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Where to spend holidays? On Kolyma - so did in the USSR!

Holidays can be spent in the south, in the exotic country, and it is possible and in a different way. The North with its unpredictability - too the interesting choice. To your attention - memories of life at the time of the USSR.

Three weeks ago I returned from holiday. We with friends have a rest many years in one of wonderful settlements on the coast of Krasnodar Krai. Having returned, brought house a set of souvenirs (mountain honey, spices, hand-made articles from a juniper, ornament from cockleshells). And, above all, there was a wish to share a huge number of impressions and mood. And then my grandmother once again surprised all house with the story apropos … This time she told

of an unusual way to spend holidays, especially exotic today. Further by tradition the narration goes from her name …

... In 1973 when we with the husband worked at Kolyma on the mine of Gastello, my friend Nina Ivanovna decided to arrive to us to holiday. By the way, with it we went to Leningrad when I threw out the return ticket. Her acquaintances and relatives were surprised to such choice, were indignant and were even such who a finger at a temple twisted. Like, all to have a rest go to the South (and some even to Bulgaria on Gold dust), and she decided to Kolyma.

The Rostov plane - Moscow - Magadan, 400 more km on Kolymskaya Route - and Nina Ivanovna at us on a visit! It was the end of September, but at us snow already dropped out though frosts were yet not strong. Stayed for a while, it was gathered impressions, gorged on blueberry and red caviar, it was photographed against snow hills and dumps. And in the tenth of October I went to lead her to Magadan aboard the plane.

At the first stop in the regional center of Tonkinsky district Ust - Omchuge (120 km from our mine) we walked on the settlement, there was in large flakes heavy snow. On the pictures made that day, figures of people are hardly looked through.

Went further, to Magadan there were 5 more passes. We rose by bus by the first pass, and, without reaching to top, got stuck - peremet the road. There were we very long, continually someone jumped out from the bus on natural needs. And the blizzard and a frost everything amplified.

There passed several hours, there were a wish to eat any more, and at us with itself nothing. By inexperience nothing was taken, usually buses stopped at some dining rooms to have a bite. All in the bus chew something. Through pass from us the married couple eats pieces of fried meat from a one-liter jar. Probably, someone noticed that only we sit and we chew nothing, gave us a piece of the “Krakow“ sausage (without bread). Then still someone gave two pears.

At last there were bulldozers, but the road was cleaned not ahead, and behind. All cars and our bus began to go down carefully. When we went down from the pass, all rushed in little shop of the small settlement where there lived the workers serving the route. From a counter all dared. The seller, probably, implemented the week plan of commodity turnover. During this time cleared all road through the pass, and we moved forward again. This time passed normally both this pass, and following four.

Without reaching 70 km to Magadan, on the plain, the bus got on ice. All passengers on one ruble were dumped, the driver employed a tractor, and we were drawn on frost. Further to Magadan reached safely.

And in Magadan we stopped for spending the night in the apartment of acquaintances who were on long holiday on the continent, but keys left at the neighbor (the former chief power engineer of our mine). As I already spoke, people helped out each other much easier in days of old … By the way, vacations were taken time in the north in three years (2,5 years worked and half a year had a rest), then transportation to the vacation spot was paid there and back. Our acquaintances had a rest 4 months.

We came to the apartment with products with which stocked up in the settlement, have supper and went to bed. But soon jumped as someone bit us, switched on light and saw hordes of bugs. All apartment on fashion of that time was covered with carpets - nurseries for bugs which yearned in the absence of owners. Till the morning we did not turn off the light any more and did not close eyes.

And in the morning I saw off the girlfriend aboard the plane Magadan - Moscow - Rostov - it went home, and I by bus to myself on the mine of Gastello to fill up gold reserves of the country. Back reached without adventures. However, from bustle “for the bus“ on the pass ached with pneumonia, and the neigbour treated me propolis, infused on alcohol.

I do not know that Nina Ivanovna told about holiday to the acquaintances and the family, but she never said to me that she regrets that carried out it on Kolyma … for

do not know how at you, and at me everything turned out to present in reality what my grandmother told about - especially as it accompanied the story with photos from an old plush album. I place some for a review.