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How to determine pregnancy term?

One of important questions beginning to interest women after confirmation of pregnancy are a determination of its term. The term of pregnancy interests not only future parents, but also doctors. For each stage of pregnancy there have to be appointments and recommendations. a Number of important researches is conducted by

only in certain weeks of pregnancy. For example, screening research is appointed not earlier than 12 weeks and no later than 15 weeks of pregnancy.

Before considering various ways of definition of pregnancy, we will pay attention to what differs with obstetric and true pregnancy terms.

When the woman gets on reception to the obstetrician - the gynecologist, assuming pregnancy, the doctor performs vaginal inspection. If the doctor is rather competent, then by means of a uterus palpation, having determined its sizes, can call the approximate term of pregnancy. After pregnancy is actually confirmed, the doctor specifies start date of the last periods. It is also a reference point of so-called “obstetric weeks“.

Contrary to a popular belief that pregnancy lasts 9 months obstetric pregnancy lasts 40 weeks, that is 10 months. Obstetric term pays off with the help of a formula of Negele, but it does not consider cycle length, average value - a cycle lasting 28 days undertakes. Real term differs from obstetric approximately for 2 weeks as conception approximately happens in the middle of a cycle. But besides only in case your cycle is approximate to standard 28 - day. In the subsequent at ultrasonic researches the doctor - the ultrasonographer can specify two values - the obstetric term and real term.

What to do if you do not remember start date of the last periods?

Sometimes the situation when the woman cannot precisely designate day of the beginning of the last periods happens. It is possible if it ceases to accept contraceptive or hormonal preparations, at violations of a cycle and irregular monthly. Precisely pregnancies in that case will help to calculate term only results of ultrasonography.

During ultrasonic research the expert, leaning on biometric indicators of a fruit, can calculate pregnancy term, using tables with standards. It measures the fruit length, length of a nasal stone and extremities and verifies with the corresponding table containing average parameters for every week of pregnancy. At determination of term of pregnancy by the most reliable there can be results of ultrasonography received during the period from 6 to 12 weeks. Rate of development of fetal egg during this period just shakes! Every day there are considerable changes. Even the size of fetal egg, without embryo proportions, will report a lot of things. After 12 weeks of an error when calculating term of pregnancy can make 1 - 2 weeks.

Very informative method allowing to calculate the term of pregnancy is a biochemical blood test on the maintenance of the chronic gonadotrophin of the person (CGP). This hormone is produced by a fruit, it can be found in the woman`s blood only at pregnancy approach. The principle actions of all instant the test - strips for definition of pregnancy is based on definition in urine of existence / lack of HGCh. The maintenance of HGCh increases in proportion to increase in the sizes of a fruit, prizdorovy pregnancy without complications increase of the HGCh level precisely corresponds to pregnancy term. Carrying out such analysis - expensive action therefore its application several times for pregnancy is possible in the presence of special medical indications. And very few people will want to take a blood test each two weeks.

Earlier when there was no so well ultrasonic research yet, doctors - obstetricians confirmed the assumptions of pregnancy term on time of the beginning of stir of a fruit. Approximately in 18 - 20 weeks of the movement of a fruit become noticeable to future mother. But feelings of movements of a fruit can be observed also on earlier term. Or on the contrary, the kid can begin to move after 20 weeks. Everything depends on activity of a fruit.

Remember that any results of calculation of term of pregnancy should be estimated in a complex: date of the last periods, ultrasonic research, first stir and other signs. the Term of pregnancy is clear to

when planned date of childbirth?

Determination of term of pregnancy is important

as well for definition of the planned date of childbirth (PDC). By first day of the last periods add 40 weeks - doctors so consider.

Actually the term of childbirth cannot almost be calculated. PDR will be anyway conditional value. Long-term researches and statistical data confirm that only 3 - 7% of kids are born in PDR. If there passed 2 weeks from the date of PDR, the doctor can offer hospitalization - for carrying out inspection. In certain cases childbirth can be stimulated.

But in the absence of problems, at healthy pregnancy without complications, the birth of the kid both to, and after the term established by doctors is considered normal. Take care also your kid! And, of course, childbirth easy for you!