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Responsiveness - as national line of

without having risen by the floor Yet, Daredevils were heard by someone`s excited voice distributed by a ringing echo from department in which it worked. Having entered an office, he saw that the voice belonged to Alevtina Petrovna who standing facing a mirror and directing before it morning comme il faut, on a habit, loudly proved to someone from attendees:

- Yes, people, sympathetic at us. Silly, but on foreign trouble otzyvichvy. Say that want! Will give the last shirt, itself naked and hungry will remain, but will share by all means!

- Yes, you will not take away it. But agree, Alevtina that bad we! Let`s give the last, we will do good, and then we disentangle the evil! - the economist Verochka echoed it in unison.

- Yes because kind we! And always were kind! Though presently it is also necessary to suffer from the kindness - Alevtina Petrovna, having slightly opened a mouth the letter “about“, made up the right eye.

- But, you see, Alevtina Petrovna that the person has to help the person - refined got into conversation Natalya Ivanovna, the oldest employee of department. - And then responsiveness, or altruism, is not a national damnation and the more so, not national line, but property of character of each separately taken person, irrespective of a national identity.

- Yes I agree, Natalya Ivanovna! It is necessary to help! I personally also help. I cannot differently! Here it is advisable to refuse to the person, but I cannot! Because so kind character! - Alevtina Petrovna only made a wry mouth again to slightly open it the letter “about“ and to make up the second eye.

- I here too so! If ask from me, I cannot refuse! I have no opportunity, so to speak. And then I suffer through the kindness - Verochka continued a subject.

The office door was carefully slightly opened meanwhile and inside the ruffled head of one of early clients seemed, arrived behind goods.

- Close a door! - without coming off a nakrashivaniye of eyelashes, Alevtina Petrovna bellowed. Already climb! As cockroaches! Even will not allow to put in order itself! - without lowering tone, she commented aloud, at all without being confused the fact that the ruffled head behind a door could hear it.

Hours showed thirty five minutes of the ninth - five minutes as the new working day began, but it interested Alevtina Petrovna a little. It was occupied more by her right eye, than clients that queued for a door.

- And what it you suddenly that exorcized about national responsiveness? - took an interest Daredevils, taking seat for the computer. - What suddenly such serious subject since morning?

- Yes here, we had one client here yesterday. Speaks until reached, slupit from it on the road couple of hundreds. Well, also complains that we greedy and shameless became. And speaks, you represent? Arrived to us on a visit, sits on our chair and says that we are greedy.

- Let it to our neighbors would go. They from it would tear off not couple of hundreds, but couple of thousands. Would tell us still thanks. - Verochka displayed papers on the table, preparing for the working day. Suddenly her hand came across some piece of paper, it brought it to weak-sighted eyes, read that there was - And, Daredevils, you did not give money for a gift for the administration to me.

- At me is not present now. Yesterday gave for the apartment - a purse empty. And how many there? - sadly he took an interest.

- Hundred rubles.

- It is A little. But I now absolutely empty. And to a pay five more days. To you it is urgent?

- To buy the Gift to the chief. You understand itself.

- Belief, maybe, you will bring for me? And I to you in five days …?

- Hmm …

- Alevtina Petrovna, borrow hundred rubles. To a pay. And that I absolutely aground.

- I have no Daredevils. Itself I will borrow soon. With the that kindness.

- Neuzh that hundred rubles will not be? I ask not one thousand. I never anybody borrowed. Who will lend, and? - he looked round all full of hope. All were silent.

Alevtina Petrovna finished painting the second eye and sat down to process documents with the client. Verochka, having made a cup of strong coffee, buried in the papers. Natalya Ivanovna, having remembered something, silently rose and hobbled from an office.

“Maybe Sashka will lend“ - thought Daredevils. - “He the day before yesterday said that responsiveness is one of its distinctive features“ - and silently went to a door.