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What is a seksting?

Little children with interest study the organism. And others organisms too. At some moment they suddenly find out that boys differ from girls. And right there to the touch check this difference.

Though this knowledge looks innocently and ridiculously, parents try to switch attention of children to something another. Studied - and enough! you naizuchatsya Still!

The second semester opens when the difference between floors begins to be stuck out and hang round literally this word. But this time the attention to something neutral does not manage to be switched. Children stop being children and vigorously master new opportunities of the organisms. Master in the most different ways.

Boys among themselves discuss girls, girls - boys. And - ah, I do not know! - whose talk it is more obscene. Whether boys on the eternal subject “yabyvdul“, whether girls, such virtual forty - a raven: gave it, gave it, and did not give it.

Meetings, a pozhimaniye of hands, contacts and kisses begin.

I do not know whether young people play “small bottle“ now. In old, pre-perestroika still, time any teenage party did not do without this peculiar love roulette. Became around, the boy opposite to the girl. The bottle from - under Agdam port began to be turned cheerfully. And the Agdam port which is already drunk began to turn the head. Three, four, five... The bottle stopped, and those who stood on its opposite ends had to kiss in full view of all.

Some kissed shy and pretentiously: concerned sponges and all. And some that is called merged in ecstasy. Kissed long and passionately, having covered eyes and having risen to the sky number seven. Kissed until other participants of a party did not begin to consider aloud: “Ten! Eleven! Twelve! “ Or so far somebody did not ask: “And we to you, children, do not disturb?“ Then the long kiss stopped, all ran up again to surround a small bottle, having formed new couples.

But “small bottle“ is mossy second-hand articles in comparison with miracle of a century, the mobile phone. The mobile phone stopped being only pocket phone long ago. Now it - both phone, and a game store, and library, and the camera in one packing and in one pocket. Conveniently!

Also new creative ideas are born. For example, the girl decides to be photographed by golenky. Now it is awfully simple, anybody`s help is not necessary. Looking at the screen, you choose a foreshortening, you press a button - and all! Photos, such cool turned out that just you will not bear - you will send them to the best girlfriend. The girlfriend - that still the monkey - sends the similar photo to the answer. And then, poshushukavshis it is a little and having giggled, both girls send the photos to one boy from a class. Laughter for the sake of and in general it is interesting how it will react?

Psychologists claim: in modern life there was an interesting phenomenon - a seksting . The name comes from merge (was about to tell “in ecstasy“) two words: “sex“ and “teksting“. The second word English, means: mailing of SMS.

Though many treat psychology almost like to researches of the British scientists, but psychologists as if bulldogs, seized the new phenomenon, comprehensively studied it and study, seeking to answer the most important for them questions. And here what they found out.

1. The Seksting is not a perversion, but the normal phenomenon. Usual teenage desire to be allocated against people around. Though something but to be allocated. And still - attempt to answer an eternal question: what do I cost? Whether it is worthy love?

2. In the USA more than 25% of teenagers and about a third of young people aged from 18 till 24 years are engaged in a seksting. Respondents from these age groups claimed that almost all of them received messages of sexual contents in the form of text SMS. About two thirds of respondents received the similar messages accompanied with photos. That they were engaged in a seksting, about 60% of respondents admitted, that candid photos - about 45% sent.

It is quite expected that for a seksting mobile devices, mobile phones and tablet computers, but not personal computers or laptops use. Everything is defined by technology: the smartphone and the tablet PC allow to photograph quickly themselves, quickly and without effort to send a picture, and also provoke the addressee to the instant answer after obtaining the sekstingovy message.

3. Men like to be engaged in an active seksting more, than to women. It is thought, the matter is that - the known fact - the naked male body of women attracts much less here, than a nude female body - men. Therefore the result a seksting - series of men satisfies more, than women. On the other hand, girls of younger teenage age practice a seksting with photos more actively. Here, except the cutting-through teenage desire to shock, also feeling of safety works. In comparison with other sexual games the seksting is safe. There is no physical contact, any danger of diseases or pregnancy. And it is cheerful!

4. Overindulgence with a seksting nevertheless is not so safe that society treated it is indifferent. In - the first, under the American laws the exchange of erotic messages and images with the persons which did not reach 18 years is considered sexual abuse of juveniles and sexual harassment. These are very serious crimes. The lawyer who will be able “to otmazat“ children will cost much to parents of mischievous persons and to requalify the incriminated article on softer. If is not present, then shameful article will spoil all further life of the young man.

In - the second, many of boys and the girls showing the nakedness do not know that in the picture which are taken by the mobile phone among other things there are also geographical coordinates of the place of shooting. Will not seem a little to the one who laughter for the sake of sent the golenky image to the friend or the girlfriend if of these pictures some maniac knowing how to define the place of shooting takes control. By the way, Instagram and Twitter did not hide information on the place of shooting until recently.

Stop and how the photo sent to the acquaintance or even darling can get into strange hands? Yes it is very simple! About 20% of respondents admitted that sent the received photo to those, to a lump they did not intend. And both women, and men did it equally.

In 2009 18 - the summer American girl - the schoolgirl sent to the friend the candid photo. The photo got to the Internet and became known to all peers. They filled up the girl with insults and offensive offers. As far as I know men, most likely, at first there were offensive offers, and then already, after refusal, an insult. Without having sustained persecution, the girl committed suicide.

Could end for one 18 not less tragically - the summer fellow from Canada demonstration to friends of his delights 15 - the summer girlfriend. He was accused of distribution of a child pornography. 18 - the summer guy from Florida when quarreled with the girlfriend, sent the girl`s parents frank pictures of their daughter. The villain did not think that his former girlfriend is under special protection of the law as is not full age yet, and ogreb on full for sexual harassment and sexual abuse of juveniles.

Conclusions of psychologists show that the seksting sets tasks to both teachers, and lawyers. Modern technologies, as always, are torn forward, in light (?) future. Laws and school education behind this rush are not in time. Parental fears and ignorance only complicate and aggravate the arising “emergency“ situations. And punishments which are offered in this case by the law are obviously not commensurable with “crimes“. As accurate legal norms are absent, jurists consider for the best to approach these questions formally. And formally the seksting should be carried to sexual harassments. With all that it implies.

If someone considers that everything told - the American whims and “in Russia of a seksting are not present“, let will take an interest in the relevant groups of a social network “VKontakte“. “Seksting“ in this case - too graceful word! Otherwise as you will not call photos which are sent to these groups by snotty little girls a pornography. And on “Facebook“, apparently, similar good in bulk.

So, we will wait?