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What to take with itself at fall? We strengthen immunity of

Augustus on an outcome. During the summer many did not gain strength, and the organism is already reconstructed on other rhythm of work, prepares for changes of weather, light, temperature condition, diet. The fall - is time exacerbations of diseases - reveals weak places of an organism. Why does that happen? All got used to consider that in the summer all for health (rest, the sun, air, water, vitamins). to physicians should observe Every year

that after summer holidays the most part of the population does not become healthier, and on the contrary, summer holiday is followed by problems with health. On holidays very few people think that the organism is exposed to a huge number of loadings which most part is undertaken by a liver. These are gastronomic, alcoholic excesses, dusty air, a smoke from wildfires, use of repellents.

The ultraviolet gives to the person beautiful and fashionable suntan, but at its inept use weakens immunity.

Movement on the world to short terms - a good discharge for mentality, but serious load of a body, genetically the nature did not train the person to fly on the sky, to rush on the ground with such speed.

We are not able to have a rest. Even if on holiday of people does not leave anywhere, all the same changes the mode and a daily routine not in favor of health.

Even it is terrible to speak about food. During the holiday period it is eaten much junk food, and in large quantities. Temperature increase of air accelerates the exchange processes proceeding in an organism, the need for food decreases, and the organism does not receive enough vitamins and minerals.

Therefore make for yourself the plan of autumn actions for improvement and strictly follow it. If you hold on more than 20 days (trial period), then to follow it for you will become a useful habit.

Fall - time to strengthen immunity before winter cold weather. High rates of increase of immunity, according to all available data from scientists, bilberry possesses. Northern berries (a cranberry, cowberry, cloudberries) it is much more useful, than overseas kiwis and a lemon.

Drink tea with addition of the dried-up herbs, flowers, berries. Such teas are useful to prevention of various indispositions.

In a daily diet there has to be enough vitamins which according to physiological requirements of an organism have to arrive daily, it is impossible to stock up with them for the future, excess vitamins are not acquired.

Pay special attention to food. The food has to be nourishing, but not heavy for a stomach. In the fall the organism needs useful calories, and at their shortcoming there is a drowsiness, protective forces of an organism decrease.

Horse-radish, onions, garlic are obliged to be on your table. Do not forget about turned sour - dairy products. Use more vegetables and fruit. It is necessary to include the products improving mood in a diet. Good mood - the best medicine for immunity.

The Scottish scientists found out that cloudy weather conducts to the fact that people gain the excess weight because the organism does not receive enough vitamin D. Its shortage reduces production of hormone which signals a brain about saturation, and the person overeats.

Councils of scientists:

- more food, rich with vitamin D (eggs, fish) is;

- to move, walk more in the fresh air;

- to arrange itself holiday of the day off;

- to rise and lay down always at the same time;

- to get enough sleep and not to overtire;

- not to forget about rules of personal hygiene.

Live in harmony with the nature. Admire landscapes of fall, to which beauty cannot be compared (let and loved by us), other seasons.

Are not depressed! Remember that diseases are formed at the level of emotions and thoughts. Following simple autumn rules, you lay the strong foundation for the health.