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In what a charm of man`s knitted things or How to meet fall?

Here the end enough - cool and therefore in our corner of the world also came to short summer. A stomach all asks meat, a nose more persistently - aromas of an eucalyptus and lavender as prevention against cold, a body - additional wool … We give fall a cordial welcome.

Very much I love knitted things in the form of sweaters, jumpers, vests and cozy socks striped. I love when hand knitting and knit for me personally. It is pleasant to go together with the needlewoman to shops of a yarn and to choose every time new, unexpected even for itself and every time shocking for it. I mean a coloring. Yarn type, structure and quality - to the discretion of the master.

Skillfully connected sweater - a subject of my delights and infinite thanks. And surprises: almost without looking, my skilled worker, and loops all rovnekhonky and accurate, step by step - a loop behind a loop, and here a finished product with fancy drawing from a yarn “melange“ knits. No, not a product, and directly - a masterpiece in my man`s understanding!

The pattern of loops - to a coloring melange, the necessary spokes - to a specific objective is delighted to ability to correctly pick up the corresponding type of knitting to yarn thickness. I appreciate female wisdom to undertake knitting only in good mood. In a word, it is fascinated by this magic - to manage to create from a lump of shaggy threads something very much both very useful man`s and beautiful in the single copy.

Can fascinate some men not only process of production, but also the fact of existence of jersey in his house in the form of a gift or purchase in anticipation of fall. If to a presented sweater in knots do not look, then most it is necessary to choose ready with addiction and with skill. And the nobility - that is necessary absolutely nothing - only a two-three of “knitted“ knowledge.

So, we read and we listen … the Sweater

it better to use

in really cold season and therefore it has to be made and to look suitably - large knitting and a high throat. Large knitting is a volume which as a result will warm and I smother, and the body, a high stand-up collar in two layers will protect from nasty wind.

Wool together with artificial fiber - it is normal. It will be rather warm and rather durable. As a rule, a ratio - no more than 30% of synthetics to natural. There is a question of trust to structure on a label. It is better to trust - you will sleep peacefully.

Quality is equal loops, lack of the lowered loops and inhalings. Turned a sweater inside out and found “pellets“? This sweater was already carried measured many times () and it is made of fiber of poor quality.

The man needs to choose a sweater without women. And not to listen to the seller. Trying on, it is obligatory to wave a hand extensively and to bend down as far as possible is a check of “functionality“. The sweater has to be convenient.

the Pullover and a jumper

These remarkable knitted products - for appearance, first of all. And therefore it is preferable to choose them with those women with whom you will go on a visit, dear men.

Now to women on a note...

About pellets you know … Upon purchase something knitted for men you watch that the product was soft and nice on the touch - sensitivity of their skin is similar to children`s gentle skin. Yes!. Or you want to see the scratching man nearby, sitting at a table d`hote on a visit?

Attentively study a label with instructions for washing of a pullover or a jumper. If you feel that you will not cope, then do not buy - new the jersey long will not be, and men will not be able correctly to wash. As a result - a disposable thing.

About beauty … The choice has to be joint, the decision joint, any hysterics and tears, any beer and nervous smoking in the allocated place.

It is necessary to try on quietly, the movements smooth, a back equal, the belt is tightened, the chin is slightly higher, a jaw - slightly forward … To try on the same as the man on a visit has to behave.

The man`s jersey is an expressive, stylish, elegant, fashionable and practical need. The man`s jersey is health and comfort. It is very good!

And how the warm socks mentioned above striped? Socks - almost sacral for men, and about it are in the following article.