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Supporter of pedophilia, or answer to desperate housewives of

Supporter of pedophilia, or answer to desperate housewives

Part 1.

“ In the press and in life the term “pedophile“ is mistakenly used often in relation to all criminals who committed a sexual crime against minors. However the pedophilia is not a synonym of sexual violence over children. At all not all pedophiles are inclined to commission of sexual crimes against children. The main part of these persons realizes sexual needs only for the corresponding masturbatorny imaginations, communication on the Internet, viewing of visual production of the corresponding content. At the same time the most part of sexual crimes against children and teenagers is made by persons who fall under diagnostic criteria of pedophilia on DSM - IV. The last fact also causes sharply negative public position concerning all pedophiles “.

I am a supporter of pedophilia. The aggressive lawyer of devils in a human appearance, the defender of the most mean and disgusting defect generated by dirty mind of the aging voluptuaries, the unscrupulous advocate of the rights of fans of a child pornography. I am a loutish disturber of public tranquility, the shameless violator of social norms and foundations, the secret erotomaniac and the latent pedophile. All this - I, dear ladies and gentlemen. Well, and still a little bit, judging by my immodest introduction, the finished egoist.

Such disgusting type I appeared before participants of one of ladies` forums with which the boundless Network teems. The subject of a forum was most that on there is ladies` and is tenacious taking for any not grown up soul - “Pedophiles. Who are they?“. Well, or somehow so. An emotional article - personal opinion, beginning with already favourite after “ðèäèêóëü“ and “manicure“ ladies` “I hate!“. Here and so to a descent - “I hate!“, then the philosophical block from the reinforced concrete argument and incontestable facts in brief explaining why the author of the opus flares hot hatred to pedophiles fell upon a reader`s cerebellum of participants of a forum.

Reinforced concrete arguments consisted from reinforced concrete “I hate!“, “I do not understand!“ and again “I hate!“. Incontestable facts - from a personal bitter experience of not so far and fine youth of the avtorsha which during a time of late girlhood, endured the physical abuse terrifying on the perversity and refinement from the unfamiliar person man`s to a floor, touched it for a knee, without it on that a consent.

But God with the author - that. It can fiercely love, hotly hate or concern quite tolerantly somebody - on that it and we - free people of the free country, to have the right to declare the “I hate!“. Moreover, I was ready to sympathize with the author - all - you see, unpleasantly when the stranger - not very well touches you, the man or the woman, without yours on that permissions. But what me not childly got, flattened and raskolbasit, - that fact how reviewers were amazingly solidary in many-voiced “I“, or is more right, reviewers - and whom you expected to uvidat - to read under such emotionally - the loaded article how not “gentle“ inkvizitorsh the yard of Her Majesty of Sexual Justice? Oh, it is the separate subject demanding the most attentive reading and the subsequent writing of the book on this subject, at least, from eight hundred pages.

The first reader of this chef d’oeuvre excited by just anger to all pedophiles of the world called them, pedophiles, immediately to castrate, then to banish all in mines to work for a piece of bread and a glass of tea. No, I lie, &ndash tea; was, &ndash bread; was not. Just for a glass of tea.

Another, the lady who was not less excited by just passion to justice, ardently urged to chop off to all pedophiles the member - probably that not povadno was pedophilia to be engaged. I quote “that freaks urinated through a tubule!“ (Aha, understood: tea without bread to urinate was more sick). Well, very laudable eagerness. In the spirit of humanistic wills of inquisitors of the Educated Middle Ages. It is remembered, those too, were fans of cutting off of genitals, and were a good judge of it.

The third representative of the weaker and fair sex, having picked up hazardous relay on cutting off of members, published Lynch - a call: “To kill them on the spot, freaks! Who - for? Raise a hand!“. Then the harmonous chorus - a cry of housekeepers greedy till it bleeds was distributed: “I - for!“, “To kill them on the spot!“, “To shoot extrajudicially!“.

Well and further melodious variations on the chosen subject: as to destroy THEM in what order and under what music.

To be fair, it is necessary to tell that among loud roars of this “philanthropic“ elegy, there was a two-three of the moderate voices offering to all participants of a dear forum for a change, nevertheless to decide on weight of fault of children`s seducers, and after their fault is completely proved, to indulge in bloody massacre which all were eager.

In spite of the fact that I wrote right at the beginning, I, as well as any civilized person which I to myself more - consider, of course, less a supporter of pedophilia I am not. As well as most of dear participants of a forum, I believe that acts of children`s corruption put heavy and often irreparable injury to mental health of the child.

However all aforesaid in relation to razvratitel of children`s bodies and souls, unlike many, for some reason does not plunge me into a twilight state of which the blood-stained corpse with the cut parts of a body surely has to be result.

In - the first because current hunting for pedophiles too looks like medieval witch-hunt to which course not only slastolyubivy fans of babies, as a rule, suffer. In - the second, weight of punishment for which some citizens of Russia so are eager - namely, “to break off, destroy on the place“ - casts over me terrible deja vu when already tore and destroyed on the place, extrajudicially, and then the blood-stained hand scratched a nape, murmuring “We it, that, it … wanted to popuzhat manenko“.

Give, for a start we will understand, in brief, that there is a pedophilia and that devil whom to us already years ten paints mass media is how terrible. Etymology of two words “pedo“ - child and “fillet“ - the love gives us a clear idea of what the pedophile is the one who, speaking simply, loves children. It is possible to love differently. It is possible so that a fruit of such love to light will be the raped dismembered corpse of the five-year-old child. And it is possible so that both parties from this love will only be benefited, will become spiritually richer and better. Yes. Because the love to the child means not only sexual contact, but also still something. For example, tenderness, care, caress (I do not mean sexual). However, it is, of course, not about such love. But also it is meant. And for a start I would like to establish approximate borders of “love to the child“. From the raped dismembered corpse to sublime love between full age and minor.

Further, pedophilia history is a little. The pedophilia, as well as any love, is old as the world. All the famous Ancient Greek wise men, like Platon, Socrates, and many others, practiced not only same-sex love that was norm at that time for highly developed Ancient Greece, but also had in lovers of minors, to our modern measures, boys. A paederasty (from Greek pais - the boy + eran - to love) was norm. That is, Platon, Socrates and the Company were criminals doubly, according to dear readers: homosexuals and pedophiles. Customs of that time were that.

The pedophilia was widely widespread and in the east. Various shahs, padishahs, viziers and just rich and dear citizens of some Isfahan or Damascus along with polovozrely concubines and odalisques, for the sexual joys, kept nepolovozrely boys and girls in the seraglios.

The pedophilia, in full understanding of this word, and is widespread today in modern India, though is not so obvious as some 50 - 100 years to that. Often girls were married there in 8 - 9 years, and often to men who were much more senior than the brides. In the same traditional form the pedophilia takes place and in other countries of Asia and Africa.

Who can be considered as the victim of pedophilia? The victim of pedophilia the person man`s and female, not reached majority over which actions of sexual character were made is considered. At what, as sexual violence it is necessary to consider not only physical contact, but also mental, verbal. That is, to sexual manipulations not only direct sexual actions of rastlitelny character (from sexual contact and a touch to intimate, and not only, to parts of a body, stroking, caress), but also words and gestures of sexual character concern.

The victims of pedophilia - are not more senior than 16 years. In some countries - 18 years are not more senior. That is, can be carried to the victims of pedophilia both babies, and long ago polovozrely representatives of both floors. Statistically, the most widespread age of victims of sexual actions of adults - from 12 to 16 years.

Cases of sexual violence when to the victim of violence less than 10 years are not so frequent. And cases when victims of violence of adults children become younger than 7 years and are absolutely not numerous. However, the statistics differs from the country to the country. Most difficult with this matter in the countries of Asia where laws of pedophilia enter the direct conflict with centuries-old foundations of the societies living there.

Only eighteen years ago the concept “pedophilia“ of the USSR did not exist. Or rather, of course, the concept existed, but was called other, not so scary words as “corruption“, “dissolute actions concerning the minor“, “rape of the minor“. And ten years to that, such concept if existed, then had the veiled, latent character. The fashion on pedophilia, in my opinion, began in Russia and the CIS only about ten years ago. And for the last two - three years gained obviously hysterical character. I speak “fashion“ because this word plays everyone, to whom not laziness, for designation of dissolute actions, both obvious, and imaginary, concerning children and teenagers. “Fashion“ - still because it is that freedom of society, or that cancer tumor which we with such pleasure caught from the free West. Pornography, homosexuality, and pedophilia, including, as manifestation of free love of free society.

History and nature of the concept “pedophilia“ need to be understood to have more - less objective picture of a problem, with the subsequent search of ways of fight against it. However, this problem and ways of fight against it, within the modern law, are defined as law enforcement agencies, so teacher training colleges long ago. One believe that the pedophilia has a medical color and, therefore, is subject to treatment, as a rule, to compulsory. As drug addiction, alcoholism or some hormonal violations. For such scientists - sexopathologists, the pedophile, first of all, the sick person with an unhealthy inclination to minors, and according to unhealthy mentality. For other scientists the pedophilia has rather social character. In view of current acceleration of youth, postpone we age of majority from sixteen to fourteen years as considerable number of pedophiles will stop being such.

The interesting social moment is that “sexual actions of dissolute character concerning the minor“, for example, at the age of 15 years and 11 and a half months which respectively involve criminal liability stop being those in a half-month, that is on achievement of majority by the minor. The case when the seducer whose victim was such age ended up behind the bars is known to me. That is, a simple language, oversleep it with it month - another later, and its actions would already be interpreted absolutely in a different way, and he would get other, smaller penal or in general would be acquitted.

A number of cases when behind bars, on a charge of pedophilia, there were persons, not privy or involved not in that measure in which to them it was incriminated is also known to me.

Here one of the most known cases which happened on the suburb of Moscow about three years ago. The message on the pedophile, sticking to the girl came to police station of N - the sky area. The man, by sight 40 - 45 years, was detained and brought for clarification of circumstances to police station. During inquiry he admitted commission of dissolute actions concerning 10 - the summer girl. In transit it to the place of court tried to run, and it was shot. Well, to the pedophile - the pedofilov death, will be told by many here. What to feel sorry for such freak? Still got off light. It should be given on court to the girl`s parents. And to provide them, so to speak, all powers.

And here actually that became clear later. The captain of a stock Gennady Semenov was in the yard at home where lived his wife with 11 - the summer daughter Katya. With the wife it was divorced and came, so to speak, on a visit. The wife, as often it happens, did not allow it and the daughter to meet. The captain of a stock Semnov bought a bottle of beer and in the upset feelings reflected over injustice of destiny. Suddenly, on a bench of the next entrance he noticed the girl who cried. Having approached, it took an interest at the child that happened. That answered that it broke the mobile phone and that mother will punish her. As he told then on inquiry, the girl very much reminded it 11 - the summer daughter Katya. Having regretted the child, he ran a hand over a cheek, wet from tears, that later, will be vigilantly interpreted by the vigilant aunt Masha from the apartment of the third floor observing all this “pedofilichesky“ scene as “stroked the girl on a cheek, the pedophile!“. Then he took the mobile phone and tried to understand it. “Told something to the girl, gesticulated, got candy from a pocket and treated her“ - according to the aunt Mashi. The aunt Masha, having seen enough the Russian television about maniacs and pedophiles, decided that it is better to perebdit, than to nedobdit. Also called a police squad. With the words “The Pedophile in the Yard Sticks to the Girl“. Then, on inquiry, all smiles of the captain Semenov, “the caressing movements by a hand on a cheek“, candy, a bottle of beer and an unshaven physiognomy, everything will speak not in its advantage. In addition, he, former “Afghan“ will show resistance to employees of militia that will not rescue it any more. On interrogation inquiry from it was beaten out four together. Beat tastefully, sentencing “Be pricked, the pedophile! Not that we will kill!“. That is, and the court was not necessary. The verdict “Pedophilia“ was rendered at first by the vigilant aunt Masha from the third floor, and then the furious staff of our militia. Well, and beat so cruelly, as former “Afghan“ trembled, and signed with the shivering hand the sentence which to it was obligingly stretched by one of investigators. Most likely, normal sense of shame and a shame were not allowed the captain Semenov to look in the face to parents of the girl and in eyes to the child, knowing whom him will consider. Therefore as soon as possible he preferred death to such shame.

Case, actually heroic and at the same time mean and ordinary. Because there is a lot of such captains Semenov in Russia, great and not really greedy for truth. However, not all quasi pedophiles and maniacs were as lucky as to it. They are forced to sit. To sit in a shame and humiliation. Unnecessary neither themselves, nor the family which refused them, the country. Because the country as once in every second citizen saw the enemy of the people, now in every second man tries to make out the pedophile, the tyrant or the maniac.

By the way, about a sex of pedophiles. It is For some reason considered to be that the pedophile - it is exclusive the man of average years. Here and my opponents at a ladies` forum saw to it about that “to cut off the member“ and “to tear off eggs“ all rastto male litel, having fondly forgotten that in difficult science “The pedophilia and ways of its emergence“ is assigned to female pedophilia a considerable part.

From the Proceedings No. 347 initiated on against the teacher of N - sky I. M. Novgorod regional court. Testimonies of the pupil of the Novgorod orphanage No. 13 Dmitry Syroyezhko, 11 years: “The teacher Irina Mikhaelovna summoned me to the room at night, took off from me shorts and touched there. Then she clapped me on a bottom and told if I behave well, then she will not tell the director that I stole bread from a bread slicer“.

From indications 12 - summer Mischa Hleboyev: “The neigbour the aunt Vira often came to us. They were on friendly terms with mother. Once, when mother went to the father to part, she asked to help to hang up it curtains. I came to it, climbed on a chair to hang up a curtain, and the aunt Vira approached behind, embraced me and told that I became big and beautiful and that it is time for me to become the man. Then she raped me“. For certain, this early the grown-up boy meant that his neigbour simply forced him to sexual intercourse. On a question that he feels now, the boy told: “I cannot look in the face to the aunt Vire“.

And here from personal experience your obedient writer. My first teacher, the blond beauty Anastasia Aleksandrovna, had not absolutely usual hobby which she practiced directly in the cool room. On average once a week she chose the worst pupil from boys, brought him to a board, and before all class removed to it panties. Sometimes a ruler or the handle, under a general whispering and snickers of the favourite pupils she touched a bottom, a penis which was guilty.

Thank God, I studied at elementary school perfectly well therefore to me did not threaten to fall a victim of pedophilia. Present what was tested by those unfortunate who were repeatedly humiliated in this way for several years? What mental trauma was got by them? I will not be surprised if one of them somebody in this way … Well, or somehow I resemble worse.

By the way, till today and did not come to my mind to interpret this behavior of the favourite teacher as pedophilia. And it anything else as “sexual abuse of the minor by coercion to actions of sexual character“.

Also, I remember how at the age of 5 - 6 years my mother took me with herself in a public bath. Of course, in female. As now I remember the sea of the waving hairy pubes at the level of my innocent look teasing giggling of naked bathers in my address, the only man there then and the unclear confusion. Never came to me to my naive mind that appears, then, I got a severe mental injury (by the way, to tell “a psychological trauma“ - incorrectly). I was against the desire there. I did not want to be naked among unfamiliar naked tits which laughed over me. Here, it turns out from where all my fears and complexes. My barefaced rudeness and badly controlled aggression.

Still I remember how the girlfriend of my mother the aunt Lena tonsured me, the eleven-year-old blockhead, nestling on me all the female nature, so, that blood rushed to me to the head. And as she entered a bathroom behind something once and, seeing as I vainly try to wash to myself a back, burst out laughing and offered the help. Being confused, I had to get up in all growth by a back that it could rub to me a back. And again - an irreparable mental trauma. And again complexes and fears. It appears, the grandfather Freud with “Psychoanalysis“ was right. All problems - from the childhood. Doubly - from unsuccessful children`s sexual experience.

And as the summary to the first part - a question: if, dear gentle creations of the fair sex, are out for blood concerning men - pedophiles, call for an otrubaniye of a phallus, hands, legs and other parts of a body, what we will chop off to women - pedophiles? What do I should chop off to the first teacher? What to the girlfriend of my mother? All of them put to me, and not only, a severe mental injury? I suggest to be consecutive.


Interesting article. And end what unexpected! I doubt that somebody will be “ ZA “! To pay for violence in violence (and it is unimportant, the woman it or the man)? What then we will be better than the criminal? Especially as the blood feud will not solve a problem.

A still remembered “ Lolita “ Nabokova...

Garik # yesterday at 11:15 +2

Thank you! I am very glad that is such as you!

4ynbka87 # yesterday in 11:22 +1 - 1 +1

Well you, such as I, am more not!

to you thanks! Were not afraid to state material on such subject moreover under such name! Those who will be too lazy to read attentively this article can take you literally...

NFrance # yesterday in 11:02 +2 - 1 +1

as far as to me that article is remembered, was not later girlhood

of Lenusya # in 11:11 +1 - 1 +1

A yesterday I can tell here that irrespective of the man or the woman, makes not simply to stroke on a cheek, namely “dissolute actions concerning the minor“, “rape of the minor“, I would pootrezat at them a lot of things and still too and would nastuchat on the head!!!

Garik # yesterday at 11:14 0

Yesterday my neighbor patted my daughter on the head. Also smiled as that is bad. Radiantly. Probably, pedophile. It is necessary to reflect - (...

Lenusya # yesterday in 11:15 +2 - 1 +1

I specified that not just stroked on a cheek and on patted on the head, and directly iznsilovany!!!

Garik # yesterday at 11:19 0

Percent of the pedophiles overtaken in an act of violence - less than 10% agree even to the Russian statistics! Other convicts were condemned on direct and circumstantial evidences. Including, “ stroked on a cheek “ - ((

of Lenusya # yesterday in 11:39 +5 - 1 +1

you now just protect a man`s half of the population? And if God forbid kakoyto the kozlina mocks at your child the fact that, you will argue so too? And I would strangle own hands!!!!

Garik # yesterday at 11:41 +1

Not only man`s. Female - did not notice???

Lenusya # yesterday in 11:44 +2 - 1 +1

yes what difference man`s or to a zhensk, you did not answer my question!!!

Garik # yesterday at 11:46 +1

In my opinion just I also answered your question-)

of Lenusya # in 11:46 +2 - 1 +1

Ya asked yesterday if God forbid rape your child, you would also argue?

Garik # yesterday at 11:51 +1

... and if “ some the kozlina will mock at my child “ I will try - very much I will try because too it is not deprived of absolutely excessive emotionality - AT FIRST to UNDERSTAND. you know

I how it is awful will not sound even if the act of violence took place, it is sure “ kozlina “ does not deserve a partition on small pieces as many call. you Understand

, there is in law a concept “ the circumstances aggravating and facilitating fault “. even “ kozlina “ has the right for protection. Not everything is as simple

as it is represented to you - (

of HelenCn # yesterday in 11:56 +4 - 1 +1

Nobody refuses to the defendant protection. And who will protect the child? Who will protect the adult woman who because of the violence postponed in the childhood does not have a sexual life? And what will be if you, having understood, all - are convinced that the act of violence took place and caused to your child irreparable moral and physical harm?

Lenusya # in 11:57 +4 - 1 +1

seems yesterday to me you not up to the end just realize that what tell about as far as it is serious, and speak about it quietly as about the normal phenomenon... and I consider that such kozlin, there is it he or she, after trials and if the act of violence took place, it is necessary not to treat them, and to press!!!

Garik # yesterday at 12:26 0

of Lenusya, SEEMS SO to you.

Lenusya # yesterday at 12:48 0 - 1 +1

Can be....
Ya I see p> KceHuja # you are grounded in law in sexual violence why you needed these knowledge?

Garik # yesterday at 12:46 +1

Oh, I was guilty also here?

For the general development.

A here many here - far “ are not grounded “ - ((

Garik # yesterday at 12:57 +1

Ya still I speak German, English and French. Perhaps and here see dirty???

italianka # yesterday in 11:17 +3 - 1 +1

lovely Garik if for you late girlhood it my 8 years myjulia. ru/article/126896/, zvynyay, you are so a nifiga and did not understand!

Julian # yesterday in 11:21 +3 - 1 +1

Article very interesting, unexpected. I always thought that pedophiles are men. And still, there are so much so many irreparable spiritual wounds it is possible if to rummage in memory, it is possible to find in the childhood, harmless on the first time.

lenalena # yesterday in 11:38 +3 - 1 +1

In the Russian laws there is no accurate definition not only the term “ pedophile “. What is terrorism, too nobody knows. Also we do not know what enters competence of militia and for what in general it exists. Ourselves as can we understand what is good and what is bad. And excesses in our country - commonplace. And you, I`m sorry, not an exception.

Garik # yesterday at 13:25 - 1

In your country, in yours...

se - lena # yesterday in 11:39 +4 - 1 +1

Darling, Garik, you mixed two different concepts PEDAGOGIKAI PEDOPHILIA. they have in human society and in dictionaries absolutely different values. one - education of children is impossible without love, another - the violence of children is impossible without animal passion, does not matter by whom it is made, the man, or the woman.

Confusion is aggravated also with the fact that you mix a problem of work and shots of militia with a pedophilia problem. In the story the problem of the CRIME AND PUNISHMENT also rises. - very well, there is a law and the mob killings are excessive.

Narnia # yesterday in 11:40 +4 - 1 +1

A as you will treat pedophiles if it happens to your child? If your kid gets into such situation (God forbid, of course!!!!) you will protect pedophiles too?

U us and so there are enough defenders of tyrants: if you try to be protected and you will wound the tyrant, he will have pins and needles in hospital and for old, and you in prison if you please to otsidket... for self-defense.
I cannot understand p> KceHuja #, than you Garik were so touched by article of the Italian. In - the first she spoke for punishment made the act of a crime - and all of us it supported sexual violence, it is really terrible and to endure it God forbid to whom. If you consider that you got a psychological (mental) trauma from “ harmless “ tricks of your familiar aunts (type to stroke on a knee as you were expressed the article in the beginning), what to tell about endured obvious violence. And it is unimportant who made it, women it or men all of them to a greater or lesser extent - CRIMINALS and moderately the crimes have to be punished. HERE!!!!!! And judging that from your article “ at court everyone is for himself “ did you harm of pressing of the mother`s girlfriend, and another of nothing terrible if rape. Sorry, Garik, you are not right.

lenalena # in 11:44 +4 - 1 +1

is absolute yesterday agrees with you, Ksenia

Garik # yesterday at 11:52 - 6

Who still agrees-) I Ask stands in line-)

of lenalena # in 12:18 +3 - 1 +1

Turns out yesterday a pointless shaking of air. The world, Garik, you will not remake. And a complex of god it is necessary to treat.

Garik # yesterday at 13:27 - 3

god`s Complex? Where you saw it?

It just reasonings of the thinking person - not Bol.

And if the complex of god is successfully treated, then here, I am afraid, the complex of an ignoramus is incurable - ((

of Lenusya # yesterday in 11:47 +3 - 1 +1

+ to

of italianka # yesterday in 11:52 +4 - 1 +1

is visible to it there was a wish to leave “ hero “ having written this article,

in my opinion not article my its reserve, and the fact that there now from - for Garik it is impossible to leave more comments

of italianka # in 11:59 +5 - 1 +1

thanks for minus

Garik # yesterday at 11:54 yesterday - 2

Me were touched not by(with) article, dear Ksenia. That touched me - in the answer. I Will repeat

once again language, clear for you: I was touched by that haste with which all are ready to manage “ justice “. You remember reviews? “ To Cut off, cut and so forth “. Read

, pozh - hundred, more attentively. In the article - in total.


italianka # yesterday in 11:56 +5 - 1 +1

so, you provoked the people in answers or do not remember?

KceHuja # yesterday in 11:59 +4 - 1 +1

Garik, thanks for council, I read attentively, but it is not necessary to be “ seven spans in a forehead “ to understand that you the same victim “ sexually anxious “ people, as well as the majority of us who left comments. VY &ndash is simple; The MAN, and we are WOMEN, and still more - A M M Y! Here we also react on - to a miscellaneous.

Garik # yesterday at 12:07 0

Is not present, Ksenia. Just I think and I argue more - less sensibly, and you hit in emotion again, even without having penetrated in washed away written.

(After the first two paragraphs there are also others. Esteem, pozh - hundred, is more attentive).

HelenCn # yesterday in 11:51 +6 - 1 +1

the Girl of 5 years with the legs soiled by sperm sobbing on the distant platform of kindergarten (I am personally familiar with this family and with this girl, which now 30) - these are, of course, circumstantial evidences. And babble of the child: “ The Uncle suggested to show a puppy “.

In the Soviet criminal code were the articles « too; For seduction of juveniles “ and “ For rape of minors “. At my parents somewhere this interesting knizhention still rolls. Year of the edition about 1980. Just applied them not often and did not use the term “ pedophilia “. So we in the Best In Mira Strana also could have neither pedophiles, nor maniacs (even started talking about Chikatilo not at once). Same contradicted the moral code Garik writes:

Fashion on pedophilia, in my opinion, began in Russia and the CIS only about ten years ago. And for the last two - three years gained obviously hysterical character.

of the builder of communism. Tak chto matter is not that Garik writes:

Fashion on pedophilia, in my opinion, began in Russia and the CIS only about ten years ago. And for the last two - three years gained obviously hysterical character.

, and that in that daylight it was just accepted to hush up the inconvenient facts which are not entered in the beautiful picture of society of the developed socialism.

Ya I cannot understand one. If the fault of the person is proved if these proofs it is enough weighty (up to the genetic analysis of the sperm taken on the analysis from the child`s body if the pedophile - the man) if the child really nepolovozrely, then, in your opinion whether it is necessary to punish pedophiles (of both sexes!) ? And miscarriages of justice all the same cannot be excluded from 100% probability. Or, in order to avoid punishment of the innocent not to punish? And of what the injured child is guilty? He is already punished, without fault.
of +++++

Garik # yesterday at 12:04 +3

Well to what you so sharakhat p> KceHuja # from one extreme to the other?

On this case (and on everything the rest): I do not consider at all that the PEDOPHILIA NEEDS to be JUSTIFIED, having called it “ boylav “ as sometimes occurs in the West.

the Guilty person in this case has to answer. To answer on all to severity and UNDER the LAW. And you suited mob killings.

HelenCn # in 12:20 +3 - 1 +1

Ya suited yesterday nothing. At the time of the described events I could not even make it because I then was 13 years old. But I well remember horror of the child, despair of parents and own fear. You, Garik, man. It is difficult to you to understand how women all the conscious zhiznlive on pain of sexual violence. Since the childhood inspire in us that it is impossible to go on the hometown to late time of day that it is impossible to get into the car to the stranger even if it is necessary to reach urgently somewhere, it is impossible to put on too frank dresses not to run and still a great number of similar “ it is impossible “. And all because the violence fact can not always be proved. Therefore still that quite often tyrants refer to the fact that the victim the dress or the fact that late there was down the street one, provoked them to commission of violence. Agree that men are forced much less often and to make this act much more difficult. If the violence was followed by adequate punishment and all potential tyrants knew about it then and to walk the streets it would be much quieter. This my opinion.

in that article which was for you an incitement to writing of this was pleasant to me the comment of the Macaque. She wrote that in America it is not accepted to touch other people`s children at all. And I consider as the correct approach. Do not touch foreign child and nobody will suspect you of anything. The adult already owing to the fact that he the adult, has to realize all measure of responsibility.

Garik # yesterday at 13:39 0

of Helen, I understand. And moreover, he agrees.

Sometimes the law takes the part of the tyrant, inflicting still big suffering on the victim of violence. there is no

Unfortunately, in the world anything is black - white.

Therefore as one wise reviewer « wrote; I try to avoid a categoriality “. # yesterday in 11:54 +3 - 1 +1

each problem, of course, has Tartil`s

the reason. I am inclined to accuse the reason too, but not result.

Garik # yesterday at 12:01 +3

Thanks of Tortile for judiciousness-) yesterday in 12:07 +7 - 1 +1

I Read to

of natocnkakom # article, honestly overcame all comments and again I am perplexed... Forgive, likely, as venerable Garik writes, I have a poverty of intellect, but to understand what colors he hoisted I cannot. Alas. I read about miscarriages of justice, about “ attempts to understand “ but before the word “ to understand “ costs a kozlin... So as the author tells about the impartiality, all impartiality breaks about standard “ the » shirt;. And an immodest question to dear author. Reason of writing of article? To regret pedophiles, tyrants and maniacs - to them and it is so heavy in life? Or more attentively to understand, excepting miscarriages of justice? It seems to me that is not present. Such impression that dear author wanted to transfer war to the profile. Whether and war - so, the excited aunts talked, and the intellectual uncle called them “ imbetsilka “.

And under article. All problem is that anyway “ will carry “ to the victim. Always on the first place the criminal Pochemu? Yes it has odds on one step. You can only be protected if you were already hit. To declare on the tyrant - only when you were ALREADY raped. And to prove it - even worse - having passed through all circles of hell (and all know how at us belong to raped - will get both in hospital, and in militia and parents will not always understand - affects national “ does not skhocht a knot, the dog will not jump and what there a knot if to children also 10 is not present...) . Here also it turns out that is lost anyway by the VICTIM.

And blood-thirsty “ to dismember “ “ to cut off “ etc. from powerlessness. Yes, were mistaken in militia, the innocent suffered, anyway, in it, forgive for a tautology - too someone is guilty - the cranky aunt, militiamen to whom she is necessary « is guilty; statistics “ etc. It is a pity for the ruined life, but these are our excesses &ndash too; we always fight against something, we always have to prove that there is a fight - here and result - the innocent suffers. But at the same time guilty persons HAVE TO be punished too. Otherwise why then all...

italianka # yesterday in 12:15 +5 - 1 +1

Natul, I here too will not understand, wrote a nafig, I think from - for comments - at me could not leave more, here and wrote the

natocnkakom # to 12:18 +5 - 1 +1

Natashenka, more quietly, more quietly yesterday... Anyway we discuss a subject, but we do not put up a virtual fight and furthermore virtual court.
Garik # yesterday at 12:33 - Present 2

to p> italianka # that “ mistake “ - it YOU.

Yes, were mistaken in militia. Yes, someone “ perebdit “. “ Mistake “ - You. Not I.

HelenCn # So investigation authorities and judicial system is mistaken yesterday in 12:36 +2 - 1 +1

not only in case of investigation of cases of sexual violence. Are mistaken also in cases of thefts, murders etc. The probability of a miscarriage of justice always exists. And from it not to get to anywhere. Your offers? Not to judge and not to punish to avoid mistakes? Mistakes and other sort happen - when acquit the guilty person from - for insufficiency of proofs.

Garik # yesterday at 12:50 - 1

Remember a real case with the captain Semenov. He forced nobody. On the contrary, showed the HUMANITY, having regretted foreign child.

Me “ interestingly “ your behavior here. I represent that you on consideration of such things will do... do not bring My God - ((

of natocnkakom # in 13:12 +3 - 1 +1

was always pleasant yesterday to me our Russian “ to regret “. And someone asked it, to be sorry? At first enraged me American - “ do not touch that it was not worse “ but sometimes I understand it.

Garik # yesterday at 13:20 +2

“ Nobody asked “... Me too nobody asks

when I see the blind grandma that our autobahn passes. Or when I see the kitten who fell in a dirty sottir. And when the guy at a stop lay on concrete last winter. Truly, grandly expecting the bus at a stop nobody asked to help it. Here they also stood as stone idols. So far that slowly felled into a coma.

- ((((((((((

of natocnkakom # yesterday in 13:31 +4 - 1 +1

Nobody forbids us to be people, but I somehow suffered from the granny whom helped to get home (it was sick with Alzheimer`s disease). More true not from it, and from her relatives to whom I as a result also took it. so also ndash; not always and not everything our help is necessary. Yes & ndash; to listen to hearts very well, to help also ndash; we are brought up that it is necessary to help (though life always convinced us of the return), but not everyone also not always needs our help.

Garik # yesterday at 13:52 +1

I what, you regretted that you helped the granny?

You know, I yesterday, from a serdobolstvo, unchained a neighbour`s dog whom the hostess holds on a chain on half a year. Hungry, sides became hollow, flown into a rage. And the dog, clever appeared, skvatit the collar and... somewhere buried-)

Back I could not chain it any more. The neigbour, of course, did not like my arbitrariness... but I am not sorry at all. Zhivotinka came off for the year ahead.

& raquo; Be not sorry about good deeds even if it also raquo are wrapped against you;. You remember?-)

natocnkakom # yesterday in 13:59 +4 - 1 +1

Now & ndash; I am not sorry, and at that moment... was sorry.

HelenCn # yesterday in 13:30 +3 - 1 +1

In vain you are so. You become personal. You do not know me and draw conclusions even not from my comments, and from your ideas of me. You gave a real case with the captain Semenov. I gave a real case with the acquaintance to me personally the child.

That I will do on consideration of such things, you do not represent also ndash; I will observe judicial discipline as I am a law-abiding person. I suggest not to manage mob killings, and to change the legislation towards toughening of punishment for sexual violence. And not only over children, and and over adults. And punishment usually overtakes the criminal only under sentence of court. So has to be in the constitutional state.

natocnkakom # in 12:49 +4 - 1 +1

Ya faced yesterday a miscarriage of justice recently. Understood and the guilty person was punished also by ndash; as in militia, and the one who really committed a crime. However, children, both morally, and physically & ndash suffered; in native militia to them well got. But here it is interesting, those, from - for whom everything occurred after a while were already free. Here so. And they were really guilty...

And not to be also laquo; mistake & raquo;... Do not provoke. If you try to tell the fellow traveler about shortcomings of our sexual education & ndash late evening; to be surprised there is nothing if it considers that you to it it is banal you stick and will run to call militia.

Garik # yesterday at 13:41 0

do not put on miniskirts, do not bare your delightful pupochka, on you put a fighting coloring. & laquo; Do not provoke also raquo;. <# yesterday in 13:44 +3 - 1 +1

Ya I do not want to answer with p> natocnkakom to you. You see my comment below. we already do not provoke

A. There are such complex & laquo; the offended person & raquo; & laquo; she is beautiful, clever, she has a good young man, and I have spots, excess weight and lack of money. Here I also killed her. And what still was to do to me if she did not want me... & raquo; I go to far, and not absolutely precisely reproduced the quote, but it is the truth.

Garik # yesterday at 13:45 0

I about court mistakes: saw both the beaten-out teeth, and the turned-off cheekbones, and I wet with blood... RECOGNITION IN YOUR HUMANE OTD of MYLAE is SO BEATEN OUT.

I would like, Sharpening that you at least attended such inquiries. I assure you, you, in the. to dtsat, quickly would reconsider the beliefs. However, as well as many here. Theorists.

The son of the girlfriend of my mother still sits. Though at the time of commission & laquo; sexual action & raquo; was at home with the wife and children.

natocnkakom # in 13:52 +2 - 1 +1

Ya too about it is aware yesterday. I not really have not enough years that I did not see it and did not know. But the fact that guilty also ndash has to be punished; I do not even doubt it. And about your humane vessels... They everywhere such humane. And even in oooochen the safe countries.

Garik # yesterday at 14:09 - do not tell 2

: court to court & ndash; discord. you are familiar to

with the American judicial system?

And so, in it even if parents of the injured child also laquo raised a hand or simply; made a verbal insult & raquo; the suspect, bears criminal liability. Just because the fault is not proved yet.

You remember, how at cinema: firing, fear, horror. The police officer runs up to you and before to push you in the car, reads to you the rights. And God forbid to pereuserdvovat. Will sit to a pressure.

And at us / at you already punishment begins with the place of detention. Often defendants hardly live up to process.

natocnkakom # yesterday in 12:09 +5 - 1 +1

I still. I remind dear opponents that if at discussion there are insults and discussion of a subject will become personal, discussion will be closed, and to the most zealous opponents the warning is issued.

Garik # yesterday at 12:11 +1

Me here are directed by some women. Thanks to them. I will try once again:




KceHuja # yesterday in 12:17 +2 - 1 +1

Garik if it so, then attentively read the name of the article and if it is possible you change it to IMHO

4ynbka87 # yesterday at 12:25 0 - 1 +1

A, Ksenia, you read only the name?

Garik # yesterday at 12:34 +2

Thanks, Olga-) Present to

if it was not virtual discussion, but open. Here to me would nadavat - ()))))

of Lenusya # in 12:52 +1 - 1 +1

can yesterday we and are emotional, but not to such an extent...)

Garik # yesterday at 13:00 - 2

you gathered which - whom & laquo; to press also raquo;?

you, dear Lenusya, just do not represent what is it to PRESS. I know

A. Believe, & laquo; to crush also raquo; human being & ndash; and the pedophile as you and I, breathe, sees and feels also ndash; what ardent rhetoric you would not vospolzovat also ndash now; nevertheless person. And & laquo; to crush also raquo; it, all of you here throwing verbal caviar will not be able. It is difficult. <# yesterday Garik writes p> Lenusya to 14:07 +1 - 1 +1

: Present to

if it was not virtual discussion, but open. Here to me would nadavat - ()))))

I responded to your phrase...

Tartila # in 12:18 +3 - 1 +1

Is yesterday such philosophical subject that the definite answer cannot be. And each case is unique. And consequently both relation to the victim and tyrant miscellaneous.

4ynbka87 # yesterday at 12:27 - 1 - 1 +1

Garik, here if and wrote also ndash; there would be no so many attacks. Just someone reads only the name, someone fluently checks article, without catching the real sense... <# yesterday from what you took p> HelenCn in 12:30 +1 - 1 +1

A what punishment surely precedes a consequence? I would toughen punishment, but only after carrying out a consequence. It was talked of punishment for those whose fault is already proved. <# yesterday + # yesterday in 12:35 +1 - 1 +1

Garik writes p> Lenusya to

of KceHuja to 12:52 +1 - 1 +1


I Will try once again:


It is the comment of the author of article with the name: & laquo; Supporter of pedophilia, or... & raquo;

And 4ynbka87 this contradiction does not confuse you? And to your data, I read not only the name and I think it clear from my comments if you read them. Garik # yesterday at 12:39 - 2

Ya if I write

satyyu & laquo tomorrow; I was in captivity at aliens & raquo; you will believe me?-)))))))))))))))))) # yesterday in 12:51 +1 - 1 +1

do not exaggerate

of natocnkakom.

Garik # yesterday at 14:13 - 3

It against rules?-)

of KceHuja # in 12:13 +3 - 1 +1

Was remembered yesterday the movie & laquo; Voroshilovsky shooter & raquo; who not on the party of the grandfather? Who will tell that it is not right that made mob killings?

Tartila # yesterday in 12:20 +2 - 1 +1

Very much I love this movie. But, the victim not the child)) Also is about the law for the elite. In this situation if the law, then the grandfather of nobody not & laquo joined; shot also raquo; and it is other subject.

of Lenusya # in 12:53 +1 - 1 +1

too very much is pleasant yesterday to me this movie!!!

Garik # yesterday at 13:14 - 2

the Grandfather exceeded a self-defense measure. And not this self-defense was, but the heat of passion. Turbidity of reason. Which, somewhat, is observed here.

As if we did not stand on its party, the guy did not deserve a bullet in a face.

Garik # yesterday at 12:36 - 2

Professo Kohn writes (in my opinion, I already placed it??? You delete with Poshto that? Clever thoughts of the clever person):

“Early the developed children provoke actually some and encourage adults to sexual contacts, initiating erotic games, trying to obtain the corresponding caress, etc. Sometimes it becomes unconsciously, and sometimes, especially teenagers, quite consciously. The word “seduction“ not always correctly describes nature of such relationship … Subjective reactions of children to sexual contact with the adult are also ambiguous. 52% of the American students apprehended this experience negatively, 18% & ndash; neutrally and 30% & ndash; positively … Seducers … seldom resort to violence, preferring to act with arrangements or verbal threats“. <# yesterday Garik writes p> KceHuja to 12:48 +2 - 1 +1


“Early the developed children provoke actually some and encourage adults to sexual a gameto steps, initiating erotic games, trying to obtain the corresponding caress, etc. Sometimes it becomes unconsciously, and sometimes, especially teenagers, quite consciously.

& raquo; Rescue drowning & ndash; work drowning & raquo;. But they are CHILDREN, and seducers ADULT. What it is possible to speak further about? And it is not necessary. With you all & ndash; IT IS CLEAR!!!

Garik # yesterday at 13:02 - 3

It not with me & laquo; clearly & raquo;. & laquo; Clearly & raquo; & ndash; with professor Kohn.

Pine # yesterday in 13:18 +2 - 1 +1

& raquo; According to critics, Kohn`s works are not scientific works, and predstalyat themselves the propaganda materials directed to formation of tolerance of homosexuality and pedophilia. & raquo; It is the quote from LiveInterneta.

Garik # yesterday at 13:23 - What 4

of critics? Rummage in Intereneta...

Pine # yesterday in 13:31 +1 - 1 +1


Garik # yesterday at 14:15 - 4

For your your child and in 40 for you buddt also laquo; child & raquo;.

Children & ndash are good; healthy fellows in 15 - 16 years. Which about sex, know it about what you also did not hear. Children-) Garik # yesterday at 12:39 +1

Are not present

, did not remove. I am very glad-)

of Pine # in 12:53 +3 - 1 +1

will be yesterday a criminal negligence in relation to children from adults So far, there will be geeks using this negligence. Garik`s fervor is not absolutely clear. Certainly justice has to be fair. But also the relation in society to similar things has to be accurately designated! To parents of the raped child to a rassusolivaniye bulb in an occasion & laquo; what is pedophilia and where it arose. & raquo; Foreign soul darkness, but I very much want to believe that among my friends and acquaintances there are no those who masturbate visiting the sites with a child pornography.

KceHuja # writes to 12:59 +2 - 1 +1

Pine yesterday:

to Parents of the raped child to a rassusolivaniye bulb in an occasion & laquo; what is pedophilia and where it arose. & raquo;

That`s it, and we about it.

Garik # yesterday at 13:05 - 3

the Child pornography & ndash; it not only children of 3 and 5 years. In that that and difficulty.

Including, it & laquo; children & raquo; 15 - 16 years.

He agrees that to parents & laquo; to a bulb & raquo;. They are eager for punishment. It is clear.

Fiona - v # yesterday in 13:12 +7 - 1 +1

My dear, let`s react to provocations less emotionally.

I Recommend to re-read the following articles:

myjulia. ru/article/32668 /

myjulia. ru/article/61366 /

myjulia. ru/article/102238 /

I Wish all kind people good luck and good mood.

KceHuja # yesterday to 13:18 +6 - 1 +1

Fiona - v writes:

My dear, let`s react to provocations less emotionally.

Thanks for references.

italianka # yesterday in 13:56 +3 - 1 +1

Garik # yesterday at 13:31 - 7

I Want to thank all dear participants for participation-)

you was removed by the hidden camera-) Allow

having taken the leave, nevertheless to open the incognito: Tkachyov Igor Olegovich, the junior researcher of the American Center Carnegie at the moment working on article on a complex of the Russian aggression and an obyvatelshchina.

wanted to Offend nobody.

But if someone, at least for a minute, turns on himself and the reasonings attention, I will be happy-))))))

of HelenCn # in 13:36 +3 - 1 +1

It already was yesterday.

Lenusya # yesterday in 14:12 +2 - 1 +1

without comments!!!

natocnkakom # in 13:39 +6 - 1 +1

A would be desirable yesterday for me that it was made by you.

Because here such & laquo; curtsey & raquo; & ndash; a consequence of disrespect not only for opponents, but also to rules of the website, on which you & laquo; also raquo lodged;.

Misters. I remind that:

the network is created only for communication, pleasant, interesting and useful to its participants. In this regard we ask to refrain you from placement in articles, blogs and comments of the subjects and statements aiming to offend on national, religious, age and to a sexual character of other participants of communication. Also we ask you to refrain from use of an offensive language, an aggressive manner of conducting polemic and transitions on the identity of opponents.

Therefore I recommend to refrain from further insults. In this case, after the statement of the author, I consider that discussion sputtered out. <# yesterday in 13:45 +5 - 1 +1

Immortal Marx was right p> Rizaja when he told that history repeats itself twice: the first time in the form of the tragedy, the second time in the form of the farce? Here & ndash; alas! & ndash; smells slightly of the third round: clownery...

Garik # yesterday at 14:11 - 6

Ya I guess, who clowns-) (((

of italianka # yesterday in 13:57 +5 - 1 +1


Garik # yesterday at 14:03 - 4

A unless we not pleasantly communicated?

Perhaps to be me the offensive language was used? Or I someone offended


Here I was offended. And still as! & laquo; Es gibt nichts schlimmer fuer den denkenden Mann, als Beleidigung durch Torheit & raquo;. But I forgive all-) because also to laquo; Frolicking animals, innocent children and emotional women should be forgiven for their natural lack of reason & raquo;. These are not my words....

natocnkakom # in 14:14 +5 - 1 +1

you violated yesterday rules of the website and more than once. And in this skirmish I did not notice pleasant communication.

of natocnkakom # in 14:22 +7 - 1 +1

your further comments confirm yesterday my opinion.

Ya I close discussion.

Discussion is closed