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How “The World Is Not Enough“ - one of the best songs of “Bondiana“ was created?

Last time we left GARBAGE group on the take-off provided with success of the first album. Following longpleya to listeners it was necessary to wait for about 3 - x years. And the result did not disappoint. A disk with the fashionable computer name “Version 2. 0“ was even more electronic, sampled and successful, than his predecessor (No. 13 in the USA and No. 1 in Britain). was enough

of Hits too. Here were fervent the priest - songs “When I Grow Up“ and “Special“ (on the last the video in the spirit of “Star wars“), venomous “I Think I`m Paranoid“ (was shot according to the Whig, it about the cruel car “show-business“), ominous “Push It“ (with the excellent surrealistic clip and a sample of a line of “Don`t Worry Baby“ from the old song BEACH BOYS) and, at last, “beautiful and dark“ the ballad “You Look So Fine“ solved in the spirit of “Milk“. The Whig called last Butch the favourite song of an album.

Butch Whig: “We wanted to make

calming and silent at the end of an album. And the vocal impact, just as at THE CARPENTERS turned out.... Planed not worse, than SONIC YOUTH“.

Shirley Manson: “To me is pleasant to compose

what has to be sad, but it turns out not so much sad how many beautiful“.

Final recognition of world popularity of GARBAGE. Both the movie, and the song were called traditionally magnificently and ambitiously - “The World Is Not Enough“ (“And the whole world a little“).

The song invited to write the creators who already had experience in movies about “agent 007“. So the composer David Arnold wrote music for the previous movie of “Bondiana“ - “Tomorrow will never die“, and the poet Don Black was the author of a lyrics from the movie “The Person with the Gold Gun“ of 1974

according to Arnold, it is “united a little “la - la - la“ together and, unexpectedly, the song was born“ . However there was one hard task which was set for himself by the composer. He wanted that the song sounded is modern and at the same time kept “bondianovsky“ tradition. It was necessary to unite filigree modern electronics and sounding of the real symphonic orchestra.

Also the poet tried to reach similar many-sided effect.

Don Black:

“The song reflects the movie. She tells a story which, of course, about world supremacy, but much more personal and deep. It drama and as the ballad, but is felt modern“.
the song was ready

By the beginning of 1999, and searches of the one who could embody it began. Producers rejected such candidacies as Robbie Williams, Melanie and even Bjork, and stopped on GARBAGE which are then at the zenith of fame. The composer called directly the vocalist.

David Arnold: “I never met by

more inspired answer to a question, like “You would like to make it?““

of Shirley Manson: “I grasped with

at chance because I always wanted to make it - since I was a child“.

Actually, Shirley admitted that she not only was delighted, but also was frightened - a pier, here will not hide shortcomings of a vocal behind special effects.

Butch Whig:

“We were generally controlled odd fellows.

You understand that as soon as you begin to work with big film company and with such attribute as James Bond, you enter on other planet, and it opened eyes on a lot of things, both was excitingly, and is mad, and is problematic, and is confused. You in other world if it is possible to be expressed so“.

of GARBAGE were written down by the parties to “The World Is Not Enough“ during tours, but everything turned out. The song managed to become that “golden mean“ of which both creators, and group dreamed.

Butch Whig:

“For our fans it sounded as the song GARBAGE. And for Bond`s fans as the song of “Bondiana““.

For a song shot the effective original video. On a plot its action is developed in 1964. Terrorists build in laboratory of the robot - the copy of the famous singer which is played by Shirley Manson. The robot filled with explosive kills the singer with a kiss and takes her place on a scene. At the end of a song it is expected explosion is distributed...

In spite of the fact that the single “The World Is Not Enough“ did not get to the American charts, it had wide popularity in Europe (we have many people who in general associate creativity of GARBAGE only with this song).

1999 became top of career of group though it still did not let out any album frankly through passage.

The strongest criticism the third underwent longply GARBAGE - “Beautiful Garbage“ of 2001. Not all estimated parody interpretation by group of stamps of bottoms - cultures (enough only to listen to “Androgyny“ which is narrating about mixture of floors and obviously imitating receptions “are - en - bi“). Aggressive “Shut Your Mouth“ became the most successful single (quite deservedly).

The following album - “Bleed Like Me“ - left in 2005 and became the heaviest and fatal for all career of group (see for example, songs “Bad Boyfriend“ and “Why Do You Love Me“). Then in creativity of group there came long holiday - her members were tired as of tours, and from each other.

Officially nobody declared disintegration of GARBAGE. And not for nothing. In 2012 well rested participants of group gathered again to let out the next album “Not Your Kind of People“ - as always, very worthy.

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