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How to leave crowd and to live consciously?

our life - not a set of stereotypes, conventions and “medals for achievements“. Our life is close people, the real desires, internal freedom and conscious actions. A keyword - conscious. When we rush with the head in the modern theory or we try on a fresh trend, we lose not only money, but also. Life goes on a knurled track, and we slide in a bog which, appear, definitely does not threaten us.

It is time for i to come round with

. And to begin to take a broad view of the world the dug-out eyes.

the Most terrible hronofag

is phone. You look. If you wander about park, spend time with children or go to work and at the same time speak by phone - your consciousness is completely concentrated on conversation. You do not notice what is told by children, do not see the blue or star sky, do not hear a crunch of snow or rustle of sand.

You in phone, and the person calling you just takes away a piece of your life for the period of conversation. Reflect: if conversation lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes, then from 14 hours of daily wakefulness this person spent 10% of your life this day for the problems! How many such calls you had today, and this month? Spit rules, limit access to the phone, replace number - make everything in own way. You watch yourself and be conscious in “communication“ even with a habitual knickknack.

“Bug“ of human nature

is put by

In human nature interesting “bug“: people want to think less and to simplify the existing world around model more and more. We like to live under the influence of false news and not to know reality, is bad food, without understanding variety of world kitchen. But all these behavior models - nothing in comparison with what happens to us at continuous stay in the bent information field of social networks.

Stop to spend time for all these “news“. Stop reading these senseless publics about inspiration, statements great and wise quotes. You want the quote? Read the book “Speeches Which Changed the World“. You want inspiration? Read Remarque or memoirs of great. You want beauty? Buy the ticket and go for 300 km from the city where - nibud in the wood. There it is very beautiful! Leave in reality. Also use direct access to wisdom great through books and cinema.

the Purpose of modern society

the Purpose of a modern consumer society - full isolation from the irritating phenomena, people and information, from any discomfort which prevents us to derive that infinite pleasure for which we strive under the influence of modern culture and mass media. Also it seems, behind fir-trees already and the woods not to see - unclear why all of us do it and why so strongly we seek for this self-isolation. To self-isolation in the real and virtual world. Stop being fenced off from the world! You miss the most interesting.

of “Victim“ of real communication

Peaceful communication with other people incompatible with us mentally, intellectually and socially is and there is society. Society, where the sum composed more, than the individuals put separately. Going on “victims“ of real communication, you actually endow nothing, you help yourself and only yourself. Today the successful citizen has no friend. Of course, many will tell that they have a sea of friends worldwide! But actually it not so. And - yes, your colleagues - not your friends. You just together in one microsociety. Do not lie at least to yourself.

From where mental disabled people undertake?

If you limit personal contact only to text messages - instant messages, mail, social networks, then lose up to 93% (!) information arriving from your interlocutor. If you write the intelligent e-mail, but not formal replies, then give 40% of information to the interlocutor. Slightly better in this sense phone. And here the text - really useless way of communication. And all of us it is more and we plunge into it more. We become mental disabled people, and social networks only force these processes.

do not begin day with a news feed

As you will call the yacht, so it also will float. As you will begin day, so it also will pass. Try to begin day not with a news feed, and with creation something standing. Write article or a post to the blog on the subject concerning you. Create the plan for day or just meditate. You can be run or, at last, begin to do exercises. Make something that goes “from within you“, but do not begin day with response to external irritants - do not allow someone to make your agenda! It can turn out so that about a news feed you do not remember the whole day.

Include the doubt!

the Huge number of diets and models of food generate real wars and confusion in an information field. Vegetarianism against a paleodiyeta, monosyroyeda against macrobiocomrade. All this prevents to concentrate on the main thing. And the main focus at you as the person thinking of healthy food, has to have not on the one who the vegetarian and who does not.

It is necessary to concentrate on consumption of full-fledged food and to reduce quantity of processed. You will deal with the rest later when learn to understand and hear the body. Back the way will not be when you make the first photo “Before and after“ on which will be similar to the you grown fat, shapeless being loving Coca pizzas, and on the right at the left - the healthy and loving himself person. is not enough

of What for us?

you Remember

, in us put a “glyuchny“ operating system. In each of us! Look back. It is so bad that we live 50-60 years instead of “put“ to us in the modern world 80-90 and we grow old already in 40. It is time to find missing lines of a code and to establish them on the relying places. To live longer, to see more, to think more widely, to run quicker, to float further, to love more brightly, to spend every minute the only life Universe given us only for what is really necessary for us, our body, mind and heart. How it is possible to exchange dullly the only life given us by the nature, the only chance?

Live consciously. Choose yourself.

On materials of the book of Slava Baransky “Doubt“.