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Severe everyday life of

Day began with an unexpected diarrhea (yes the casual reader will excuse me - whoever it was: whether my mother to whom I suddenly for some reason took in head to send the spontaneous sketches or the casual Internet - the gaper who by mistake is filled up on my page, but now I do not want to select highly cultured terms, like medical “diarrhea“ or “temporary dysfunction zheludochno at all - an intestinal path“, and to call things by their proper names - as to me it is felt and written).

So, at office, suddenly, through impulsive confused speeches of the economist who became stupid for horror and “friendly“ exclamations - the cackle of all around, became clear that the container with our goods cannot be sent as on weight exceeds admissible dimensions etc. At the administration and subordinates the nervous srachka began: all ran drunk circles as chickens with the chopped-off heads, shouted in receivers by bad voices, with excessive diligence began to clap doors. Well, strongly got agitated. And it is clear. Export delivery - on the verge of failure. Existence of call of duty and responsibility, undoubtedly, is also very laudable characterizes any average worker. Another is unclear: what rozhn well-wishers and well-wishers different there who, seem decided to take part in these verbal pollyution, had to go about the own business, but not participate with undisguised pleasure in this bird`s market?

Different economists - lawyers began to give advice about which nobody asked them, to build various versions and to squall other nonsense. For certain, it seemed to all of them that they bring the contribution in a solution, “participate and help“. Actually, one party &ndash took part in permission of current situation; guilty. She, so to speak, made this skilly, she also disentangled it a curve aluminum spoon. All rest needed only to be nervous.

Oh, with what undisguised hunting they indulged in this masochistic pleasure! They walked to and fro, injuriously glancing at phones. They sat down, rose, leaned back on a chair back, were bent in half, having mournfully lowered the heads in a heavy thought are violent. Men drank five mugs of strong coffee, were thrown to the right and on the left by “goats“, “idiots“ and “boughs“, promised to call “Ivan Ivanychu“ that all guilty persons were dismissed without further employment until the end of the sad days.

Women heaved a deep sigh, painted sponges, brushed the hair, again heaved a deep sigh, sympathetically looking for supports from all who looked on a spark. They made coffee, tea, pochinat Korkunov box of chocolates which has to be opened only tomorrow, called home the loved children and unloved husbands, studied catalogs “Oriflame“ and discussed what spirits more expensively - “La Bush“ or “La of souls“. In a word, they were nervous. And so all day … While to nobody the unknown crane operator uncle Petya from all the kranovshchitsky forces tried to set up the oversized container whether on a platform, whether yet where. Generally, there, where it also had to be twelve more hours to that.

Men and women called from time to time on station whether to learn “the crane operator put the container“ and, having learned that they are not present, again began to be nervous. The strongest coffee in incredible quantities was again drunk, expensive candies were again eaten, phones called again. And the crane operator uncle Petya encouraged by highly cultured terms personal “Ivan Ivanycha“ “I tya, pi - pi, it is rastaky, mother - remother, I will dismiss to the yadrena the hair dryer“ everything put and put “not wishing in any way the oversized container is put“.

At last, at 4 o`clock after midday, phone rang out, and we were solemnly told that freight is piled up there where it had to be piled up long ago. Also loud calls nervous “Were distributed we made it!“, “Ur“, “We trusted in it!“, is shorter “We are good fellows, eternal glory to heroes!“. Nervous mentally hung up to themselves on a breast on an award, put a hand on heart as we at performance of the anthem of the country and promised and is farther belief and the truth to serve the hotly favourite enterprise. Home they went in high spirits to tell the members of household what they are good fellows, and I did not want to disappoint them at all. About the uncle Petya nobody remembered.

What? You tell I mizantropichen? Perhaps! I had enough of that lovely irony that I hardly from myself squeezed out every time when in the doorway there was a nervous administration which is not knowing where with boredom to stick itself. It is intolerant? Oh no! I am tolerant! Also it is generous! Because at the slightest signs of intolerance concerning this trite farce I would be simply obliged to strangle all barehanded, and on mogilka of toilers deceased pseudo to thrust red stars with the inscription “For a Sneer at Common Sense“.

No, however, unless you do not understand that “hero“ here one: the one who tormented this container, trying to put it on a platform and by that, having cut this foolish Gordian knot? Well, maybe, their two: the crane operator and his foreman who with meat tore off him from the direct duties risking at least reprimand. Or their three. Well, not all this cohort horse-radish knows whom, idling in the offices and not having direct participation in permission of a situation, and only waiting as if quicker to join success of all enterprise? The people who, certainly, are worrying, who are “nervous“ NO NE IMEYuShchIH K to RESULT of ANY RELATION??? As that intelligence agent taking the prisoner of “language“ risking the life, which is concealed behind a stone, behind a haystack to jump quicker than a lightning and to crush under itself that for whom will hang up an asterisk … not to it. And to its company. And it, the intelligence agent, will only pat shoulder and will feed with hot “broneboyka“. Can be. Unless you do not understand?

During “process of a nervnichanye“ - it when the container, &ndash was loaded; not only coffee pots it was drunk by coffee and were eaten by candy boxes, but also subjects were discussed “important world“. Passion to “kitchen debate“ at us, most likely, in blood. For example, it was discussed immemorial as the Wandering Jew Agasfer, “a Jewish question“. Namely, “everywhere kikes, all money at kikes and in everything are guilty kikes“. Yes, yes, quite so highly educated deputies, engineers and economists also spoke: “kikes“. I understand that everyone has the right for opinion, and I do not gather it, this right from anybody to take away, but as it uzkolobo and is boring, again in everything to accuse “kikes“. I still would listen to the conversation course, and, perhaps, would even insert two kopeks - as they say, homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto, - argue these quasi philosophers on “Jews“, but not kikes, and refrain they within civilized polemic. But, if the ardent monologue of the chief which, is interrupted by only poorly distinct poddakivaniye and podmyaukivaniye of subordinates “with a look dashing and silly“ and who, by the way, at such is called “conversation“, consists generally from, I quote - “All trade and all money were in hands of kikes“, “The world now, kikes rule as before“, “I have an acquaintance. He makes good money. It - kike“ - that, dismiss, I will better squeeze lips in a steel thread and I will keep silent that not “to confuse these etnoved with the high understanding“.

Reasonings on this subject, as a rule, not only are tactless and are characterized the person saying on it in similar tone as badly well-mannered, aggressive and diffident, they also simply are not clever because of absence it is not enough - malsk of distinct arguments and the facts. Everything that should listen during such “barbarous monologues“ - “In power one kikes, on a scene one kikes, all rich and successful - entirely kikes“. Perhaps, it is so. Only it is not the facts, but a silly emotional refrain all of the known old song sung to all a coma laziness to listen, and repeated by all, a coma laziness to trust in this nonsense. Some in the ardent speeches come so far that with strong confidence declare that “Lenin was a kike, Dzhorzh Bush is the kike, Putin is the kike“. My boss agreed to the fact that he declared that in “China too entirely kikes“. Aha, Mao was typical such kike with obviously noticeable circumcisus, and at Deng Xiao Ping with Li Peng characteristic Jewish noses and sad ox-eyed looks.

- At us before war there lived 15% of Jews And in the neighboring city whole 20“.

Yes you that? And about what it speaks? About the world Jewish komplot? That kikes captivated everything? All bought up. All appropriated? In the territory of the former Germany and Poland, as we know, was the highest density of accommodation of children Israel. Belarus, Ukraine, partially Russia. But it does not mean what them was as much and in other countries.

- And after war? - I am interested at so fine owning statistics Ivan Ivanycha.

- And after war remained a little. Percent three.

- And?...

- What “and“?

- And about what it speaks to us?

- That kikes - everywhere!

Really! 20% of Jews in some unimportant small town before war - and “everywhere kikes“ mean.

- And other 80% - very I want to take an interest.

- And other Russians. Ukrainians. Belarusians.

Here those on. Means, 20% - Jews, percent 50 - Russians, 20 - Ukrainians, 10 - Belarusians - and all the same “everywhere kikes“. Also costs to one - - three Jews it to appear to two in power - as already “in policy kikes everywhere“. Aha, and in the market where eighty ““, once twenty “Caucasians“ appear, everywhere “it is black. opy“.

To us constantly there come quite wealthy clients. Buy any pieces of iron for the shops. The folk is well-founded. Same Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians. But it is worth flying a rare meteor in the night sky to some “Likhshtvan“ or “Rozenblyum“ - as the cry of some silly chicken “Everywhere &ndash is distributed; kikes“. At what from those who cannot distinguish same “Rozenblyum“ from “Rozenblyan“. Also went - went. A subject for conversation for half a day.

Only why did not come to mind to declare “the world Russian komplot“, for example? In the same to Ukraine and their Belarus it is much bigger, than Jews. But nobody tells anything of that kind. Though it would be possible to debate on “the Russian alcoholism, theft and a duroshlepstvo“. But there are enough brains, thank God, not to scratch all under one lousy comb.

Having kept silent all this foolish conversation, I at the end, after all these far unflattering “caressing“ epithets, take and declare: “And I am that the Jew“. To have undisguised pleasure to contemplate the obvious confusion adjoining on easy mistrust on the persons who are “nervous“. “Cannot be! You said that the Ukrainian!?“. “It is correct to speak not the Ukrainian, but the Ukrainian. And generally I am Turkmen“. Generally, sapienti sat, and to the fool - never.