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Than you live, youth? Teen Choice Awards - 2014

The other day in Hollywood summed up the results of the annual competition Teen Choice Awards which was founded in 1999 with the purpose to give the chance of youth to express concerning the tastes and preferences in the field of cinema, television, music and other media space.

a year Later after the surfboards which are traditionally handed as bonus figurines were carried away by Lucie Hale, Darren Chris, Demi Lovato, and also Paramore and One Direction, tastes of teenagers worldwide not so changed - both Demi Lovato, and Lucie Hale, and One Direction carried away home on a surf again. Nevertheless it will be useful to learn names of new idols of young people. At least in order that the nobility in what color mohawks and how large-scale piercing in fashion will be painted now now.

So, a deserved portion of surfboards the movie “Received hungry games: Also the flame“ - in the nominations “The Best Fantastic Movie“, “The Best Actress of the Fantastic Movie“ (Jennifer Lawrence), “The best actor of the fantastic movie“ will flash (Josh Hutcherson) and “The best villain“ (Donald Sutherland). The second part of “Hungry games“ appeared out of competition, chances were not at one of rivals in all nominations which, as on selection, were komiksovy projects. Marvel is, of course, abruptly, but not all.

However not Jennifer Lawrence became the real princess of action at all.

Sheylin Vudli - here new oozes - a star which impregnated with the touching charm all action from beginning to end. Rays of its success were lit even by Ensela Engolta, Woolf and Teo James`s Nata - her partners in movies. And all because 2014 was marked by issue of two tremendous movies with Sheylin in a leading role at once - “Divergent “ (“The best action“, “The best actor“, “The best actress“) and “Stars are guilty“ (“The best drama“, “The best actress“, “The best actor“, “The best screen chemistry“, “The best screen kiss“). And it impresses, especially if to consider that Angelina Jolie was a competitor Sheylin in the nominations. However, after five nominations for series “Secret Life of the American Teenager“, after the nomination on “The gold globe“ for the Oscar-winning movie “Descendants“ long-awaited awards and an applause - from Jennifer Lopez`s hands were to the taste this time to the girl.

By the way, at all raskruchennost of the movie “Divergent“, the target audience of Teen Choice Awards estimated the melodrama “Stars Are Guilty“ of Josh Boone much more highly (“Got stuck in love“) whom most during a time to call by “Break of year“.

However this year Ensel Elgort won against everything this nomination for the same movies “Divergent“ and “Stars Are Guilty“ to which attention was drawn by Sheylin Vudli. Personally I voted and supported “Veronika Mars“, Kristen Bell and Jason Doringa, but, judging by squeal of the audience during the thanksgiving speech of Ensel Engolt, my favourites had no chances.

With comedies business managed also predictably: the nomination “The Best Comedy Actress“ was won by Emma Roberts (“We are Millera“), the best comedy actor called Kevin Hart for the movie “Joint Trip“, however the movie “Other Woman“ was recognized by the best comedy.

As for the serial world, did absolutely without surprises here: all attention is riveted on vampires - Yen to Somerkhalder and Nina Dobrev (the series “The Vampire Diaries“ collected all nominations from possible). The youth hit “Theory of a Big Bang“ became the most comedy series, and the best drama series called the same “Lovely cheats“.

Musical tastes of youth are also quite conservative if to compare with last year. If you remember, all surfboards were collected a year ago by Ad Shiran - the red-haired miracle did not allow to forget it about itself, and this time he was called “The best singer of year“. And imperceptible Ariana to Granda who together with Victoria Dzhastis began career in series “Ouch Carly“ and “Victoria - the Winner“ became “The best singer“ till some time. Now at Ariana to Granda of a pit, certainly, on take-off - she acts in at film, plays in theater, shoots videos and lets out singles, and receiving the award Teen Choice Awards by her this year - one more step to success.

Besides, with surfs One Direction which not only were called by “The best group of year“ left, but also “Handsome men of year“ were entitled, and their songs “You & I“ and “Story of My Life“ also received the portion of an applause. And in completion to all the smile of one of participants of group of Harry Staylz was called “A smile of year“.

Still winners: “Imagine Dragons“ (“The best fate - group“), Iggy Azaliya (“the Best r`n`b - the performer“), Selena Gomez (“The beauty of year“). The separate board for a surf was deserved by Instagramm Miley Cyrus - accounts in social networks begin to win awards irrespective of owners: is it far to us before revolt of cars?

Here, probably, and all most significant victories of Teen Choice Awards - 2014. Summing up the results, it is possible to draw a conclusion that general obsession a subject of vampirism will proceed, and the series “The Vampire Diaries“ will exist couple more of seasons at least. That in a sky of Hollywood the new bright star Sheylin Vudli who if does not begin to play tricks by an example of the predecessors, is capable to reach the top of a film Olympus was lit.

Well, and beginners of bottoms - to stars should take into account that now it is absolutely optional to starve itself - Demi Lovato`s pyshechka feels on a scene perfectly, the main thing - to be able to post photos on the Internet as Miley Cyrus, and charmingly to smile as Harry Staylz. And all the rest - a trick.