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What main secrets of longevity of the Ural grandfathers?

In the Urals, in a fantastic taiga and beautiful mountains, live long-livers - grandmothers and grandfathers, 80 - 90 years live in the nature. For many years, they do not change the life, the schedule and a way of life - they live by traditions of the ancestors. This disappearing generation which lives at the expense of the wood and agriculture. to Descendants of the Ural Cossacks the good health, firmness and love to life is peculiar to

. All secrets of longevity are transferred from generation to generation. At the moment in villages remained to youth a little. To a huge regret, there will come that time when these strong and strong people die out, and secrets of their longevity will be forgotten and will go to a chasm.

We in this article collected all valuable information which concerns longevity of the Ural inhabitants. The grandmothers and grandfathers living in remote places of the Ural villages will tell about how to live long, and also to keep the physical activity and health.

The winter came, a lot of snow dropped out. Ivan Ivanovich who is 87 years old independently cleans snow from a roof - and to it is not difficult at all. It is also necessary to drag coal to the house to flood the furnace. We helped to flood the furnace, and called us to drink tea with jam. Behind a cup of tea we started conversation with the Ural long-liver on what secret of its health. Ivan Ivanovich claimed that life forces to make affairs and acts, here he also does not die.

Later to it the friend, the neighbor Pyotr Semenovich who is 78 years old came. It still independently plows the earth on a tractor. And Pyotr Semenovich also joined discussion.

Old men of the Urals follow the rules accepted and checked for centuries long ago. First of all, they become tempered and lead such life, this norm for Ural residents. Also Ivan Ivanovich noted that his state of health is formed by the relation to life, outlook. He told that he begins every morning with reception of goat milk and fresh eggs. He does not roll on a sofa, is not ill as it on it has no time - it always in work and in affairs, and, as we know, thanks to physical activity the tone improves.

Of course, in a question of longevity an important role is played by ecology. Residents of the Ural villages eat natural meat, milk, a pickles and cookings.

As huge criterion of preservation of health serves spring water. In it there is no chlorine and other impurity which are received by us from rusty pipes.

Long-livers recommend to wash out a nose solution from water, a teaspoon of salt and a drop of iodine. Thanks to such solution, you clear a nose of harmful substances. Also it is useful at such diseases as flu, viral infections and cold.

The Ural inhabitants do not drink usual tea, they make camomile, melissa, marjoram tincture and leaves Ivan - tea. These herbs are necessary to calm nervous system, to concentrate, and also to clear an organism.

The most important and special secret of the Ural inhabitants which is transferred from generation to generation is clarification of water by means of silicon. There was this tradition in the 18th century when during Peter I issued the decree which said that all soldiers have to carry a silicon piece in a breast pocket. Then black pebble was lowered in water which did not differ in special purity, thereby, clearing it. Silicon kills microbes and viruses in water, thereby, Peter I`s army was protected from infections.

After the soldier served in army, he was given the earth in the Urals. Thus, the tradition also extended to purify water by means of silicon. Today long-livers of the Urals also have a silicon stone. However at the moment, thanks to the fact that technologies are developed grandmothers and grandfathers in villages have the processed powder of silicon which is much more convenient in use.

Many Ural residents apply the medicine based on silicon. This medicine carries the name of Polisorb, we were shown by his locals. It looks as it is bluish - white powder which before the use needs to be dissolved in water. This means is enriched with oxygen that is also important for an organism. Polisorb brings out of an organism toxins and harmful substances in the natural way. Long-livers approximately clear each three months the organism, thereby, preventing development of dangerous diseases.

Powder of silicon was also at our hero, Ivan Ivanovich who in three years will celebrate the ninety years. At this stage development of society, fast rate of life, it is very difficult to observe all traditions, but the main thing is to have desire and aspiration.

Ural residents know a set of the traditions and recipes checked on experience of any generation which will promote long life and good health. Ural residents have recipes which will protect from influence of harmful substances and viruses. The basic principle of Ural residents consists in holding pure three things - the house, the head and an organism. Thanks to pure thoughts, make pure affairs. Having kept these traditions, it is possible to keep the health and life.