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What secrets are kept by Svirskoe gorge?

Svirskoe gorge are considered one of the most readily available objects in the tourist plan in the territory of Krasnodar Krai as it is located directly in borders of the resort settlement of Lazarevskoye and to reach it will not make special work both for any vacationer, and for eager for falls different there, mountain tracks and the tourist`s dolmens.

Having a rest in the settlement of Lazarevskoye and having much enjoyed the warm sea, we began to glance towards travel companies and firmochek, suggesting to visit these or those cultural objects by means of jeeping - a safari on the mountains on “UAZ“ or by bus to Sochi.

Chose the first. However, not jeeping which was decided to be postponed for later. And not a safari, but hike.

Came across the invitation to visit Svirskoe gorge absolutely incidentally. It was quite small billboard placed on the city beach of Lazarevskoye. In favor of this invitation there was its step-by-step availability, the price of an entrance of 50 rubles, against the jeeping price - 400. And the most important is a dolmen! The construction shrouded in cult mysticism and inexplicable force.

Having armed with a video camera and the camera as there was a probability to meet a fox, a hedgehog or a badger, we went to a way, the benefit hotel where we had a rest, settled down within walking distance from an entrance to the gorge. The sea landscape was replaced with mountain. We did not pass and hundreds of meters from the index “Svirskoe gorge“ as on both sides of the road two steep walls densely overgrown with subtropical vegetation and various ferny grew. And the note of easy freshness and a cool was added to surprisingly clean sea air.

The route promised was interesting. We chose from the offered options 3 - kilometer - through falls, a dolmen and “moonstone“. I will tell at once, for us it was the first travel to mountains so “Svirskoe gorge“ can be considered as a starting point of mountaineering, new and absolutely not known for us.

For the aid to moving along this or that route on visible places signs in the form of the red points and arrows showing the necessary direction were put.

To the first stop, a so-called glade of rest, we several times had to cross on a planked footway or by wading Svirsky Brook thanks to which numerous falls were formed.

The glade was organized thriftily. Shops under canopies and braziers and attracted to arrange a piknichok with brochette. But as we did not stock up with meat, it was necessary to be content with fruit and mineral water which outdoors was drunk with some unimaginable pleasure and pleasure. So if you go to Svirskoe gorge, surely take with yourself meat!

After short rest we moved to falls Svirsky. The way to it passed across the narrow gorge, passing with places into a narrow path on the bridge under steep rocks. It was possible to call what we saw falls with a big stretch. Probably, the autumn season since all mountain small rivers for lack of rains shallow at this time affected. Water fell from height of 10 - 15 meters to the small lake located in a cave. The repeated echo deafened a little, and the impression of presence at least on Niagara was made.

Having returned to a glade of rest and following the established route, we began ascension to mountains on the road, places quite equal, and in places passing on abrupt tracks with a stony basis. Here very much the marching footwear was useful! Lack of edibles very much facilitated a way and gave force at the same time. Air indulged us a smell of mountain honey and a pleasant cool, and the dense vegetation pleased with the variety.

So behind contemplation of mountain landscapes and landscapes we somehow imperceptibly reached peak of our travel - a dolmen Slava. Why Slava? On this question I did not find the answer though it most likely is. At the first look it seemed to me that this dolmen is not similar to the majority of other dolmens located in the territory of Krasnodar Krai. That is the impression was made that it is hollowed from within in a big boulder and only its cover - a megalytic plate, made related it with his fellows. And also the traditional opening - an entrance spoke well for it.

Having enjoyed silence (here it was some mysterious and mysterious), having made several pictures for memory, we went to a way back. The road “home“ passed under a bias and it was easier. On the way back we were waited by the Moonstone - a block of the huge sizes moreover one falls under the name Mother-in-law`s tears.

Neither the fox, nor a badger, nor a hedgehog happened to be met. And only a snail, having attached on a tree, became object for the thorough examination and studying.

Travel across Svirskoe gorge with all stops and photoshoots occupied us about 3 - x hours. The mass of impressions and emotions still long time excited our memoirs.

Councils for those who will go to Svirskoe gorge:

1. Take a photo - video to the technician. Is what to shoot is precisely!

2. Clothes - whenever possible, sports, especially footwear.

3. Bandage and iodine, on a falling case. Roads as you remember, different there.

4. Meat for a shish kebab if there is a desire to arrange picnic. Only be not fond!

Pleasant travel!