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What to speak with the small child about? Useful subjects for conversations of

As soon as the woman learned that in her tiny life arose, she can be sure that this little man feels all and understands. It means that throughout all term of pregnancy mother needs to talk to the future child.

Newborn babies and children about one year are also in great need in communication with parents. And let while your conversations remind a monologue more, know: you are heard and understood.

But when the child is 1-3 years old - before you the real interlocutor. And it is unimportant, the kid of 5 - 10 words says or already expresses with short offers. The child with pleasure will listen to all what the family will tell it of.

Subjects for talk with children - everywhere. But do not forget that the contents of your stories have to be stated in language, clear for the kid. There are several examples.

to Each person it is pleasant to span to hear about himself good words. It is especially important for children. Tell the child a story about how he grew in a mother`s tummy and as came to this world. Pronounce date of birth, describe a season in which the child, weather in day of its birth was born. Remember an extract from maternity hospital, I will meet with the family, the first bathing. Tell how you were glad to birth of the kid and close people. It is healthy if together with the child you create an album with photos and a videoarchive which will be filled in process of a growing of the kid. Accompanying the story with demonstration of a photo, you will make history brighter and evident.

Fill life of the kid with interesting events. Feed a homeless cat, sweep together on a hill, arrange a holiday with disguise etc. And then together remember these moments. Discuss not just an event, but also details: what fed with a cat what color there was a hill, who put on a father`s hat. During such conversations - memoirs you will find surprising ability of the kid to remember not only an event, the place, heroes, but also various details about which, perhaps, you forgot.

Tell the child about relatives: grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters. Call them on names, show photos. Remember the moments of meetings with close people. Try to note at the time of the narration of story about an event or the person it any distinctive feature. For example: “You remember, at the aunt Natasha of the house there lives a big parrot?“ or “When we went on a visit to the grandmother, bought cake which you chose“.

to the Child at the age of 2 - 4 years will be interesting to learn about that period of life of parents when they still were children. Tell about the first toys, the hurt knees, the first independent visit of shop behind bread. Tell to the child of what was pleasant to you and it was not pleasant in the childhood: dislike for cream of wheat, pleasure from run on pools, etc. Having told the child about the achievements, weaknesses or fears, you will open for him on the other hand. Similar revelations let know to your kid that you understand and accept his feelings and desires.

If at your place the pet is, for certain the child already managed to become attached to it. Therefore the story about that as well as under what circumstances a cat / dog / turtle became members of your family, will be very interesting to the kid. If there are photos of a pet of that time, surely show them.

Subsequently the child will have favourite stories and subjects for talk. Most likely, you will repeatedly hear a request: “Mother, tell how I was born“ or “The father, tell about the first bicycle“. Such conversations can take place in any situation and at any time when the child is ready you to hear and to listen. They will help your kid to learn and remember about themselves and the relatives a lot of interesting and useful.