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Tea ceremony. How it is correct to make tea?

to Postpone all affairs, to remove footwear, it is convenient to take seat on pillows on a floor and to disconnect mobile - inaccessible dream of many. The following step before tea drinking - to reject sad thoughts, to make a deep breath and to listen to itself.

Pleasant aroma in the room proceeds from skillfully made tea leaves and it is a little from aromas. Not all east has to be followed by a “bright“ smell of a sandal-wood tree, a lotus or rose. They switch receptors of sense of smell to themselves and eclipse aroma of tea. Therefore in a ceremony they are used in good time, by the beginning of action nothing has to distract from tea scale.

Surprisingly, but the fact - tea feels the person! The same grade can encourage or weaken completely depending on a state and desire of a chayeman.

Chinese sacredly trust: for a start it is necessary to get acquainted with tea. So you make out its form, will feel aroma, essence, and tea “will be adjusted“ on you.

By the way, tea drinking - an excellent way of training of respiratory system. The volume of the inhaled and exhaled air increases in comparison with a condition of rest, you breathe deeply and exactly.

Now about a teapot. Residents of Celestial Empire validly call him “father“ or “tutor“ of tea. It is possible to save on everything, but not on tea and a teapot. The best of them - clay, it is from the city of Isin (it is called the capital of the Chinese ceramic craft). Local clay well keeps heat, has no own smell and does not heat up. One more important point - its porosity. Essential oils, getting into this time, create a special microclimate thanks to which tea completely reveals in a zavarnik. That is why, having bought a new teapot, about a week take in it tea leaves.

Before tea leaves stroke the chaynichek a special brush. You pay it attention, and he will make the drink of emperors, best in the world. The glass zavarnik is recommended to buy in case clay is already available. There are teas (they are called “connected“), which zavarivaniye gives also esthetic pleasure: you will see how the tea leaf will be dismissed an exotic flower.

In a tea ceremony there is nothing casual, to all there is an explanation. For example, and cha find fault with cups (a bowl where tea is poured from a teapot) whenever possible have to be porcelain. This material well reflects aroma and does not influence tea at all. It is ideal if china of white or turquoise color. White tone allows to see natural color of infusion, and turquoise - strengthens elements of a tree to which also tea belongs. It is possible to choose a ceramic or clay set, but the internal surface of such utensils has to be glazed.

Further about water. Bad water - bad tea. It is an axiom. Unfortunately, tap water is not suitable for tea leaves - in club, at home. Best of all - spring.

When a choice is made, the ware begins to be warmed up, that is to prepare for a meeting with tea: fill it with hot water and empty. Tea leaves accurately not to break integrity and a form, pour into a teapot and pour in water there. Drink was poured in cha at once find fault, and from it already directly on cups of guests. Time of the first drink came.

Tasty tea, useful tea

Not for nothing Chinese attach to a tea ceremony special significance. Ritual - a direct way to health spiritual and physical.

The first that gives drink - clarity of thoughts. If you a true gourmet also feel pleasure from each breath and a drink (to anyhow enjoy strange aroma?) turmoil, problems and noise during tea drinking will fade into the background. The condition of a pacification can be explained also at the physical level: thanks to frequent deep breaths more oxygen comes to a brain. Tea accelerates blood circulation, normalizes pressure, and infrequently found vitamin P strengthens vessels and does them elastic.

Still gift of Celestial Empire well kills a headache, fatigue and a stress. To adjust digestion, a metabolism, to bring toxins and poisons out of an organism, and also to lose couple of extra kilos especially easily with black tea Pu-erh. But experts do not recommend to wash down with it a lunch or a dinner. Drink a tea not earlier, than in half an hour after a meal. So you will better feel taste, aroma and feel one of perfection of tea - aftertaste.

of the Exception

However, tea suits not all. People with problems of a stomach or digestion should be careful with strong tea leaves - it increases acidity of gastric juice. For the same reason it is impossible to drink a fragrant miracle on an empty stomach. You should not wash down with medicine tea: it or interferes with assimilation of preparations, or quickly brings them out of an organism. And in the union with alcohol, in particular with fashionable cocktails with white rum, liqueur or cognac, “drink of emperors“ does not weaken and does not help to forget about problems, and adds work to kidneys.

The opinion that the longer to draw tea, the better - too is wrong. The maximum time of insisting - 10 minutes, then in drink can be allocated a guanine. This toxic substance oppresses nervous system, interrupts a sleep and affects health.