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How in winter to feed small little birds?

At first on branches of a ranetka that in a front garden, directly opposite to a window, the father fitted a piece of cardboard from a parcel box at the edges of which small carnations filled small reechka. It beat … Here, near a table that costs directly under a lodge with a cuckoo. Bill the hammer, and I looked and gave it carnations. Almost right at the end and itself struck. Slightly - slightly. But it is not really successful. On a finger. It was sick, and the aunt swore on the father. And the uncle came from the yard and told that nothing, will live up to a wedding. to

It is interesting and when I have a wedding? Birthday already was. And wedding? Perhaps in the summer? Something is unclear somehow the uncle … then we with the father took

A a cord and hung up a fanerka in a front garden. On a branch of a ranetka, is closer to a trunk. That it was steady, also on other, thick branch of an opyorla. Only before hanging up, filled sunflower seeds. And the fanerka became a feeding trough at once. And reechka - sides. That wind did not sweep away sunflower seeds on the earth. During snow. Where to birds not to find them.

Wind also did not sweep away. Only sparrows flied and dispersed all titmouses. The father looked at them and told what we will make in a different way. But did not tell as. And went to kitchen and took two big pieces of that fat that remained at them with the uncle since evening when they had a snack “for health“ and for it... How it? “Sv“... To “Sva“... Here! “Svetaniye“. Well, that it is light quicker. Only they spoke:

- Well, with a svetaniye.

As though already it is light. And there was an evening. And it is dark.

Then the father put on valenoks again. But the coat - did not become. Took me on hands and we quickly - quickly ran out in a front garden where I pinned fat on branches. Where could reach. After that we ran to the house where the aunt began to abuse the father again, and he told that “it is not cold“. However, she did not believe it. Though that ears froze I told nothing.

But here titmouses very quickly flied and they reconciled. Also began to look together with me out of the window. Wind slightly shook branches of a ranetka, and sparrows were afraid to sit down on them. And brave titmouses - are not present. They landed directly on fat and, having let out claws, strong held it. Without forgetting to work a beak at the same time. A sharp wave a little head and - down, to legs. Once again. And at once it is visible how on fat there were couple of fragmentary dredging. And the titmouse, meanwhile, stopped to take rest. It was slightly developed that became visible to us not only it it is gray - a green back, but also a yellow breast with a dandyish black galstuchok. Looking around, started turning a head with white cheeks and in dark, with blue metal outflow to a hat. Aha. Here it what. Her girlfriend arrived, bravely took seat on other piece of fat …

Yesterday not only titmouses were. Also other birdie flied. Such. Slightly more largely than titmouses. Dark, it is bluish - gray. Dense, with the big head and short, almost imperceptible neck. With a white neck it is also brown - a red breast. A long, direct beak and black glasses in the eyes, as at mother. The father told that it is a nutcracker.

Interestingly. Birds do not creep. Fly. And this … Nutcracker.

At once it is visible - the little coward. While titmouses feasted, did not decide to fly up to fat. Sat on an angular ledge of a wall, visible from a window, from time to time fussy touching small, almost visible of - under dense plumage pads, moving, down a ledge, coming back to the former place, up it. And then, as titmouses flew away, did not decide behind fat on the shaking branch, and picked up the sunflower seeds which remained after sparrows from a feeding trough.

And - too not at once got into it. Some time ran about up - down a trunk of a ranetka. It was not convinced yet that everything around quietly and what dirty trick is not present.

Perhaps therefore also nutcracker? What honor and did not fly, only fluttered from a wall to a ranetka. But fussed, tripped to and fro on a wall and a trunk as crept, - oho - go how many!