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New Zealand. Why what is not allowed to Europeans is allowed to Maori?

In each country, in any social group are the problems. To me it is thought that the majority of these problems is a consequence of certain stereotypes and steady beliefs which were accepted for a long time by society the ultimate truth.

Sociologists established that if members of group acquired a certain negative stereotype, they will act more likely according to it. And, as an example, I will give the situation which developed in one of the most safe countries of the world - New Zealand which resident I was lucky to become.

In my city of Napier the woman - the driver was condemned for 80 hours of public works in a commune for speeding, refusal to stop, by escape, resistance of police and still a set of other violations. When the police patrol through two kilometers of prosecution nevertheless caught up with the violator, in the car found seven children. From them: 2, 3 years and two 14 - summer, not fastened and without special chairs, and three others lay 4,5 and 10 years in a car luggage carrier. As soon as the constable tried to arrest the woman, she pushed away him, having cursed abusive words. At verification of documents also it became clear that driving since 2010 is forbidden to it and the term of registration of the car expired since 2012.

I will note that for New Zealand it is very malicious violations whereas only for journey without seat belts the penalty of 300 dollars is raised. And here to the woman in punishment awarded public works which very much remind the comedy “Operation Y and Other Adventures of Shurik“ where, you remember, the hooligan Verzila was sentenced to public works that was rather an award, than punishment. Work to yourself in half-forces, receive a lunch, and dare to speak nobody to you words.

The public is revolted with so easy measure of restraint, but everything, of course, understand the reasons of such kindness of the judge. The reason one - the woman on a nationality of Maori. Europeans still test fault for colonization and destruction of indigenous people of the country. The belief that white are guilty to Maori, dominates many decades, and this fault still not of an izzhit, even besides that Europeans created for them favorable conditions for life. Measures of restraint for white and Maori different. It is possible therefore higher crime rate among Maori, than Europeans prospers. Moreover, to Maori more indulgent relation of employers, without saying that they receive special grants from the state.

But the most surprising in all this situation is an inferiority complex of Maori of which, it seems not to get rid any grants and indulgences from the law. Shook me when for the first time, yet without living in New Zealand, I met the girl of Maori, and she admitted to me that she feels confusion in the company of Europeans and it seems to it that they condemn and criticize it. My support calmed her a little, but it all the same avoided them.

And now, living and working among Maori, I see, this complex is how deeply naked. Sometimes there is an impression that Maori at some unconscious level revenge white, and those, in turn, see in them unreasonable beings, indulge their whims as they to small children, or frankly avoid their society. And even those Maori who do not break laws all the same try to be contrary to the standard Christian morals of Europeans: become alcoholics, smoke marijuana, do not want to work.

All this, of course, is interesting to observe and see results of enslavement of one people another. Passes nothing completely and remains in memory of people somewhere at the unconscious level.

And still the question arises - how to correct a situation? I think, a conclusion one - it is necessary to replace stereotypes, to begin to respect each other and to try to see the true reasons of acts of people.