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How to understand whether the man will change in marriage?

of the Girl, marrying, sincerely hope to construct the relations based on love and fidelity. Unfortunately, not all similar hopes come true. Whether it is possible to understand in advance whether the man in marriage will change? Signs of tendency to changes are shown by

at the first stages of relationship, but usually prefer not to notice them. As a rule, begin to remember them very late when it is already impossible or it is very difficult to correct current situation. It is necessary to analyze behavior of the potential spouse from the first stages of acquaintance.

How it is possible to reveal signs of tendency to changes from the very beginning?

Learn about how your elect built the previous relations. Popular wisdom says

that people, as a rule, do not change and in most cases repeat the mistakes over and over again. Find a way to learn whether your elect had changes in the previous relations. Some people do not hide it, with other cases you will be helped by information obtained from friends and acquaintances. If changes took place to be in the previous relations, there are no bases to create illusions that they will not be this time.

Also existence of the double relations (the wife, the mistress) speaks about a certain psychological warehouse of the person which will hardly change without conscious and purposeful efforts.

Analyse the attitude of your elect towards women.

to learn whether the man in marriage will change, it is necessary to understand that the woman in the broadest sense means to it. For someone the woman is only object of receiving pleasure, for someone - a muse or object of honoring. Some men see in women of the potential friend who can be trusted, others perceive them only as potential mothers.

The woman - that which needs to be used, or that which needs support and admiration? What responsibility of the man to the woman and women before the man?

If you understand how your potential elect answers for himself these questions, then you will be able to understand almost for certain whether he is inclined to changes.

If his internal perception of the woman can be characterized such concepts as respect, care, reasonable call of duty, trust, sincerity of the relations, then, most likely, such man will not be inclined to changes. To the contrary, aspiration to depreciate, use, put the interests will give above readiness to descend on the left.

you Watch how the attitude towards the woman in life, but not in words is shown. to Understand

how your elect really treats women, it is possible only on acts which he makes. Assurances that he will treat kindly in combination with the deception and acts opposite to similar words, have to guard.

Analyse the relations in a parental family of the potential groom. Whether the relations of his father and mother on respect what psychological climate in a family are under construction? Usually children adopt the scenario of relationship between the family at the unconscious level and realize it in the life. It is possible to change it only by means of serious psychological work.

To understand whether the man in marriage will change, it is necessary not to hurry, to study the elect, his motives and to trust the heart - only it is capable to distinguish many hidden things.