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What is Magic Box or How to give unforgettable a monetary gift?

How to unite the ordinary and officiality of a monetary gift and your aspiration to make it unforgettable? Answer: magic box - a magic box with quite real contents.

the Modern world and modern people dictate us new rules of donation of gifts. The practical monetary gift becomes norm today, universality of such gift will not begin to challenge any of giving or receiving it.

The important rule for a monetary gift - at all not to give just money. As “receptacle“ for notes usually use envelopes, cards which can be got in book and gift shops. But any person accepting a gift always wants to see that you tried for it.

Magic box (magic - English magic, magic; box - English box, a casket) - an excellent way is pleasant to surprise the person. In appearance the simple square box appears in the bright, magic, wonderful way the surprise changing a form inside. Explosion of emotions is provided to you!

At first can seem that it is some very heavy hand made layer of creativity. Of course, you should put a lot of effort to make something with own hands, but even such pleasant trifle will bring the mass of pleasure to you and the addressee of a gift.

That you were not frightened by potential unattainability of the end result, will address the principles a time - management and we will divide our large “frog“ into slightly small.


1. You seek to please the person. the Most important is a desire to make pleasant to someone. Such feelings give rise to inspiration in dac, only with it there can “live“ the gift made with own hands.

2. Develop design of magic box. for this purpose include the imagination … Or turn on the computer with Internet access: on the specialized websites you will be able to find thousands of ideas of such gift, and then to improve or simplify sketches.

Do not forget that the design of your box has to correspond to age, lifestyle or even preferences of the addressee. If it is the child, choose bright colors, pictures with fantastic heroes, cheerful buttons and pastes. The girl will suit a magic box in vintage style with feathers, tapes, buttons and the made old photos more. Men will like a gift in cold tones with cheerful pictures from life of the stronger sex.

3. Make the list of the materials, necessary for work. it is possible, something from them will be in house granaries, and missing buy in shop: paper, scissors, glue, fabrics etc. Many materials are readily available now.

4. Allocate in the schedule time - in the afternoon. Call friends or relatives who will be able to help you, to prompt, criticize or praise. And voila, your unforgettable gift is ready!

These four steps will bring you into the world of hand made unforgettable and very fashionable now, will resolve your questions of originality of a gift for the most experienced people and will make you one of persons for admiration on any holiday. Please and surprise!