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How to make lazy manti?

Manti are a traditional Asian dish. In Buryatia they carry the name of a bouza or pose, and in China - baotsza. But as do not call them, taste and the principle of preparation not strongly changes. I want to offer you an interesting and unusual way of preparation of this dish, namely - how to make lazy manti. ordinary Manti

Manti (it is correct to call them with an accent on a final syllable) traditionally steam

, in special ware - a mantovarka. But many hostesses do them in a double boiler now.

For preparation of the traditional test it is required to us: 4 glasses of flour, 1 egg, a floor - spoons of salt and a glass of water of room temperature. Dough to vent and put to the cool place.

For a stuffing undertakes: on 400 grams of pork and beef, 200 grams of a fat tail (if is not present, then it is possible to replace with fat), 300 grams of pumpkin (it will give to a juiciness dish), 4 heads of onions (he is not much), salt, black pepper.

Meat is chopped with a knife, onions and pumpkin are cut in small cubes. All mix, add salt and pepper. Dough is kneaded once again and do small meatballs then very thinly roll. The most interesting is a process of a molding. Manti do in the form of a bud of roses (if it is possible to compare so). Tiers of a mantovarka are oiled sunflower, on them the stuck together manti then they steam about 40 - 45 minutes give all the best. Is it is necessary hands, ideally without a thing or with sour cream.

The dish is ready. I in detail absolutely did not begin to describe it as there is a wish to tell absolutely about another.

the Recipe of the lazy hostess

Let`s look at preparation of manti in a new way, on - modern. On preparation of the traditional recipe about 2,5 - 3 hours leave. Naturally, all have so much free time not. And on preparation of a stuffing it is necessary to have patience.

For preparation of lazy manti we do not need to have a mantovarka, rather deep frying pan with a cover.

For the test it is required to us: 3 glasses of flour, 1 glass of milk, 2 eggs, salt.

For suppression: 2 bulbs, 2 carrots, 3 tomatoes, 4 garlic gloves.

For a stuffing: on 300 grams of pork and beef, a fat piece, salt, pepper, 2 bulbs, greens (parsley, fennel, cilantro).

Dough to knead and put for 15 min. in the refrigerator. Meat, fat, onions is passed via the meat grinder, we add small chopped greens and spices. Our lazy manti will prepare in a deep frying pan, on a vegetable laying. Carrots we rub on a grater, we cut onions cubes. Tomatoes need to be drenched with boiled water, to remove a skin (it easily descends) and to cut with cubes.

In the warmed frying pan we pour two spoons of oil, we spread onions and carrots, slightly we fry. We add the cut tomatoes, salt and black pepper, 1 bay leaf and we fill in with water. We cover a frying pan and we diminish fire on a minimum.

We divide dough into small pieces, we roll oval thin layers, about, 7 by 15 cm in size. On one half we spread ready forcemeat, we cover with the soulmate and we turn in a roll (as on a photo).

We spread ready manti on a frying pan, we pour water (so that it half covered our rosettes). We strew with small chopped or passed through a chesnokodavka garlic. In 25 - 30 minutes lazy manti are ready. To give with sour cream.

All process of preparation borrows 1 - 1,5 hour.

There is a lot of derogations from preparation of traditional manti, but simplicity and speed of preparation of a dish surprises. And taste Very gentle thin crust with juicy forcemeat, on vegetables - just objedeny.

Bon appetit!


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