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How to get rid of pigmentary spots? As there is a wish for

that face skin was smooth, beautiful and had equal color! But what to do if there was a pigmentation? What its reasons? How to fight against it? Let`s sort this problem step by step.

the Changed pigmentation of skin can be two types:

1. Vitiligo is an emergence on skin of light spots, considerably different from the main tone of skin.

2. Hyperpegmentation - darkening of skin, in the form of pigmentary spots.

What reasons of emergence of the changed pigmentation? Emergence of pigmentary spots is possible

at any age. If they appear at young people, then this consequence of hormonal changes in an organism. Application of the oral contraceptives or other drugs exerting impact on a hormonal background of an organism can be the cause of changes.

To what diseases can point partial change of pigmentation of skin:

Diseases of a female genital, inflammatory processes, dysfunction of ovaries.

liver Diseases.

Chronic diseases of the urinogenital sphere.

the Diseases connected with dysfunction of a thyroid gland.

Lack of vitamin C.

Sometimes emergence of hyperpegmentation of skin is caused by abuse of cosmetics, especially decorative cosmetics and cosmetics expired. Hyperpegmentation can be caused by such cosmetic procedures as cleaning and polishing of the person. From - for wrong care of skin, after application of these procedures, there can be photodermatitis, and after it hyperpegmentation.

The third, most common cause is an aging of skin. At aged people of 40 - 50 years it is possible to notice a quantity of dark stains on skin. Cells of skin become incapable to interrupt development of a pigment. In the period of a menopause the hormonal imbalance worsens a situation. If standing spots hide trousers, the make-up will relieve of spots on a face, the age will be given all the same by hands. The hand back most often is affected by sunshine. Exactly there are hyperpegmentation sites. Modified sites of skin call solar lentigo, or senile spots.

At pregnant women change of pigmentation of skin is called by hloazmam. Hloazma - pigmentary spots of sharp, wrong outlines. “the dark line“ - the tape-like strip which stretched in a forehead from a temple to a temple can be a version.

Hyperpegmentation prevention:

1. Use of a large amount of vitamin C. If during the winter and spring period to lean on currant, a citrus, sweet pepper, to accept nicotinic acid, then during a summer season pigmentation manifestation considerably will decrease. Approximate dosage of vitamins: vitamin C of 1 - 1,5 g a day to food and nicotinic acid (it RR vitamin) - on 0,01 g a day after food. Duration of a course is 3 weeks. Before a course surely consult with the therapist.

2. Folk remedies of prevention. For example, washings by sour milk will help to keep a skin whiteness. Before putting any cream wipe a face with parsley juice. Masks from a fresh cucumber are effective.

3. Protection against the sun. It is necessary to use surely sun-protection creams with the high filter of protection. The designation SPF and the instruction on figure (from 4 to 60) designates degree of protection. To define amount of time during which you will be able to be on the sun increase 15 by the figure specified on cream packing. In a solar season do not forget to apply sunblock cream on the back of hands.

How to remove pigmentary spots:

1. Bleaching creams and ointments. It is necessary to apply them only under control of the doctor. Independent selection of such cream can lead to a boomerang effect. Self-treatment in this case threatens with dermatitis. Some of creams may contain mercury - it is very toxic ingredient therefore only the qualified specialist can appoint use of such cream. Dermatologists give preference to the bleaching ointments which do not contain water, therefore, toxic substances which can contain in them, do not get into an organism. The first two weeks of use of bleaching creams or ointments it is impossible to wash flowing water. Use lotions, camomile infusion.

Also the doctor can appoint the medical cosmetics containing pergidrol, hydrogen peroxide, salicylic alcohol or lactic acid. Before application of these means it is necessary to find out whether its components are allergenic for your skin.

2. Chemical peeling. Many beauty shops offer such procedure, often without having the corresponding experts for its carrying out. Using weak solutions of the glycoleft, fruit or trikhloruksusny acid, delete the top layer of skin. Depending on depth of a pigmentary spot, from 4 to 10 sessions with an interval in 15 days can be held. Remember that the chemical peeling in essence is a burn of skin. It is not recommended to abuse this procedure. Only the dermatologist can carry out a chemical peeling. After such procedure it is necessary to protect carefully skin from influence of the sun and to apply the nutritious and moisturizing creams.

3. Laser polishing. Will help not only remove pigmentary spots, but also to return to skin healthy color, to improve its tone. Modern erbium lasers reduce depth of thermodamages, allow to reduce process of restoration by 4 times if to compare to “acid“ methods.

4. The ultrasonic peeling is an introduction to layers of epidermis of a cosmetic preparation by means of ultrasound. It is carried out by a course from 10 - 15 procedures once a year.

National ways of fight against hyperpegmentation:

Twice a day rinse a face with cucumber infusion. Preparation of infusion requires the following: to fill in two grated cucumbers with 1,5 liters of water and to insist night.

Masks from sour milk, yogurt or curdled milk. Procedure 15 time - 20 minutes. To unmask the wadded tampon moistened in lime broth.

to Wipe excessively pigmented places with lacteal juice of a dandelion.

the Grated sweet pepper applied for 15 - 20 minutes on face skin possesses the bleaching properties, and also saturates an integument with vitamin C.

the Mask from a guelder-rose is applied to fat and normal skin. To moisten a napkin with juice of a guelder-rose and to impose for 10 minutes.

the Mask from juice of sauerkraut can be applied to any skin. To moisten a napkin with sauerkraut juice, to impose on skin, in 10 minutes to wash cool water. the Ways offered by traditional medicine are uncountable

. But you remember the main thing - surely consider that some products can be allergens and cause irritation of skin.

Health to you. And let your skin will be shining and beautiful!