused and energy-intensive. Competent practicians allow to stop infinite internal dialogue, to consciously choose a way of realization is more whole and to effectively embody planned.

One of consequences of such approach to creativity - the author`s direction of Sidersky in the fine arts, psy art. Pictures in which there is an information solving a psychological problem of the customer put in thought order, “switch off“ vanity, disseminate aggression and help to realize the creative potential of owners of cloths.

to be in a harmony with itself and surrounding

Sidersky considers that from any, even from the most routine, process it is possible to derive pleasure. Most of people is convinced that it is boring to live without desires. Actually it becomes rather interesting only when desires disappear. At such moments life, as at the child, gets independent value, just as the state “to be“.