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Whether it is possible to treat hands, without having to it natural gift? Whether

It is possible to treat hands, without having to it natural gift?

Actually, the person - a being so omnipotent that can reach extraordinary magic which sometimes surprises also him. All counter only in healthy self-confidence and in what you do.

Fortunately a human civilization, on us the grace came back to Earth in the form of salutary energy of “Reiki“. And if earlier monks in monasteries tried to obtain opening in themselves this energy the hardest asceses and deprivations, then today for possession to any person it is rather simple to it to find the master who can be trusted and to take from it this right, and it is more correct to tell - to pass initiation.

“Reiki - it is an effective method of complete improvement which acts on all levels of life: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

When we incidentally hit against something or our body feels pain, we without reflecting, we lay a hand to this place - it is an example of century wisdom of our organism. Actually, acting this way, we send salutary energy to a sore point. Access to it initially is in our organism, but we can give only 5 - 10% of energy. The initiation procedure taking place in Reiki opens the channel for transfer of optimum amount of energy, thereby we can have access to 90 - 100% of energy and achieve considerable progress in doctoring“.

The teacher will transfer only by the intention and hands her, having in detail told about all rules of interaction with Reiki. From you, in turn, careful studying of small theoretical instructions and persistent practice, practice, practice will be required … Energy will work and work with

irrespective of, you believe in it or not. And also the Reiki will remain with you on for the rest of the life, and it means that you at any age and the period of the life will have an opportunity to develop and broaden in yourself the salutary channel.

Energy of Reiki carries in itself only divine Lyubov and good. It cannot do much harm incidentally to someone or to deliberately do the harm. It is important only to relax and allow it to go down to your heart from above, without making own efforts, thereby keeping own resources in integrity and safety.

It turns out that the more people in the World will own this art of healing, the more Love will come to their hearts, the more than healthy and smiling faces will surround us. And it is the finest most to live without diseases and to help people to recover without tablets and turns in hospitals!

Expensive, all in our hands in every sense! And if you noticed in yourself just desire or aspiration to treat hands, then know that you have an opportunity to approach to etomuseryezno and consciously.

all doors are flung open For you, only take Reiki and go to cure this World!;)