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How to get rid of cellulitis? Councils for every day of

the Slender waist, a smart breast, beautiful bends … - at everyone the definitions of a beautiful body, however all girls unites desire to have smooth, beautiful and elastic skin, without “orange-peel“.

During a certain period of time practically all women face cellulitis. Contrary to ordinary opinion, cellulitis is not connected directly with excess weight, it appears both at donuts, and at harmonous I will give. And at the last cellulitis meets even more often. But the main thing in another - everything cellulitis delivers a huge number of efforts and problems.

It should be noted that some women having excess weight fondly believe that at them cellulitis is absent. But, as a rule, “orange-peel“ just hides under fat and as soon as the lady decides to grow thin, the problem will become much more obvious, than was before.

of the Enemy needs to know by sight. What is cellulitis?

As are reported by experts in the field of dermatology, cellulitis is structural change hypodermically - fatty cellulose which is located in a zone of buttocks, hips and a stomach. Partial fibrosis (change, regeneration) of fatty tissue becomes a cellulitis result, as a rule.

As a rule, emergence of “orange-peel“ is connected with the general pollution of an organism and an inactive way of life. Cellulitis belongs not only to cosmetic, but also psychological problems recently.

Besides at adverse combination of circumstances and at a certain stage of life it can cause discomfort, and also affect on health of the woman. For example, at the started varicosity the indissoluble cycle is formed: development of cellulitis is provoked by a varicosity, subsequently, apparently, harmless “orange-peel“ significantly complicates outflow of a blue blood that aggravates a varicosity. At bad blood circulation in a zone of buttocks and hips from - for cellulitis the hormonal exchange and as a result - failure in functioning of ovaries can be broken.

Why arises cellulitis?

cannot Solve once and for all a cellulitis problem. It is necessary to carry out constantly preventive massages and the main thing - to clean all possible reasons of its emergence. One of the main factors of emergence of cellulitis is a strong pollution of an organism which happens from - for accumulation of useless products of a metabolism.

All of us are forced to accept various medicines periodically. The most part of the making tablets, syrups and injections “settles“ in cages and intercellular space, filling our bodies and fabrics.

Small particles of badly digested food remain in zheludochno - an intestinal path, sometimes sticking together in small lumps and littering intestines fibers which absorb useful substances and advance the remains further.

It occurs owing to:

- habits to gorge on before going to bed, our organism has a rest at night and cannot normally digest a dense meal;

- wrong combination of products (simultaneous consumption of proteinaceous and carbohydrate food);

- habits to wash down food with a large amount of liquid;

- neglects vegetables and fruit in which the content of cellulose is increased;

- a bad ecological situation and the polluted water or air;

- a naleganiye on the food rich with the artificial additives doing products durable and beautiful (dyes, emulsifiers, a baking powder, preservatives), they independently are practically not brought.

Cellulitis is a consequence of the general pollution of an organism and a metabolic disorder in hypodermically - fatty cellulose. The similar state is quite often observed also at people who have no excess weight. Cellulitis is excellent litmus which shows degree of a metabolic disorder in hypodermically - fatty cellulose.

How to get rid of cellulitis?

Surely observe the drinking mode. This rule not just like that is on the first place as a lot of things depend on observance of volume and quality of the drunk liquid.

It is daily necessary to drink from 1,5 to 2,5 liters of liquid, depending on a state of health. It is very simple to calculate requirement of the organism - increase the current weight on 0,03 and receive necessary volume in liters. At the same time the cup of coffee or juice do not enter this volume. It is recommended to satisfy thirst with the usual filtered water, still mineral water or green tea.

And here it is better to drink the following drinks in limited quantity: the sweet carbonated drinks, juice which is (especially packaged) the tea and coffee which are (especially sweetened).

Drink water small drinks throughout the day. It is desirable to drink the last portion for one or one and a half hours to a dream. Also do not drink for a quarter of hour to food and within 2 hours later. At first try to write down everything drunk in a day or measure amount of liquid necessary for you. Already after a while you will get used and will consume water without reminder in the necessary volume.

Control that you eat.

Try to minimize the use of fat meat, cheeses, sausages, pastes and various smoked products, marinades and a pickles, mayonnaise and macaroni (especially from soft grades of wheat), hard alcoholic drinks, aerated water, sugar. Fill gradually the diet with products with the increased content of cellulose (bread from coarse flour, vegetables and fruit).

Include daily physical exercises in the life.

the huge number of exercises which will help to get rid of “an orange crust“ Exists. The main requirement if you want to achieve tremendous result, - carry out a complex regularly. It is not so difficult to allocate several minutes a day for becoming beautiful.

Regularly do to massage. Massages can be done to

independently or to visit the massage therapist. If you decided to work over yourself in house conditions, then it is possible to buy various cosmetics which is for this purpose intended - lotions, creams, gels, mixes for a wrapping, special masseurs.

Get rid of addictions.

It too important rule. Learn to control the diet (do not report for the night), minimize or stop to smoke and take in general alcoholic beverages, move more, read information on packing before purchase of products.

I hope, these simple rules will help you to get rid of cellulitis and to keep beauty and health.