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Angelic plant - dyagil. Than it is useful?

Are in family Umbrella the athlete - dyagil, reaching two meters in height, a branchy plant with large inflorescences - umbrellas of the greenish or white flowers smelling of honey. As well as his sister - carrots, it is appreciated for a long time by the person.

On one of legends this plant were granted to people by angels to stop distribution of plague. According to other legend, in dyagil the athlete - the giant struck by the enemy turned.

The homeland dyagilya medicinal, or as still it is called, a dudnik, a stvolnik, a sweet trunk, Northern Eurasia is considered. It grows in damp places. On dry soils can not blossom for years. It is widely used by many people as medicinal and pryano - an aromatic plant.

Yours faithfully the Russian and Ukrainian traditional medicine treats to dyagilyu medicinal. It is recommended at catarrhal diseases, for digestion improvement, as the all-strengthening, toning, zhelchegonny, diuretic, spazmolitichesky means.

In house conditions it is possible to prepare for external application tincture of roots dyagilya . For this purpose to draw roots for 70% alcohol in the ratio 1:10. This tincture to pound at pains joints, a waist, muscles. At a toothache put the cotton wool moistened in tincture on a gum or tooth.

In the Asian countries use dyagil nizbegayushchy, fluffy, daursky, Korean. It is considered that dyagil nizbegayushchiya possesses high antibacterial properties and therefore it is applied at abscesses, tuberculosis, dysentery, antritis and many other diseases.

In the European scientific medicine dyagil medicinal is a part of medical collecting for children at catarrhal diseases. The rhizome is used as all-strengthening and tonic.

The rhizome at this plant brown, redkovidny, thick - to eight centimeters in the diameter, contains yellowish or white lacteal juice. From antiquity it is called a root of the Holy Spirit. From it receive the angelinovy oil having burningly - spiciness and muscat aroma. Fat oil from roots possesses high phototoxicity - decolours skin under the influence of sunshine therefore it should not be applied on open sites of skin.

For a long time women used broth of roots of an angelic plant for rinsing of hair for the purpose of disposal of dandruff and giving of splendor and aroma to them.

In the Middle Ages the root was applied to removal from a poison organism at stings of snakes. Also it was a part of medicine of the teriak which was considered as universal.

From seeds dyagilya receive essential oil with a delicate and gentle perfume. Oil is extracted by a distillation method, it is fresher colourless, over time gets is yellow - brown color. It is applied to aromatization of alcoholic drinks and in the perfumery industry.

Dyagil medicinal is an excellent melliferous herb. Dyagilevy honey - fragrant, has is red - brown color, it is considered elite. This honey is traditional for the northern regions of Russia. It is useful at warmly - vascular diseases, in particular, at dystrophy of a myocardium and ischemia. Also it is a good spazmolitik, improves digestion and increases immunity.

Still dyagil it is applied in cookery. In French cuisine the buds prepared on special technology are considered as an aristocratic dish. At us dyagil use as seasoning for borsches and a stuffing for pies.

At independent collecting dyagilya it is necessary to be careful : some of its types are similar to very poisonous plant of family Umbrella - milestones poisonous, or to a tsikut, also preferring grow in damp places.