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What additives in products are dangerous or harmful? There are no

On sale presently, in fact, products which would not contain unhealthy food additives in the form of preservatives, dyes, amplifiers of taste and other. And feature here that some such additives are forbidden in the West, but owing to any circumstances in Russia are under suspicion so far or at all are allowed. The western producers use it. In that case we need only to read attentively on packing of the data, belonging to structure of a product and not to buy what is forbidden in the West.

Subject, of course, not new. About dangerous and unhealthy additives it was written in mass media, it was told on television repeatedly. But cart, as they say, and nowadays there! You in shops see the buyers choosing products with the list, in which the list on a letter E? Well, or at least those who attentively read accompanying information on packing? We are guarded by only a price! There is a wish to buy most, but that is cheaper. And what is cheaper is often stuffed with chemistry “chock-full“.

What prevents the people to print out the list of dangerous and harmful food additives and to take care of the health? Alas, only one: devil-may-care attitude to. Having saved on products, people are spent then for expensive drugs. Where, it is asked, logic and whether there is it in general? Unfortunately, emotions appear not in shop, and in a drugstore or in hospital. It is necessary to remind once again about dangerous and harmful food additives.

But at first it is a little about why additives are designated by an index E. This letter - (Europe) first in the word Europe. In the European community for simplification of information on labels of products became (according to the International system of classification) to designate food additives an index E and in conditional figures.

All food chemical additives are divided into groups on the principle of action. Entirely groups look so:

E100 - E182. Dyes. Increase color of a product.

E200 - E299. Preservatives. Extend a product expiration date.

E300 - E399. Antioxidants.

E400 - E499. Stabilizers. Keep the set production consistence.

E500 - E599. Emulsifiers. On action are similar to stabilizers.

E600 - E699. Amplifiers of taste and smell.

E700 - E899. The reserved numbers for new additives.

E900 - E999. Defoaming agents. Warn or reduce formation of foam.

The situation is strongly complicated by the fact that the food additives forbidden in one countries are resolved in others and products with the forbidden additives are delivered directly or through the third countries. It is considered among experts that more strict control is adjusted in the USA. Really, there several solid structures are engaged in control.

The relevant legislation in the field of foodstuff in the USA was accepted in 1938. The amendments which added the legislation in 1958 strengthened control. Nowadays any producer of products is obliged to provide proofs of safety of the food additives which are contained in its products. But it does not mean at all that, say, in the USA a full order with use of food additives. It is necessary to consider the important fact that in America to forbidden usually carry those food additives which already forbade in countries of Western Europe. In fact, Europe in that case acts as if as the donor in approbation of food additives.

But the most unpleasant for us - other food additives forbidden in a number of the countries of Europe and in the USA are resolved in Russia. Paradox? No. All the matter is that we have no accurate standard. Bans can be bypassed if to apply additives, without exceeding maximum permissible norms. In that case the producer (not only the Russian, but also foreign, delivering products) can not point to our market on a label what chemical additives are used.

And now - the list the food additives used by producers of products of the West and which do not have full-fledged permission in Russia or in general forbidden at us and in a number of the countries, but sometimes for any reasons (generally through the third countries) getting to us:

Ĺ - 103, E - 107, E - 121, E - 123, E - 153, E - 154, E - 155, E - 166, E - 173, E - 174, E - 175, E - 180, E - 182, E - 209, E - 213, E - 214, E - 215, E - 216, E - 217, E - 218, E - 219, E - 225, E - 226, E - 227, E - 228, E - 230, E - 231, E - 232, E - 233, E - 237, E - 238, E - 241, E - 252, E - 263, E - 264, E - 281, E - 282, E - 283, E - 622, E - 625, E - 629, E - 635, E - 906, E - 908, E - 909, E - 910, E - 911, E - 913, E - 918, E - 919, E - 922, E - 923, E - 925, E - 926, E - 929, E - 946, E - 957, E - 959.