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Whom was a daughter-in-law Hyurry? To Nurban - the woman radiating light of

Quite recently in Turkey shootings of the well-known series of the century removed on real historical events about government of the tenth sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Suleyman ended. The main lines of a plot among numerous events of series - love of the Governor of the World to the concubine and mother of five of his children (it in series, actually Hyurry gave rise to the sultan of six children), and also fight for a throne between children Hyurr, a shekhzada Bayazed and Selim, and Suleyman`s son from the concubine, Makhidevran. by

removed four seasons, many actors who played roles of the most celebrated historic figures of that time are involved. At the beginning of the fourth season entered into series the new key character - Cecilia Vernyer - Baffo who became at first a concubine to a shekhzada, and after future Sultan`s mother of Murad III. Now it would be desirable to tell about this woman as is known of prototypes of other characters quite a lot in more detail. the Origin … As many consider


now, there was a girl from two influential houses of that time. Nicolo Vergner, the governor of the Greek island Paros which belonged to Venice was her father. Violanta Baffo was mother. As parents of future sultaness consisted in marriages, the daughter declared illegitimate, and she carried a surname of mother. As for her exact name, in various sources it is mentioned two: Cecilia and Olivia.

But there is also other version based on Ottoman sources that Rachel Maria Nasi was the real manor of Cecilia, but Violanta Baffo, and here the father - the unknown Jew of the Spanish origin was her mother. At the moment this version seriously is considered by nobody.

the Slave who became the favourite to a shekhzada

B the pirate and the admiral Barbarossa took 1537 Paros, and 12 - the summer girl appeared in slavery. It was immediately sold in a sultan harem where by improbable efforts became a favourite to Selim`s shekhzada and received a name to Nurban. When to a shekhzada reached majority (it happened in 1543), it went to Konyyu to hold a post of the successor of a throne. The young concubine Cecilia accompanied it. Soon at Cecilia the daughter, and in 1546 - the son Murad who at that time was the only son of Selim was born. Cecilia became madam and member Dinastii.

The following two daughters, Gevkherkhan Sultan and Esmekhan Sultan, were also children to Nurban, but as it appeared later, Gevkherkhan was Selim`s daughter from other his concubine. Fatma Sultan who probably too was given birth to Nurbana became the last child who was born before Selim became Sultan. Despite the love to Nurbanu, after occupation of a throne in 1566 Selim had six more children from different concubines.

Haseki Nurbana Sultan

After the birth the son Murad Nurbana received Haseki`s title which was entered in due time by the sultan Suleiman for Selim, Hyurrem Sultan`s mother. Even after occupation by Selim II of a throne and its moving to the capital situation Nurbana at court was difficult. It should become at the head of a sultan harem, without having sufficient communications and influence.

Nurbana based the authority on Sultan Selim`s love to it. Like the father, Suleiman, Selim decided to marry officially. As well as the wedding of the father and mother, a marriage ceremony Selim and Nurbana was not mentioned in Ottoman sources. The sultan`s marriage on the concubine was the phenomenon to the unnatural, contradicting traditions of Ottomans.

Walid - Sultan

After death of the sultan Selim in 1547 ascended to a throne the son Nurbana - Murad. Nurbana received a new title. Mother of the sultan carried a title Walid that gave to the importance Nurbana in a harem even more. As well as his father, Murad first adhered to the relations with one concubine - Safiye Hatun.

Nurbana tried to marry the daughters so that her sons-in-law were faithful only to it, supporting her politician. It gave the daughter Esmekhan in the wife to the Grand Visier Mekhmed Sokol in marriage with whom at Esmekhan was born two children. In 1579 dies to Sokol, and soon Esmekhan marries the second time Nishandzhy Firidun - the pasha. Esmekhan Hanym Sultan died in 1585 at the time of delivery. What became with the child, it is still unknown.

The second daughter, Shah Hanym Sultan, Nurbana was married in 1564 to Chakyrdzhybashy Hassan by Efendi. However after his death mother insisted on the second marriage, and Shah married Silakhdara Ali Pasch. Had from it two sons. When opposition Nurbana and Murad`s concubines began, Safiye Sultan took the part of mother.

Gave Fatma Sultan Nurbana in marriage to Siyavush - the pasha. About her life after a marriage and children there are no data. Nurbana gave the daughters as it was necessary and it is convenient for its policy.

In the policy Murad obeyed and supported the mother who held big authority up to the death in 1583. Many believed that the politician Nurbana was pro-Venetian. Even rumors went that she was poisoned by the Genoa ambassador.

To Afifa Nurbanu Sultan died on December 7, 1583. She was the first woman who of the slave became not only the lawful spouse of the sultan, the successor`s mother, but also the continuer of “the Female Sultanate“ which will be also after it. As we know, years when a harem and Sultan`s heart governed Haseki Hyurrem Sultan are considered as the beginning of “Sultanate“.