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Carrots - a favourite dish of gnomes. What is it interesting by?

Depth of summer. Near roads, housing, on waste grounds strong bushes of carrots wild rose. Soon on them appeared it is white - dairy inflorescences - umbrellas. They - as if the lacy napkins scattered on a magic tablecloth invite on a visit. What will this plant surprise us with?

This summer carrots wild appeared before us, inhabitants of the forest-steppe, in all the beauty. From far away it seemed that huge openwork snowflakes among summer decorated sprawling bushes of carrots wild. Close they were represented by openwork napkins which the nature created for this purpose, ordinary-looking in appearance, plants.

By fall white umbrellas fade and begin to be displaced inside, forming something similar to bochonochka of wood color. The ripened fruits at wild carrots consist of two elliptic poluplodik with four ribs supplied with long thorns. These thorns help a plant to extend: cling to hair of animals, feathers of birds, clothes.

Carrots wild, or ordinary, grow in Europe, North Africa, the Western and Central Asia. It is cultivated throughout four millennia. Assume that at first this plant was used as medicine, then - as food and fodder.

Carrots the sowing campaign is subspecies of carrots wild. It is mentioned at ancient Greeks and Romans.

At excavation of the cities which died at eruption of Vesuvius, archeologists found on walls of houses of the image of bunches of carrots. Krivichi of Ancient Russia had such custom: dead men were stacked in the boat, near them put bunches of carrots and burned the boat.

According to a medieval German legend, carrots were favourite food of gnomes. People considered that if in the evening to carry a bowl of boiled carrots in the wood, then in the morning on that place it is possible to find a gold ingot - a gift from gnomes.

Initially fruits of carrots were, generally violet color. The Slavic legend in which it is told about how carrots gained red color is interesting.

... One Slavic settlement was attacked by vicious enemies. They destroyed dwellings, killed many, stole many in slavery. By miracle only one girl escaped. Among the dead she found the groom, put him in the boat, imposed with carrots bunches, but did not decide to set fire. Cela in the boat also floated on a current. Unexpectedly from a wound of the young man blood rushed and painted carrots in scarlet color.

Having seen it, the girl began to ask the Father - the Sun, the Mother - Earth and the Sister - Water to cure the groom. She gave to drink to him carrots juice, imposed carrots on wounds, and there was a miracle - the young man recovered and found former force. Since then there were red carrots which received medical force from the sun, the earth and water.

Carrots possess the diuretic, zhelchegonny, bactericidal, wound healing, all-strengthening means. Carrots wild soothingly affect the central nervous system. But before using it as zhelchegonny or a diuretic, it is necessary to consult at the doctor.

Active ingredient of carrots wild is essential oil which is extracted from seeds. In seeds there are also fats and proteins. In scientific medicine the preparation urolesan which part carrots wild are is used.

From carrots of a sowing campaign it is possible to prepare tasty and useful desserts which with pleasure are eaten by children.

Cookies carrot . One kilogram of carrots to weld and wipe through a sieve. To pound two glasses of sugar with 50 grams of butter and three eggs, to add a soda teaspoon, a lemon dried peel, carrot puree, about two glasses of flour. Dough to roll, cut portion pieces, to bake at a temperature of 180 degrees about 15 minutes.

Carrots jam turns out beautiful, red color and unusual, pleasant taste. For its preparation to take 1 kilogram of carrots, to cut circles about a centimeter thick, to weld to softness, to cool and cut out various figures - triangles, rhombuses.

To fill in with the hot syrup welded from 1 kilogram of sugar and 250 grams of water, to boil 2 - 3 minutes. In 8 - 10 hours to weld to readiness, at the end of cooking to add a teaspoon of lemon acid. Carrots slices from this jam - excellent ornament for cakes.

It is possible to weld sugar syrup on juice of a barberry or Japanese quince, jelly jam with unusual, pleasant taste and juicy aroma will turn out.

Pie - cake from carrots. to pound 150-200 grams of sugar with 3 eggs, to add 150 grams of sunflower oil, 200 grams of grated carrots, 100 grams of chopped nuts or raisin, a lemon dried peel, a baking powder, a teaspoon of cinnamon, about 200 grams of flour - carefully to vent. Dough has to turn out as dense sour cream, to bake at a temperature of 180 degrees of 40 - 45 minutes. To cover the cooled-down pie with chocolate glaze.

Such pie can be turned into festive cake. For this purpose to cut it on two - three cake layers, to cover with smetanny, scalded or cottage cheese cream, to decorate from above with glaze or grated chocolate.