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Anniversary of

At our enterprise anniversary. Round date. All are joyfully alarmed, fussy and slightly dumbfounded. Well, as are dumbfounded appeared suddenly in December in the winter. Or an unexpected harvest in September. Or what on the ninth month the wife took and gave rise.

Run to and fro. Scurry about as the drugged cockroaches, nanyukhavshiyesya a dichlorvos. Rush as the startled hares on spring. Having got on on itself the best clothes and having generously irrigated itself with a cheap perfume, they, in this it is efficient - the become stupid rutting, all the look let know how they love expensive enterprise as they truly serve the dear director as they are betrayed and faithful.

The secretaries pomaded to eyebrows in the middle of the day place plateaus and liqueur glasses, cut a sausage and prepare a konyachok, ready to welcome dear visitors with the most tasty, and at the same time, making a maximum of efforts not to fade in the holiday luster. They do not notice the workers and engineers going to their reception with the vital and such unfestive issues. Discontentedly wave away from their unclear importunity, repeating that they have no time. Well, still. To them it is necessary to count correctly the number of plates and shot glasses, as if to offend nobody. In a look pride involuntarily appears. Probably, for the native enterprise.

Along corridors, in expensive suits which they will not learn to wear in any way, as like as two peas and a figure as Japanese, pompously loaf “dear visitors“ - directors and chiefs of departments friendly, and not really, to us organizations.

At those who arrived still yesterday persons are rumpled also poobterta, meshkoobrazna and are very eloquent. Some have very doubtful appearance, and, despite a stylish suit and the tie “shouting“ on fashion, remind criminals rather. Others are fresh and ruddy as bulk August apples on morning, and their bossy arrogance and importance, luscious juice, and exudes from - under their self-satisfied exterior ready to stream on everyone not so necessary and important as they are.

In this ridiculous and silly ridiculous race all new and new participants are involved from outside. By the principle “Do not come off collective“ and “Who not with us - that against us“.

Everyone entering and leaving joyfully as if made happy with improbable pleasure to die for the emperor, kamikadets, nearly bowing in a belt, congratulates all on a holiday, and lights up with the most radiant smile. In total to an oskoma sakharno luscious so to me here - here will cramp jaws.

I do not love this vanity. No, not so. I hate it. I already at such age when stuck things to call by the names. And I hate the enterprise. Because it - them. The moldy crust from above covered with sugar glaze and utykanny anniversary candles.

Article about our enterprise hangs on a bulletin board. As always, above flaunts “itself“, and the heading is lower, is more shameless lying about “largest“, “only“ and “the best“. The lie is so barefaced and is more shameless that I begin to be surprised again to that why me half-life, at first parents, and then school and all others, learned to tell the truth. Farther I also do not try to read. Because turns back me, turns inside out, from these eternal lie and hypocrisy on which here all speak, all write, all smile.

In spite of the fact that we such successful and remarkable, for last week we threw out, threw out from plant of two best employees. Dismissed as dismiss all here: having dropped in tar and feathers, and having hung out to dry on the sun for a public inspection. Words of gratitude for a semi-slave labor. Lines. Anything. And as always, they were unprotected. We were unprotected.

To fallen into disgrace right there the relation changed. Sensitive nostrils of our factory jackals instantly caught a putrefactive musty smell of management high indignation, and began leprous to avoid.

Even the closest colleagues tried to keep very much a corporate neutrality concerning those with whom they whispered still yesterday and drank tea with chocolates. Confidential talk stopped. Persons buried in monitors of computers. Fingers with the doubled speed began to knock on keyboards. As if imposed strict quarantine on department, having declared his serious illness. And entrance there - strictly in masks and overalls of indifference and indifference.

In joyful preparation for celebration the top officials changed beautiful working suits and ties for suits very beautiful and languidly shining in the twilight of long twilight corridors. The director - the father and the chief - the son which on some incredibly happy combination of circumstances, appeared at one plant, pulled on themselves similar festive attires, gently gray with apricot outflow, and became even more similar. As in foolish cinema about Austen Pauers where were doctor Zlo and Pass - I. The analogy turned out so sudden and evident that I, every time seeing the big and terrible director - the father and tripping skipping behind it, trying to keep the same length of a step, the chief - the son, I hardly keep from self-destructive smiling in their address. Pass - I, Pass - we. Here goes, in the shining self-importance aura the big director - the father, and here jumps behind it, also trying to give himself though a little father`s imperial greatness, the chief - the son. Step - another, pryg - skok. A step - another, pryg - skok. Pryg - skok. Pryg - skok. Study, the sonny. Study, the sonny.

Somewhere there, in this holiday madness also the chief flashes - the daughter, also lighting up all noble shine of the understanding and mentoring.

By this nice day, in sticky treacle obligatory facades and samokhvalstvo which became the second skin even human not of the most not worst samples at us made repair of foregrounds at plant. The corridor was painted lusciously orange color - and all spoke “to Uau, super!“ and more loudly so that heard the administration, - placed also ponavesil of the shouting toys in the form of artificial palm trees, pictures and a stucco molding. Once again replaced furniture in a director`s office. About shops nobody remembered. There guests will not begin to be driven. About our department - also. The second month sadly oar tinsel overhang from a ceiling of a lock of wires and holes in panels gape. At the same time, to us constantly repeat that we - “vanguard of the enterprise“, “the forward front“, “the most important department“. But in the chief`s office - the son repair and new furniture that it was more convenient to do brilliant nothing.

Anniversary tables, meanwhile, to the full blocked up with plates and shot glasses, bottles and large bottles. For a distinguished libation of the most Saint guests factory transport brought boxes with cognac which half of a bottle cost exactly so much how many a generous management hand squeezed out as if from itself, an award of the one who and now, in this holiday hour, jubilantly rejoicing to the future light holiday, made and sold. Stamped and packed. Loaded and delivered.

During a consuming of a corporate freebie dear visitors, will give a concert by creative specialists of the enterprise. Half-naked boys and girls will sing and dance on a fun to directors and chiefs.

And those, boasting and wriggling, will be interested in affairs of each other, to say false toasts in which generous prettiness and absolute universal emptiness, and much more sincere obtyapyvaniye of the affairs and affairs.

We as I realized long ago, and are that cattle, dirty plebs, unlike them, high-native patricians. We - those who work for them and they, under the most plausible and false masks, declare that it - they that all - thanking of

Ya, undoubtedly, the unhappy person, and I should be regretted. Because I hate the enterprise. Their enterprise. I hate this truth - lie. This sticky facade which is given for the truth. This hypocrisy which penetrated walls of plant.

I hate holidays for the sake of which people spend so many forces, only to seem in the best possible way, hiding the unattractive truth from others eyes. I hate expensive and, in general, suits because they plunge the carrier into a charm, force it to think of themselves much and to look at those who do not wear them, haughtily. I hate remunerations for works in the form of tips about which speak much, but which are worth little. I hate table toasts and toasts. They to me seem false. I hate nepotism, familiarity and protection which it is much more important than ability and conscientiousness, knowledge and experience. I hate that needs to be spoken not that you think and not that is, and what is necessary. I hate bootlickers - subordinates, vyyunam of the chiefs curling around. I hate management Mercedes and Toyotas for fifty thousand euros and dirty ancient shops with the antediluvian equipment. I hate petty tyrants - edinopravets - the directors thinking about themselves “We, the director of the enterprise“ who it is similar to slaveholders. To pardon and execute - all in their power. I hate this world of fools, hypocrites and liars. World of colored snouts and the fat, satiated bodies in evening dresses. I hate all this false academician. I hate, I hate, I hate. And I understand that I have no rescue from the hatred. That no grandiose love rescues me from this hatred. That I burn down and I drown. And, nevertheless, I hate!