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during current crisis, more than ever earlier, need for “non-standard marketing mixes“ (as it now fashionably is called), for innovative practices (as it recently loudly was called), or simply in manifestation of an initiative on purpose to change something, to move in the wake of relentless progress, is represented to one of the most vital issues for any enterprise. All speak about it: beginning from the president of the country, continuing directors of plants and finishing chiefs of sales departments. And nevertheless, when business reaches business - yes the reader this simple taftalogiya will forgive me - as in actual fact leaves that we need no initiatives, innovative idea and non-standard marketing mixes. Because to work on - a starinka, doing nothing behind a desktop with the martyr`s grimace on a face, it is far lovelier to us.

The reader, imagine, the young specialist taken on a certain enterprise for the above described mission. Namely, to be engaged in advance of production of the enterprise.

The young specialist who recently finished training in even fashionable specialty “marketing and advance of production“ in every possible way tries to put into practice the knowledge gained by it. Full of enthusiasm, it attentively studies production of the enterprise, the markets and methods of its sale.

He carries out the analysis of production of plants - competitors, their strong and weaknesses, sales markets and, having generalized all this on paper, makes the offer how to increase sale of products at the enterprise.

Proud of the done work, he submits the proposal to the management, previously having supplied with copies of chiefs of the interested departments.

Its extensive work demands attentive judgment and therefore the young specialist does not expect shortly though how many - nibud the weighed reaction. Nevertheless, already in half an hour after submission of the report on the done work, at doors of an office in which since recent time it works the tousled chief`s head on production is shown and by a hoarse voice causes it to the deputy director.

Full of determination to prove all importance of the offer, it a vigorous pace goes to the deputy director`s office, without suspecting at all that in five minutes his initiative will be mocked, he in the most unambiguous tones will be called the upstart and turned out.

In an office of the deputy director there are three chiefs of departments from whose type of gloomy physiognomies the young specialist will feel a little ill at ease. But it overcomes itself(himself), ready to protect the child. Well, and if arguments of heads are sensible and weighty why not to make concessions?

However, what he hears reminds dismantling of boys in a gate more, than “blamestorming session“ of highly educated professionals.

- You what here wrote? - with hoarseness the production manager is interested.

- The Analysis of production of competitors and the offer on sale increase - discouraged by tone of the production director, the young specialist shy says.

- No, you wrote not the analysis, and some “analyses“. You to yourself made abortion - the chief engineer is connected.

- It why?

- Yes because not horse-radish with such initiative to the director to be put. You che, here the cleverest? We here for thirty years worked, and you a very short time. Came, saw, won? And right there got to the director with the initiative?

- Well why is also not present? I to it was taught. And then an eye at me is not hackneyed. And I can have the opinion or not?

- You hold the opinion. And that you can get into trouble.

Here such here “business“ conversation happens not on a bench at an entrance behind a vodka bottle, and in an office of the deputy director of the large enterprise.

Our young hero appears behind a door, and feels as if despised. He spends all rest of day in deep thoughtfulness. Colleagues, having noticed his depression, are interested in what happened. And in a smoking-room chiefs of departments cheerfully exchange impressions of day.