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Were embarrassed

Thursday. To a lunch break half an hour more, but the department where works Daredevils, apparently, already felled into an after-dinner coma. Economists Alevtina Petrovna and Verochka about something it is lazy whisper as if both years on sixteen, but not “slightly for forty“. The lawyer Margarita Fiodorovna, almost with the head having been behind everesta for years of the saved-up papers on the table, as usual, in the silent manner, something attentively studies, drowsily nodding - here - here will fall asleep. Daredevils for the third time in the last five minutes looking for hours, thinks whether not to go to it to a lunch for about five minutes a bit earlier. And only Ivan Ivanych, the new head of department and absolutely incidentally management nephew, splashes irrepressible nachalnichy energy, clapping and clicking with boxes of the table, shurudit on them both hands with diligence of the guilty school student who decided to be tidied up, at last, there.

At last in plenty nashushukavshis, Alevtina Petrovna and Verochka decide to be connected to the ladies` case on the first floor. They rise from - for a table and “from a hip“ stately come up at a door. The lawyer Margarita Fiodorovna, having regained consciousness from the immemorial lawsuits, sees off both a frown. Daredevils for the fourth time looks at the watch. The chief Ivan Ivanych lifts a volume pile of papers from a floor and, having looked around, plops it on a chair near Smelchakov`s table.

- Here, nagreb. There is no place where to put. Let so far here will lie down. And then we will throw out.

- Oho - Daredevils slightly comes to life - I that thought that here I am a champion on waste paper. And it appears to work and work still to me - the last phrase sounds ambiguously and therefore, having caught a thoughtful look of the chief, he hurries to stop.

“The pile is really grandiose. It it is necessary to gather so much stuff in a table“ - it finishes the interrupted thought already about itself(himself).

Meanwhile, Alevtina Petrovna and Verochka come back. Ivan Ivanych, still

spraying the irrepressible energy, takes off for a door, on some important - prevazhny affairs. Daredevils it is lazy again looks at the watch.

Passing by the towering pile of once important documents, at Verochka who considers herself as the big neatnik, than she very is proud, exclamation of the indignant surprise involuntarily escapes:

- Wow! It that for garbage? Daredevils, it you gathered?

- As. On yours tables of ranks, here I - the champion on a clutter, but this time …

- Daredevils, immediately clean! Not only that you dragged out all this garbage on this world, so you on a chair poklat it! And chairs are intended in order that on them to sit, Daredevils, but not the stuff to lay down! We clean here - we clean that the order was that it was beautiful, and it litters everything! - she addressed for support Alevtina Petrovna already this time.

Alevtina Petrovna carefully chews meanwhile in a mouth a piece of sausage,

with undisguised pleasure, watching the played scene. Having convulsively swallowed what was in a mouth, it hurries to equal so simple hopes of the girlfriend Verochka.

- And where you so much waste paper that gathered it? - it rises from the place and, having approached a heap, takes a sheet of paper that lies on the top.

- Request from the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies for data on production - she reads aloud. - So. And it is schedules of sales which we looked for last month - she reproachfully looks at Smelchakov as only the offended women are able to look.

- Yes I then at what? - does not stand Daredevils.

- And here data on export signed by the director for last year. Daredevils, you che, failed from an oak? All this important documents. They should be hemmed!

- Listen! Yes I that here at what?

- And from a chair clean this garbage! - again Verochka puts.

- Make a claim to the chief …

- And at what here the chief? At it too to a nastola of a piece of paper are scattered, but there is no such disgrace.

The office is run in, meanwhile, by Ivan Ivanych, and it is already a little porastrativ the irrepressible energy, looking serially at Alevtina Petrovna, Verochka, on Smelchakova, is interested:

- About what dispute?

- Yes here, Daredevils does not want to clean the pieces of paper - Verochka coquettishly complains.

- And now it is clear where schedules for last month and the report on export for last year were gone - the evil looks on Smelchakova Alevtina Petrovna.

- Yes without washing it is a heap! - at last blurts out Daredevils. - This is Ivana Ivanycha.

- How? - both economists mistrustfully look at the little, but important chief.

- It? Well, I here in a table was a little tidied up - as if justifying oneself, Ivan Ivanych squeezes out from himself. - I it as - nibud I will sort it - it show on a heap.


Both economists almost on tiptoe come back to the places, is guilty exchanging glances and understanding that they were trapped. To both it is terribly awkward.

- Ivan Ivanych, and you to tea do not want? - mincing, Verochka chirps.

- Well. It is time to have dinner.

- Ý - ý - aa … We it, papers these will sort. We will file schedules and reports. To you it, is once. We understand - Verochka continues to straighten that inconvenient pose in which they are.

- All right. Well, we will go to a lunch? - Ivan Ivanych gently looks on Smelchakova.

- Go - and both fall out of doors towards the dining room. Daredevils walks on two steps behind, very much trying to erase a treacherous grin from a face.

Three weeks later, having been tired of an eternal heap on the chair, Daredevils takes it under a mouse and carries to an exit - there where any unnecessary stuff is left. It is taken away by the cleaner and somewhere carries away. Probably, there, where all garbage is carried away.