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How to get rid of callosities?

the Well-groomed woman is ideal from finger-tips of legs to tips of hair. What to do when you suddenly found out that on feet of your magnificent legs callosities appeared? Make callous

- it is a skin layer thickening which is formed after long friction or pressure. Sites of the become lifeless cells of skin bring huge discomfort and are often painful. Most often callosities arise when carrying footwear not by the size.

You should not think that to get rid of callosities very quickly and simply. Sometimes the callosity can deeply extend in foot. In some cases the help of the pedicure technician who will competently remove a callosity is necessary, without injuring healthy sites of skin.

There are two types of callosities:

the Wet callosity represents a bubble with a lymph, it appears owing to injury of skin. If blood vessels in the place of formation of a callosity are located close to a skin surface, the blood callosity is formed. It is difficult not to notice a wet callosity - sharp pain and the inflamed site about “blister“. If you had a callosity of such look, then it is necessary to treat it as a usual wound. First of all, regularly to process antibacterial means, to put a dry bandage, or a plaster with the fabric basis. Some time it is necessary to avoid repeated rubbing of a wound. If it is wrong to look after a wound, there can be a zagrubeniye of an integument and a wet callosity to turn into dry.

the Dry callosity is a thick layer of the horny cells of skin, it is formed owing to systematic impact on an integument. Most often callosities such are formed on thumbs of feet, on outer side of little fingers, on a sole of legs, in heels. With a dry callosity there can be a number of problems in the course of removal as it has the core and a back leaving deep into skin.

If you plan to get rid of callosities independently, then first of all be convinced that it is a callosity. Sometimes it can be confused with one more type of a skin outgrowth - a wart. The wart consists of living cells, any damage of its integrity out of walls of beauty shop is undesirable. Many people cut off dry callosities, but the callosity does not disappear, and is formed in this place repeatedly. Cutting off a callosity, it is possible to bring an infection. At diabetes any manipulations with callosities as at diabetic patients in general the risk of defeat of feet is high are especially dangerous.

In medical conditions for removal of dry callosities use cryodestruction, laser therapy, keratolichesky creams which dissolve the become lifeless keratin layer. The big and started callosities are very painful, sometimes disposal of them requires the help of surgeons. If the callosity inflames, then hurry to see a doctor - perhaps, for treatment antibiotics can be required.

There is a set of recipes of traditional medicine. But you remember that it is necessary to approach their application reasonably. And if necessary it is obligatory to address the expert. The effect of treatment of callosities in house conditions considerably will increase if before carrying out procedure you steam out legs in hot water.

What to us is advised by traditional medicine:

Egg is applied when rubbing legs. Break egg, separate a white film from an internal surface of a shell. Apply it over a blister, and in a few minutes burning will take place.

apply To treatment of small dry callosities dandelion juice . It effectively softens the coarsened skin, at the same time does not harm a surrounding integument. Make an incision a stalk of a dandelion and apply white juice on a callosity. It is desirable to use dandelions during blossoming.

Also from dry callosities is helped by propolis . Steam out legs, knead propolis in palms to a plastic state, place it over a callosity, record a bandage, change it several times a day. Each time the callosity will decrease.

For removal of callosities use pine pitch . Apply it on the dry steamed-out legs, record application by pure bandage. Leave for the night. Continue procedures several days before improvement of a condition of integuments.

One more effective remedy - bread and vinegar . To break a grain crumb, to pour in it in several drops of acetic essence and to knead carefully. To put over a callosity, to fix by a plaster or bandage, to leave a bandage for the night.

With fight against callosities will be helped by tomato . To apply gruel from one tomato on a napkin, to press to a callosity, to cover with an oilcloth and to record a plaster. Procedure is painless and safe, it can be repeated several times a day.

Can prepare for onions infusion . To place a peel from one bulb in bank and to fill in 3 tablespoons of vinegar of 9%, to insist within two weeks and to put to a callosity for the night. Surely grease skin around a problem site with fat cream. Leave for 6 - 8 hours. After procedure steam out legs and remove a callosity.

can prevent Emergence of callosities. The integument of legs demands leaving not less, than face skin and hands. Give preference to qualitative and convenient footwear from natural materials. You wear shoes on a season. Once a week find time for the weakening tray for legs, add broth of a camomile or a tansy to water. After procedure massage legs, using essential oils.

Let your legs will be beautiful and healthy!