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Etudes ex abrupto About optimism, realism and pessimism of

In addition, ranking itself rather as representatives of the second and last category in the name of this “research without preparation“, this subject interested me also in the fact that, not only the simple cheerful inhabitant, but as it appeared, and many outstanding minds of different professions in every possible way strove for pink-checked optimism in the life and creativity, than for gloomy pessimism, and in every possible way eulogized and extolled the first, but not the second. My inclination in everything to see “decay“ and to hear “gnashing of teeth“, but not happiness and joyful laughter, obviously did not come true.

First I very much was upset as gloom and despondency not really pleasant partners in life in itself, and here also it turned out that it is some kind of bellum omnium contra omnes - “war against all“ as my acquired pessimism also is not supported with support from gray-bearded wise men of the past. One Schopenhauer was ready to console me and that, in the pessimistischen Meisterwerken, continually was distracted by any almost optimistic pastoral elegies, that is betrayed ours with him wise pessimism. Nietzsche was nasty the fascist kinks with his idee fixe - “Uebermensch“, and I began to understand why it was so loved by Adolf Hitler, and Ecclesiastes bored with the abstruse litanies “Nothing eternally under the sun long ago“, “Vanity puts everything also a pursuit of wind“, “Will take place also it“ and eternal manuals “As life to live“. Well, and everyones there Mark Tveny, Bernarda Shou and Uaylda`s Oscars in every possible way wore pessimism, venomously deriding it so that I wanted to rise in its defense.

There were also I nearly one. However, as my favourite British &ndash speak; I could not care less. “I that am already good that it I“. I hope that at all my unrecoverable pessimism, my unostentatious sense of humour, nevertheless, sometimes will pull out me for hair from a rotten bog of despondency and a hopelessness as the baron Myunkhgauzen of for a braid. And therefore I want to ask the dear reader who incidentally came to me “on a spark“, not to judge me the strict measures and the more so, not to try to overpersuade me that is always stupid because everyone judging another and saying to it that that is not right, tries on on the last the knowledge and experience which at the last, for certain, are absent, and, therefore, thereby makes a mistake. I, of course, can agree with you, but it will already be not my thoughts, and yours. What would be very regrettable for truth, though it is pleasant for you.

So, ad rem - let`s start! For a start, if to me took in head to argue on the subject “Optimism and Pessimism“, I would classify the first on two categories. The first - optimism congenital, unripe, caused by a lack of knowledge, enthusiastically - durachkovaty. Of representatives of this category - is more than enough. These are children and teenagers, and also adults among whom there is most of women and men of nonintellectual professions.

The second - the optimism acquired, mature, based on sad facts of life and a personal knowledge of life. Optimism “knowing what to eat badly and, therefore, appreciating that the little that it is good to eat“. Among representatives of the second category there is majority - the aged people who much tested on the century, reflecting and who are philosophically adjusted. But young people, as a rule, serious and widely-read, that is quite unfortunate to the standard measures also occur among them.

Most of inhabitants of the globe, irrespective of racial and religious accessory, belong to the first category, know about it and extremely are proud of the fact that they are optimists. But meet also such in whose nations number of optimists - absolute majority. Among them - on the first place, Americans, for which the slogan “I’m fine! “ long ago there was a credo of all life.

On conscience to tell, almost any enthusiastic optimist who occurs in my course of life talking profusely on any subjects, reminds me the poorly educated little fool who has very inexact idea that he speaks. And if such begins to argue with foam at a mouth - that meets pretty often, - that to call such optimist, except as “the complete fool“, my language does not turn, (that right there to me adds the bilious melancholy which is permanently leading to treacherous pessimism). The optimistical slovokhot wants to tell it “And whether you know that you know nothing?“. How I? So to speak, “Lack of knowledge is the reason of causeless pleasure, and the velikiya of knowledge is a grief velikiya“, or in Russian, “Easily is to fools“.

Such optimist very quietly sleeps under the shelf full of heavy books and never thinks of the fact that in one not fine day this shelf will break and will press down it all weight of the knowledge concluded in these books. Optimism of such optimist - in his ignorance.

Absolute optimism for me - first of all, simply shortage of knowledge. In any area. And how it is possible to remain the optimist, having learned this world? Sciencia est potentia? Perhaps. But also great grief. Whether having learned by reflections what optional is always far from truth, or having learned by personal life experience?

How can remain the optimist of people, visited in the war and seeing death, suffering what life - kopek? Seeing how heroism turns into nonsense, patriotism - in proprietary interests, release - in occupation? It is possible to become the fatalist, the cynic or the realist, but to remain the unconditional optimist? Here I agree with Remarque and his “the lost generation“. “War - the last foulness. Also there is no pleasure here“. And here, the umoustroystvo is simpler, or it is primitive - education, the quicker return to optimism.

How there can be the optimist a fairly clever person who suffered in life with the mind, and understood, at last, that this world, actually, belongs to fools, financiers and buffoons, but not clear heads and creators of good deeds?

How it is possible to remain the blue-eyed optimist, having understood once that a result of all death and oblivion? What all your works on the earth of this either are absolutely vain, or are short-lived?

How the decent and honest person can remain an optimist? And it at any time as all times, actually, are always rather bad that in the person the desire of the best, and our time not worst of all did not die? It, good, decent and honest, full of the best optimistical beginnings, having beaten by a forehead about the firm walls which are put up by even more optimistical wicked, dishonourable and dishonest men at the end is tired and is given, becoming and remaining to the death or the pessimistic good, decent and honest person, or turning into the optimistical wicked, dishonourable and dishonest man?

How it is possible to remain the pink-checked optimist, seeing that life for stale and cruel, but not for kind and honest? How it is possible to remain the optimist when career for cunning and with communications, but not for clever and hardworking? How it is possible to remain the optimist when love and that for those who polovchy and are able to earn money, that is cunning and resourceful, but not for sincere and able to love disinterestedly?

I am sure that virtue, whether it be honesty, mind or diligence surely have to be rewarded. Not necessarily financially. Morally, if you want. Otherwise, for what they? For what to be honest if your children are hungry? For what mind, if from it a grief? For what virtue if laugh at it?

In Christianity, the most pessimistic dogma after the Buddhism with its infinite series of painful reincarnations where each subsequent life no other than the next suffering and which to interrupt - dream of each true Buddhist, is repeatedly told “You will suffer“, “You suffer - means, you are cleared“, “Sufferings are sent those who is loved by God“. Suffer and rejoice! Suffer and render thanks! The more sufferings - the more love! The more purely, more honestly and poryadochny - the more suffering … and optimism? Suffering, suffering, suffering. Optimism, optimism, optimism. Even pastures of Heaven with fine guriya are promised the self-murdered Mohammedan after death, and to the pure and just Christian only “to sit to the left of the king of kings“. And all? And further? And where paradise? Where an award, except “You will be with me“? And what`s next?

All Old and New Testament are penetrated some calming monastic pessimism. That is, now and here everything is bad, “the decay and a stench“ and “human sinful nature“ which “will be born in a sin and dies in it“, and meanwhile only and does that sins, even when tries not to sin very much, “because the sinner, not because you sin, and sin because the sinner“. And point. Sentence. Hopelessness. “The person is a sin“. “Came from ashes, and you will go to ashes“. “Everything that good - from God, everything that bad - from chelovek“. My God and continuous pessimism! And wafer-thin such ray of optimism which hardly makes the way as through thick ridges of clouds “You will suffer much, and then, maybe, you will enter the Kingdom of Heaven“. CAN be! And can not be.

And at the same time despondency - a sin! That is, overtook pessimism that was urine, and that hour “Do not despond!“. Similar to a vice.

The majority remain optimists simply because do not know real life. Do not suspect her. Live, as in a glass cocoon. And so, as if they have in a stock, at least, several lives.

The optimist does not know and does not want to know that his favourite stake is the brutally grown up pylon which is pinned up in the barbarous way living gloomily and the dead tormently. The cat`s skin on a fur coat given out for a polar fox, actually, was torn brutally off by pragmatic Chinese from a live kitty, and means for a potentiality, it is received from a gall bladder of the live, but dying in terrible torments Himalaya bear, and mascara at approbation was repeatedly stuck in an eye of a live rabbit. The realist gloomy realizes it, the pessimist understands that he will be also or even worse. That that day when skins tear off from living people is near. What in the history, however, already was.

The optimist goluboglazo believes that wars in which his country participated are noble, and are necessary for heroism, the world justice and the better life of fraternal peoples. The realist understands that these wars with justice had nothing in common, and brought death and a grief. The pessimist is sure that such and still there will be many worst wars on which it will be killed many heroic fools dying with foolish words about a debt and the homeland on the blood-stained lips.

The pessimist of ab ovo usque ad mala for me is the person knowing the true situation. The person who is not creating illusions concerning “optimistical“ human concepts any more as “love“, “friendship“, “debt“ and others.

“The love is possible also at advanced age“ - optimists rejoice. “The love does not exist. There is a hormonal explosion caused by age, physiology and some other factors“ - realists say. “There is no love, never was and cannot be, proceeding from the same factors. The love was thought up by optimists“ - pessimists claim.

All of us walk the streets, we breathe air, we eat food. And the realist knows that we go hundreds of times the impregnated poisonous gasoline, lead, lime on the ground. We breathe poisonous air with the content of the same lead, carbon dioxide, zinc. We eat the food infected with all periodic table daily accumulating in ourselves tens of lethal poisons. The realist knows that any chemist doing the analysis on test of soil, water or food at the time of the analysis, ceases to smile and be the optimist if he is a person with proper human response. And the pessimist, moreover, understands, WHAT WILL not be BETTER, And it WILL be worse. And you think in a different way?

I, honestly to admit, I do not understand how in general it is possible to hope for happy end of all in this world if all of us - both optimists, and realists, and pessimists know: all of us will be ill. We will be sent, at best, to pension. In usual - will dismiss “at own will“. Women will surely grow ugly, men will become an inveterate drunkard or will grow decrepit. Our children will scatter, families will break up, our family will die slowly, and then and all of us will die. Our affairs, verses and prose will be forgotten in a week or in ten years. Our tree will be cut or it will dry up in 30 years. The house will become useless in 40 years. Finally Earth will not be able to support us, or to take down our barbarous relation, sooner or later fresh water will reach a limit, the Sun will go out, Earth will burst in half. The result of everything is OBLIVION. Fate. And it is the law of the nature. So what and on what here can be optimism? Optimism till the next nourishing dinner and a TV series?

The realist understands that any human communication has the beginning, the middle and the end. Love, friendship, association, roditelstvo. In total. The optimist knows that everything has a promising beginning. The pessimist knows that everything always has nothing the promising end. And which of them is right?

However, if we divided optimism into two categories, and with pessimism it is necessary to make, at least, the same. To separate pessimism extreme, “seeing“ only the worst in any action from the pessimism moderated and gravitating to extremely right realism, that is the pessimism “hoping“ on more - less favorable outcome, but noticing all negative sides.

And we will make it next time because even eternal pessimists need optimistical pauses …