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How to accustom the child to a pot?

that day when you decided to teach the child to go to a pot Came. Have patience as this process will take a lot of time. Remember that your kid is not worse than others and surely will learn everything, the main thing that physiologically he was ready to it.

We live when lack of comfortable conditions, first of all household, is perceived as a problem. When the kid is born, 90% of mothers choose simplicity and comfort and get pampers. There passed times when every day it was necessary to erase mountains of gauze diapers and to constantly have near at hand replaceable clothes for the child.

But involuntarily you begin to reflect - is it good when the first experiments with a pot begin. Each child - identity, is not present a certain scheme which can be used for transition from a stage of acquaintance to a pot to a stage of finding of skill of use of

what we will begin with?


How to define whether the kid is ready to use a pot, or it is worth waiting a little more? There is a number of the signs allowing to draw a conclusion on readiness of the kid. In - the first, the kid has to sit, go and bend down surely. In - the second to be able to operate muscles which are responsible for an urination and a defekation. Usually it begins to turn out at the child closer by 1,5 - 2. If the child is not able to control the desires in a toilet on achievement of this age, then it does not mean that it is wrong. Just it is not ready to it yet.

When the kid is ready?

Approximately since two years the child can already feel by

fullness of intestines and can which - how to control itself. We do not consider an urination which very slozhnokontroliruyemy phenomenon, but generally at children of 1,5 - 2 the bladder can accumulate a large amount of urine. It can be traced on a condition of pampers which for 1,5 - 2 hours can remain dry. As soon as you notice it, it is possible to be sure that schooling time to a pot came.

You hold a pot always on a look. Besides that the child will gradually get used to him, you will not forget to land him on a pot each two hours. Let time of jumping will make 3 - 5 minutes. If to tighten this time, then the kid can begin to be capricious. It is very unproductive to distract the child toys or to seat in front of the TV. Initially he has to perceive process of an opravleniye of natural need as the household action similar to washing or toothbrushing. In some cases the child, having got used to go to a toilet under animated cartoons, will protest during “usazhivaniye“ out of a TV zone.

In a warm season you should not put on pampers walk. Take on walk of 5 - 6 shorts and try to walk with the kid without pampers. Periodically suggest it to descend in a toilet.

On a pot after pampers

Pampers - harm or advantage? You cannot refuse pampers completely? Let`s derive from this benefit! Now on sale there is a large number of pampers - shorts. They can be used as intermediate option upon transition to usual fabric shorts.

How many it is necessary to wait?

should not think that at the parents showing special eagerness, the child starts going to a pot earlier. Remember that your kid - identity, with the features of character.

Hyperactive children need more time to learn to celebrate the need in a pot. This process means concentration of attention on the feelings. Help the kid. If he is not able to focus attention on the volition, watch it. At the child the mood can sharply change, he can calm down, pokryakhtyvat, squeeze legs, finger trousers. As soon as seized the moment - land on a pot. Over time the kid will independently establish interrelation between your actions and the feelings, will learn to perceive signals of the organism.

And if by?

the Kid opposes to

and in any way it is impossible to force it to descend on a pot? Do not abuse, do not punish and do not demand from it it. Allow it to distract, and after a while remind of existence of a pot. Suggest to sit on a pot at least minute. Repeat procedure in certain temporary intervals. Do not wait for result at once and you do not press. The child has to want to use a pot. If you try to force it, he will begin to hide to pee.

To the majority of protests of the kid there is always an explanation: to

• To the kid does not like this pot. Whatever one may do - tastes at all different. Your little man has preferences, try to choose a pot together with it.

• You too aggressively force the kid to sit down on a pot. On achievement of age of 2 years the child can already feel as the independent personality. Also can refuse a pot in protest. In that case it is possible to try option with a children`s seat for an adult toilet bowl. Perhaps, the kid likes to go to a toilet as mother and the father.

• Pot very big or small. Perhaps, simply physically it is inconvenient to child to sit on him. At modern variety of goods in the market beautiful - does not mean qualitative, especially it concerns children`s goods.

Believe in success! Accustom the kid to dry shorts, to a thicket change wet linen. After a while the kid, having described trousers, will begin to feel discomfort. The personal example is very important. Especially for boys. If the kid goes to a toilet with the father, then the result will not keep itself waiting. Mothers can land girls on a pot near themselves in the toilet room. Be consecutive and quiet. There will pass a little time and your child surely to everything will learn!