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Shyness as a sentence or How to construct the relations with people around?

Such people always aside, eternally independently, and at a view of them become clear that hardly there will be a place to easy conversation or fervent laughter. And all because the main line of their character - shyness. Now, when the beginning of new academic year promptly approached, more and more people feel uncomfortably, knowing that very soon it is necessary to get out of the cozy sink and to return to the big and hostile world of human relationship. the French writer Pierre Bochen told

: “Shyness is a combination of desire to be pleasant also to fear of failure“.

it is difficult for i not to agree With it, each person obviously or implicitly seeks to cause sympathy in people around, “to become the“ if you want. And the main issue which any timid person has to answer himself sooner or later - whether I will be able to achieve success, despite this annoying line of my nature?

To learn the answer, it is worth addressing biographies of many great people suffering from a lack of confidence. Strangely enough, hundreds of famous writers, musicians, poets, even - here are surprising! - actors (though, apparently, what profession suits cheerful extroverts more?) mentioned it, telling about the youth.

So, for example, the example of Jim Carrey is amazing . Yes, the unsurpassed comedian capable one mimicry to cause an arrangement, admitted that owing to the shyness at university was “an absolute outsider“. “It is difficult to believe in it, but in youth I was very timid and shy. To madness“, - the actor remembered. Incredibly, what work on itself and the character it had to do. Carrey says that only thanks to persistent work on himself he achieved everything in the life.

Harrison Ford , known to us on brutal Indiana Jones`s role is not less worthy respect . The actor “was painfully shy“ and even sometimes stammered. It disturbed it in everything: the relations with girls which it simply did not admit to itself(himself) were not got on, study, despite the highest level ouch - Cue, was not excellent. According to him, for education of the character he stepped on the stage. It is difficult to present what sincere forces it costed it!

Musicians are also timid, as well as actors - even more unexpected celebrity known literally to each fan of music will be the following in this list. The lead singer of cult group Metallica James Hetfild remembers school days with displeasure: “I was an outsider and did not fit into all this system“. Hotfild is remembered as the silent introvert who is not too highly appreciating the talents which later brought several years it an international recognition. On a twist of fate, its photo hangs in the Hall of honor of the school hated by it now, and James speaks about it so: “It is full surrealism“.

The model which flashed on all podiums of the world, dream of millions of men of Kate Moss chuvstvuyetsebya it is held down on public. The remains of teenage shyness are that. “I was very timid at school, age-mates did not pay attention to me at all“, - says model. It spoiled all its romantic relations, prevented to make friends, the girl suffered complexes. Many frankly sneered at it, declaring that its figure is similar to a stick and that it is not sexual at all. “Self-confidence had no place to undertake“, - Moss claims. Well, it did not prevent it to reach such heights what were hardly reached by her more self-assured offenders.

Brian Krause and at all once appeared in the press as the most constraining actor of Hollywood. It is amusing that total uncertainty in itself did not leave it after development of an actor`s profession. On the contrary, Krause in panic is afraid of the press and in every possible way avoids contacts with journalists, preferring to keep silent confusedly. His shyness forces it to redden at any compliment in its address, and colleagues remember that at one time it tore off questions of interviewers the embarrassed reasonings on the fact that the actor he - anything special and the person was not successful at all.

How many still great people could reach heights, despite of difficulties of the relations with people around? And how many they still will be? Perhaps, the diffident silent schoolmate or a boring look the classmate, or perhaps and you will be those who are changed all understanding about shyness, those who will get up in one row with celebrities. Anyway, clearly one - shyness cannot be an obstacle for achievement of the purposes, and everything that needs to be made is only a little to work over itself.