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What to do if you remain in the house one? There are no

, today - either titmouses, or sparrows. It is empty. Only branches of a ranetka, slightly kolyshimy wind, occasionally tap in a window. “Tuk - tuk“. Are in vain knocked. Not to open a window as in the summer. Then it - one was. Now not only the first window is closed, but also at once the second stands behind it. Which does not open at all.

Now at all not as in the summer. Neither green leaves on branches, nor small zheltenky apples with it is red - a pink flank. However, with them - that everything is just clear. From a ranetok the aunt cooked jam. Which - in a cellar. Yesterday from there brought not only fat, but also jam. Light-brown. Transparent. Very similar to honey. Same dense and viscous. But is more tasty.

It it is good with tea. As last night. And today we will be too. Also with sushka. Yesterday the father told that he will bring them from the city.

Well, where they? Even at night when it was dark and I slept, they with the uncle left. Still not. And the aunt from the Night does not go in any way. To play, perhaps?

Toys, however, all remained with the granny. Here not. Interestingly, and how Kolka was played when was small? Really all - porazlomat everything? Even cubes?!

Or when grew, they were taken and thrown out? Perhaps not all? Something had to is obligatory where to be filled up. And to remain. However, under a bed in a bedroom I already looked. There is nothing. Perhaps in a closet? It will be necessary to thrust then with the aunt when she goes for flour there.

For now it is possible and so. Yesterday the father gave several potatoes. And the aunt - buttons. Mno - oho. And different.

This potato … It has a ledge, as at the engine on which we went to the granny. And it is big. Is the largest than the others. Here will also be the engine.

- Tu - that is uu! Chuf - chuf, chuf - chuf. The train goes. Passengers, take the places!

Other potatoes - cars. Them are a friend behind a druzhka. And passengers - buttons.

- Take the places. Hurry up, hurry!

- as. They do not want to take places on sloping sides of potato in any way! You will put one, only you begin to attach the second as right there both fall down a floor and “go out of the car“.

So. It is necessary to cut potato. And “to put passengers“ on the flat platform of a cut. Where the aunt has to have a knife? In kitchen. Now, now …

- And - and - ig - go - go …

It - from the street. And right there, from a cage - modulating, loud bark of the Pirate.

Oh, horse? From where?! And, having forgotten about potatoes, buttons, cars and passengers - to a window.

Behind naked branches of a ranetka and dark strips of a shtaketnik the white, slightly tinted in pink by beams of the setting sun, snow-covered slope which is smoothly going down. Usually on it it is silent and desert. Seldom - seldom who will run on the cleared-away footpath with a yoke to a well felling that in the very bottom the hollow which is coming to an end at the dyadkiny house. And again - it is silent and desert.

And here … Horse. Almost buried in a sidewall of a shtaketnik a muzzle that it is covered with an easy white raid of hoarfrost. In it her breast and sides which as a balloon, are inflated, again fall down. That in what moment to be inflated again. Only at the rug thrown a back - a bright brown woolen spot. From horse nostrils at each exhalation the white, bent and quickly leaving up wavy fountainlets of steam escape. I … The unfamiliar man ties reins to a shtaketnik. Slightly behind a horse - the father with the uncle getting something long from the straw laid in sledge, wrapped in bags.

Ur - ra - aa! Drying brought! It is a lot of sushka …

Run, run. Well, where these damned valenoks?!

* * *

- Where? Where jumped out undressed? And well march to the house!

It is already the aunt who came running on the noise made by the Pirate. What house, when also father. Drags in the yard through the door held by foreign man something long and, judging, by his strained and reddened person, heavy.

- Meet, the hostess! Watch that brought.

- Give, give, Lyol. To the house. There we will look. Yes quicker, not studio hut.

- Do not close a door. Let`s heat then. There still Mikhey drags the same silly woman. And one more. In sledge. Give, develop so far. And I will help Mikhey. And that to it, with his leg, - is heavy.

- Oh, so you what - three bought? And pennies where took?

- Then, then, Olya.

And we remain with the aunt together. For a while. She did not manage to untangle a rope and to remove a bag from that, the first that brought and the father as to the house become hollow, with same big and long, the father with the uncle and almost at once behind them - foreign man threw directly on a floor of a communicating room. At which, hanging down from a shoulder, - just the same. Wrapped in a sacking. Big and long. Not really similar on drying.

- Oh, is already the aunt, interrogatively glancing at the father with the uncle. - Mikhey, and how you bought three carpets? It seems said that according to the veteran certificate on two will give.

- Ol. We also so thought. And in shop told what to disabled people one more plus goes. Well, we with Mikhey also estimated. When still such opportunity is? And here … Well, also took everything that was given.

- And pennies? At you only on two with itself was?

- And my holiday letter of credit?

- Removed?

- And that! Time such booze went … Thanks, the Stall, we quickly in Savings bank. There filled everything as it is necessary. They checked. It was necessary to wait. No, if not a Stall, precisely - are not in time. There. Here. Again there. Also loaded. Not in shop - from a warehouse. In shop only consignment notes on Mikhey wrote out. The shop assistant too - that is the aky dawdler. There are no buyers - anybody, and we a solid hour waited for those consignment notes …

Oho … It that it? From - under sackings the corner something green, to the touch soft and fluffy, but cold from a frost seemed.

- Develop, develop, Olya. You see, this, is lighter, - on a wall. And we specially more dark chose two others. That on a floor.

- On what floor? That then dirty boots on it?

- Why boots? You what, on the hall you go to them?

- All right. Hall. One. And another?

But here the uncle already puts in a ward:

- The second Alexey with himself will take. Its money.

- And - aa …

Well how many it is possible to talk?! And impatiently pulling the father a sheepskin coat sleeve:

- Pas. And drying you brought?

- What drying?

- Well, usual. Small, round such. You promised. Yesterday. In the evening. When tea with jam was drunk.

- H - that - Oort!

- Forgot?

And here unexpectedly foreign, unfamiliar man gets into conversation that came into a hut together with the father and the uncle:

- Do not worry, small. So far the father with the uncle in Savings bank were, I which - what bought the. Both sushka, and small pillows. With a stock. When to the city you are chosen. So and has to be enough for your share. In sledge everything lies. Now, I will bring, we will pour out manyokho. Yes according to Tchaikovsky! How, Ol? And that on the street frost, that … Well submerges!

But it which already turned to doors the father brakes:

- Wait, the Chest, do not fuss. Now together we will go. I will help you to unharness Gnedk. What to it on the street to freeze? You are with us the whole day. And on a frost. For a sugreva. On a grammulka. Ol. Mogarych - that where? On a new thing as - it is advisable to drip in any way.

- Oh and everything is ready. Now I. To Kartoshechk hot of the furnace.

does not have Salts … - And borshcheets?

- Yes as is not present? All was exhausted. Drawn as you love. Now, only behind a smetanka I run to a cellar …

- From. It is another matter! Well what, the Chest, went? Raspryazhyom Gnedka, we will put in a shed. The brother-in-law will show where. And slightly it then we will give to drink podostynt. So far you with Mikhey in a shed, I to kolodezyu run. We will put buckets on a plate that water was warmed. Ol, you heated a plate in the afternoon?.