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What is a chiliga and than it is good?

of Chiliga - it seems, absolutely an ordinary-looking bush, prickly - will not be torn. Other person will tell: and why supposedly such misunderstanding grows in the steppe? But at the nature of riddles there is a lot of. If to peer more fixedly, then and in a chiliga there will be a lot of remarkable useful qualities peculiar only to it …

the Grandmother retold the fairy tale:

- The goat - a dereza in a wide thicket …

- the Grandmother and how it is a thicket and suddenly wide started wandering? And the dereza is what? - I ask.

- Dereza … well, deryabka, coil, nekhvoroshch, chapyzhnik, chiliga, in a word. Well that what you with the grandfather cut for brooms …

- And - and, is clear … and a deryabka?

- I here will cut you this deryabky! Sleep! Not that I will go for a broom now - you will remember a deryabka …

I here rescue was one - to stop, hide under a blanket and to pretend that it already sleeps a normal powerful dream.

So it is a chiliga and what it was useful in country economy? Here when visited several times the place where we cut it for brooms and brooms, gradually began to understand - a nice bush.

The chiliga grows at an obfuscatory prickly wall which to overcome not easy, grows at bushes, blossoms in the yellow pleasant flowers. Sometimes during a heat only in a chiliga it is also possible to hide the head from the unmerciful sun in a clean floor. And flowers? And turn, bumblebees, wasps and bees hoot over them - pollinate, collect nectar for honey. And small zhivotinka in bushes hide, and snakes hunt this zhivotinka. And partridges in bushes hide nests of a quail yes - steppe life!

And to the person in a chiliga well happens …

the sun from captivity Escaped,

I dry up fields.

On three cheerful knees

is More singsong of a nightingale.

Zakhlopotali at a willow

of the Butterfly, a fly, bumblebees.

the Trace and sledochek is sure

To the hill blossoming passed.

If the chiliga regained consciousness,

I turned yellow, to that, -

Precisely ended a yoke

of our doubts and icy colds.

… Such verses come sometimes to the poet in chiliga thickets. But we will return to humdrum of life.

So, do brooms of a chiliga. Very good brooms capable to compete with modern of a wire or plastic. To be exact, it is much better than a remake. Raw materials - be filled up, and such brooms almost cost nothing. Fulfilled a chilig - it is not a pity to throw out her. Here the announcement from the Internet: “I will sell brooms chilizhny wholesale … Orenburg“. City janitors, cleaners in military units and work collectives would be glad to these natural, more effective and reliable instruments of labor. And advantage considerable - underbrushes and shrubby pleshina in fields would be exempted from impassable thickets. And economy of means what! The Orenburg region, for example, could fill up with such brooms all country.

Whether only in brooms business? Masters use a chiliga in weaving of the intricate baskets - not nevertheless to spend an osier-bed. And for beekeepers a chilizhnik - a desired gift. The honey extracted at chilizhnik it becomes gentle - yellow, fragrant and thin on taste, the chiliga is an also wild acacia. Chiligu can be used for strengthening of slopes of the ravines which are washing away streams and also hills, embankments. Builders of earth dams in droughty areas and the sappers building long-term strengthenings could assess and apply it positively. On plains of a chilig could promote snow retention. The chiliga also suits for construction of live fences and decorative purposes on sadovo - a garden site.

Whether apply a chiliga in the medical purposes, except “educational“ (rural boys guess what I)? One of names of a chiliga - nekhvoroshch. Perhaps, on national etymology - from the phrase “not be sick“. It is clear: when prepare a chiliga, the axe quickly warms cutters and strengthens their muscles. But there is also a direct medical influence: folk healers collected buds and flowers, bark and escapes of a chiliga. It is known. It is known, as peasants dried buds and flowers for the house culinary delicacy.

Our wise grandmothers acted this way, but we were too small to understand their actions and to remember a valuable advice. And recipes of use of a chiliga become more and more inaccessible every year. In our house self-made book their grandmother, alas, did not appear.

Success in affairs and always - not to be sick!