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Etudes ex abrupto About work, a job of

Work. Bog. Bog. While worked at full speed, proved, showed, made offers, showed an initiative, the bit was everywhere unloved, repeatedly shamed and publicly. Could not understand why? Wore out two pairs of shoes in three months, worked so hard, did not get out of shops, ran on clients. All only hissed in a trace. “Upstart! Vypendrila! Who are you such?!“ Because wanted quiet, inert life. As earlier. Because that only you will not make to do nothing.

And as soon as ceased to run, show, prove, spat everything, in soul sent all to hell dog, and sidny sat down at the table which is filled up with papers, colleagues calmed down and even fell in love.

Now I sit, in the first half of day I shift a piece of paper from the left edge of a table on right, and in the second, same piece of paper from the right edge of a table to left. I wrinkle a forehead, I do a clever, thoughtful air, on ten times I dial some number, and then I put down a reciever as if it is busy, or I resolve trifling issues with gas station of printer cartridges or acquisitions of facsimile paper so as if I am going to acquire all shares of Bill Gates, to sell them, and to invest the gained money in the Swiss banks.

The director, having noticed everesta of pieces of paper on my table, notices “There now, now and Daredevils earned on all power“, and all with pleasure flatteringly smile to the director as if they believe what that tells.

While it was honest and told the truth, did not love, not trusted and even hated. As soon as began to wriggle and lie, there was a trust, people declared “The person“.

It was worth coming earlier into some office where all yawn and to take an interest innocently: “What there is no work?“ - to hear revolted “That you that you? We do not manage to breathe freely, and you here! Go from where came!“.

That now, it is worth coming into some sleepy smoking-room and to tell “That we work very much? It is impossible to pereutruzhdatsya so, it is impossible“ to hear “Yes, we are such. Otherwise we cannot“.

On the way back met the lawyer, the woman with a claim on a face who is slowly hobbling up a ladder which left the workplace half an hour to that and which for ten to pass before I saw in other wing of the building, briskly gossiping with the girlfriends. “There now, all plant, probably, bypassed“ - I speak to it playfully, and in reply I hear “Daredevils, you when you speak, the head sometimes think?“ - and all this with a type of the shamed vestal, and again I observe how her clumsy figure moves away in another from our office the direction. Probably, went on working questions.

In ten seconds which are available at my order I ask the immemorial question: why people lie all the time and play the hypocrite, and having often heard the truth - or wildly are indignant, or feel hot awkwardness in all body?

“How are you doing?“ I answer a question of the secretary of the director truthfully “Badly“ and I see the disappointment scattered on her face. “Yes it is normal, normal“ - I encourage the lost secretary.

Incidentally learned that the director in hospital. At the beginning was, regretted, properly, and today saw it - remarkably, the rascal, looks. And even for the patient it is somehow too cheerful. Even enviably became that it, the patient, better looks me, healthy.

On the sick-list as well our head of department, in combination the director`s son. Probably, it at them an infection some. Or family. However, from it and at work of advantage it is not much unless pleasantly to an eye from his suits with ties.

Awfully quarreled with Maria Aleksandrovna. Or rather, it with me as I am a person non-contentious if not to touch me. Touched that what on its eternal chatter by all office numbers at the same time I playfully took an interest “Already stopped discussing personal records?“. What here began! Hardly the head of department left for lunch, I was promised to kill, castrate and still something. On my innocent question “For What?“ - my sudden opponent choked with indignation and indignation. Then I hurried to retire after the head of department to the dining room, and, having returned ten minutes later, again found Maria Aleksandrovna on all floor discussing some not Vasya, not to Wan by the working mobile phone.

Shrugged shoulders. Decided not to interfere. However, after work to me got already and from the workmate Maria Aleksandrovna who quickly understood everything and supported the girlfriend.

Left them in echo echoes on my poor soul. Sent them mentally far as no devil is understood.

Tomorrow again for work. It will be necessary to sleep.