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“ It not the remote past, this our present “.

On Monday after a lunch the head of department enters an office a vigorous pace, flops on a chair and, having treated kindly around all a severe look, asks:

- At us somebody sometime received certificates of honor?

- έ - ύ - e, apparently, last year someone were given … - the economist Alevtina Petrovna who the first caught sight to the strict chief tries to remember.

- Last year I was given - as if the economist Verochka, now at a stare of the head unwillingly admits.

- It is necessary to choose whom this year from department to award - unwillingly the chief filters.

- Let will award Smelchakov. He is the executive worker - Alevtina Petrovna quickly offers. The chief is already inspired and going to jerk for a door on a smoke break or still where, but hears:

- He did not work at the enterprise the put five years. And the diploma is given only to those who worked not less - the competent HR engineer informs. The chief heaves a deep sigh and remains.

- And let award the HR engineer - offers Daredevils.

- You how many worked? - severely the head questions at that.

- Seven years. But I already hung on an honor roll.

- Time hung - then it is impossible - the chief sadly agrees.

- Then let will award the leading economist Natalya Varfolomeevna - offers Daredevils. - It works at the enterprise long ago, and she is very ranking officer.

- It on the bad account at the director - informs the competent HR engineer.

- It why? - is interested Daredevils.

- Yes so, is for what - all askance at Smelchakov.

- Then, let`s award Alevtina Petrovna! She is the good worker - Daredevils are not appeased.

- I will be on holiday - Alevtina Petrovna coquettishly answers.

- It will be on holiday, and during rewarding it is necessary to step on the stage. Diplomas will be handed by the chief - the chief gloomily mumbles.

- Listen and what this diploma gives? - innocently asks Daredevils.

- Daredevils, you as on this world arose yesterday - to Alevtina Petrovna becomes more cheerful. - It is so necessary.

- It is necessary? And in terms of money?

- In terms of money it is exactly three kopeks. On a loaf of bread. So, for a production swagger, perhaps.

- Listen and why award not those who the best, and those whom it is necessary … - Daredevils stops under sour views of the colleagues.

- Well, then I do not even know … - Daredevils shrugs shoulders.

- Eh, again I should receive the diploma - the chief unwillingly agrees. - Of course, better would distance award. And I pound that the diploma a little.

In a week, under loud speeches, are invited to a scene of local club the “best“ employees of the enterprise. Three pre-retirement aunties with silly expressions on not smiling faces, couple of young workers who try to make witticisms something, but straightened out by the more senior colleagues, they, being confused, stop, a little inzhenerno - technical workers and the chief Smelchakova. All are serious as if they came to a funeral. On faces grief and universal melancholy. The director acts. He tells something about good work of each of attendees, about professionalism and still something. All applaud. All are solemn. Well, and still all want somewhat quicker home.