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What valuable it is possible to find in “garbage“? To birthday of the vocalist of GARBAGE group Shirley Manson.

K 1993 of Butch the Whig was already prominent personality in the American musical business. His hands a producer an epoch-making album “Nevermind“ of NIRVANA group. However since far times when Butch played in SPOONER group, it was not left by desire to create the own musical project.

Somehow the producer showed the creative sketches to one acquaintance. On what that skeptically told that it is not music, but some garbage. “Let there will be a garbage“, - Butch grinned and and called new group (on - English “garbage“ - garbage).

In colleagues he called the old friends on SPOONER - Steve Marker (a guitar, keyboard) and Duke Eriksson (a bass, keyboard), and itself took seat for drums. -Faced and-voiced groups three already elderly men quite logically decided to elect the young and attractive girl.

They saw such girl on MTV channel in the clip “Suffocate Me“ of young Scottish group ANGELFISH. Called the girl Shirley Manson. Musicians remembered that first they were involved not so much by a voice, how many unusual appearance of the singer. It is interesting that this appearance (red hair, prominent eyes and big lips) was for Shirley in the childhood a source of internal complexes and external sneers from peers who teased the girl “frog eyes“.

And here, so estimated it and the producer invites in group known (as speak). Shirley was declared in GARBAGE, having pulled a mask of excessive self-confidence for nervousness. As a result listening took place not all that well - and the girl not really sang, and criticized texts, at the same time chattered with such Scottish accent that Americans hardly understood her.

For some time of GARBAGE left Shirley. During this time the ANGELFISH group finally collapsed, the singer lost with a chipped washing-tub and this time called back to Butchu associates herself. A common language was found, and the structure of GARBAGE is created, and in the fall of 1994 the group sat down for record of the first album.

Debut longply, just called “Garbage“, left in August, 1995. It not just made success, but also became a peculiar standard of a sound of the second half of 1990 - x. Shirley`s image - the fragile, but impudent little girl in short dresses and heavy boats became a female standard of time also.

The producer interior of the Whig did not get to anywhere. Musicians created the songs as the cook in kitchen cooks the best salad: mixed the most different styles (grunge, India - fate, a techno, the priest, hip - hop), registered a huge set of paths, creating a “dense“ multilayered sound, generously used samples and applied the most unusual special effects.

First musicians planned the song “Queer“ for a shock single (in my opinion, really, one of the best compositions of an album). Shirley sang this song even during the first unsuccessful listening and in it for the first time interfered with the text.

The word of “queer“ (“strange“) quite often is applied to homosexuals. However in this case it did not bear in itself anything gay and what meant meant.

Duke Eriksson:

“The song not about sex, and about innocence loss“.

On the text of the Whig some art novel where it was told how the father employs the prostitute for the zaturkanny son inspired that “to make of it the man“. At some moment the son understands that the same prostitute comes also to his father who has, probably, too not really healthy sexual life. Knowing it, clear from where in “Queer“ the line appeared: “You learn to love the pain you feel, Like father, like son“ (“You learn to love pain which you feel How the father, as the son“) .

First the song sounded more aggressively, but turned in insinuatingly later - erotic and at the same time ominous the priest - composition with a granzhevy guitar and trip - a hopovy rhythm.

On “Queer“ not less “strange“ video was shot. The idea was prompted by the director Stefan Sednai when he remembered a story about how one beautiful woman slightly “did not break off him on pieces“. Almost all clip goes to the h - color and is shown eyes of the main character whom Shirley entices to herself then she tears on it clothes, sticks eyes and cuts off hair. Only at the very end of video becomes color, and we see the hero dressed and tonsured as some Krishnaite who with a happy idiotic smile runs away on the avenue.

Over time musicians changed the mind and decided to make the leading single of an album another - too excellent - the song. They wrote it absolutely spontaneously when just idled, strumming on acoustic guitars. Unexpectedly the shock riff together with the paradoxical phrase of “Only Happy When It Rains“ jumped out (“It is happy only, when it is raining“). The phrase became the name of a new song and defined its subject.

Shirley said that sense of a song - a peculiar “stone in the kitchen garden“. There was at the same time both a parody to the gloomy atmosphere of alternative fate, and sarcasm concerning own thirst for “dark“ sad songs.

Duke Eriksrn:

“Specific need of some people to pass through the tragedy before it is good feeling“.

Shirley Manson: “This song completely expresses

us because we love records which do not make us happy. It for those who know that he means to live on a dark side“.

Though “Only Happy When It Rains“ also got to the TOP - 100 USA, other single from an album under the name “Stupid Girl“ (“The silly little girl“) became the real break for GARBAGE unexpectedly.

Process of its creation is very characteristic. First musicians cut the girdled bass part of the song “Train in Vain“ of THE CLASH group (later the group will be noted, how coauthors) and began to improvise. Soon Duke composed the guitar riff inspired by a riff from “Shine On You Crazy Diamond“ of PINK FLOYD group over a bass. So slowly on the basis of only two chords on light very effective modern song was born. In record left even the noise which arose from - for malfunctions of the equipment. Here such here “garbage“...

Butch Whig:

“People still ask us who this silly little girl, but it is impossible to answer them. It could be about your ex-girlfriend. It could be about fate - the star whom all of us know. It could be about your sister. It could be also called “Stupid Boy““.

Shirley Manson:

“It became the anthem of the girl who is content smaller, than wants or deserves. It about unused potential“.

the Video to this song was shot by Samuel Bayer - the same director who shot video on “Only Happy When It Rains“ (with the children dressed in masks playing the field and the musicians arranging the true vandalism in studio). However, allocated much less therefore the director had to exercise the wit most for shootings of “Stupid Girl“ of money. Having finished shooting shots with group in a warehouse, Bayer took a film, killed her in a bathtub, zalapat and scratched fingers. Video right there got necessary “creative“.

The single “Stupid Girl“ left in February, 1996, occupied in the USA 24 - e the place and became the beginning of “hour of triumph“ of GARBAGE. Sales of a debut album right there flew up up, and the composition was even nominated for “Grammy“ as “the best fate - the song“.

It should be noted one more remarkable song from the first album which is especially fallen in love at us. The speech, of course, goes about the cold and beautiful ballad under the name “Milk“ . Shirley said that it is peculiar “the song of a seducing, like songs of sirens“, and complained that many misinterpret it.

Shirley Manson:

“This song - opposition of different things, paradox. That most of all it is pleasant to me in “Milk“ is that people often mistakenly consider it as the ballad finishing an album. For me “Milk“ - the most gloomy and hopeless track. People speak: “Oh, it such touching so it is the love song“. But it very oppressive actually, it about loss and about fear of loss; about things which you cannot have, and about what you will wait eternally for“.

Ahead of GARBAGE was expected by many take-off and falling. But about them - already in the following article.

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