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How to collect Rubik`s Cube?

Rubik`s Cube - it is a magic cube, represents a mechanical puzzle which was invented by the Hungarian sculptor Ernyo Rubik in 1974. It is a cube from plastic, in initial and classical option 333. Visible elements - 54 sides of cubes of 33 in size making a big cube. They are capable to rotate in various directions that is caused by 3 internal axes of a cube.

Rubik`s Cube is considered the leader of sales among logical toys. Worldwide 350 million cubes are sold. Both classical, and original analogs. If to make all cubes of Rubik in a row, then they will connect two poles of Earth. Modern youth Rubik`s Cube can interest after the movie 揑n a Pursuit of Happiness where the main character gets a job, having collected 揳 novelty in the world of the industry - Rubik`s Cube (the movie of 2006 narrates about events of 1981).

Scientists of the American university of the State of Ohio counted that the cube can be built from any condition of everything for 20 courses. Earlier was considered that the minimum quantity of the courses for assembly of a cube - 18. To confirm practically the assumption, scientists broke all possible conditions of a cube into options and groups. As a result 2,2 billion groups turned out. Each group, in turn, contained 20 billion combinations. After a filtration of similar combinations their number was reduced to 56 million. Without use of computers of the Google company on check of all options over 35 years of unceasing work would leave.

Very few people know that there is even a special sport - a spidskubing (from English speed - speed). For competition of spidskuber Rubik`s Cubes mix on a certain algorithm so that initial positions were identical to all participants. Assembly is carried out for a while which is determined not by one attempt, and proceeding from 5 attempts and the average time of assembly. The best time of assembly averages 7 seconds. These are champions, unique people! Unless it is possible? Yes, it is possible and if to look at ratings of spidskuber, then more than 80 people in the world can collect a magic cube in 12 seconds. But this ability is preceded by years of trainings. Even if you study from cover to cover several books with algorithms of assemblies, then ideally will achieve average result - 30 seconds.

The most popular method of assembly the CFOP method Jessica Friedrich which she finally finished and formulated the main stages of assembly is considered . If you act attentively and accurately, then the cube will be built for 56 courses (unfortunately, not 20).

We will allocate the following stages of assembly:

1 stage . Assembly of a cross. That is you choose color (beginners choose white - the most noticeable) and collect a cross on one of cube sides. At the same time onboard cubes of the first layer have to form a belt of one color.

2 stage . Arrangement of lateral cubes of the same color, as a cross on one party of a cube.

3 stage . We collect the onboard cubes of the second and third layer surrounding cube sides.

4 stage . Orientation of the last layer, assembly of a side of one color.

5 stage . Assembly of onboard cubes 4 - go a layer.

Exist other methods which are applied at fast assembly of the Cube of Rubek and yield good results: Roux, Petrus, ZZ etc. But they not really widespread are also applied only by skilled spidskuber.

Before starting assembly of a cube, we will estimate some moments.


having Even perfected any studied method to automatism, it is impossible to achieve good results with a cube, it is heavy to which side to rotate. It is necessary to pay attention that at a qualitative cube of a side rotate one push, but that at the same time there was no 搇ooseness of a cube. Layers have to settle down on springs so that not up to the end developed layer did not prevent to rotate a cube in other direction. By production of a qualitative cube an opportunity to unscrew the central small squares and to tighten up bolts under them is provided. If you dream to become a spidskubing star, then can buy silicone greasing and in addition grease the mechanism of the Cube of Rubik.


Should paying attention to the fact that many times it is entirely unproductive to turn a cube. Rotate only sides. And reduce the number of rotations of all cube to a minimum. You have enough semi-turns and attentiveness that the nobility where what side to turn further.

We look forward

needs to expect a picture which will develop after performance of each stage of algorithm, mentally you make action and project what has to turn out after its performance.

We feel fingers

Skill of rotation is developed by all fingers thanks to hours-long practicians and repetitions. Many combinations used at assembly of a cube, including five and more turns when using all fingers can immediately be carried out.

Rubik`s cube - not just a toy, it only at first sight can seem to the nursery. There is a huge number of algorithms for assembly, they are described in a set of specialized editions. Surely try the hand, similar puzzles - the real gymnastics for mind.