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How to make the Japanese milk Hokkaido bread?

Japan … Land of the rising sun … What you have associations with this country? At me at once a little.

In - the first, something is unattainable space, new high technologies, big speeds. In - the second, refinement, here geishas in a kimono with such graceful manners occur at once. In - the third, wisdom. And the wrinkled Japanese old man with century wisdom in eyes is represented. In - the fourth, working capacity. As they work, we can only dream! In - the fifth, Japanese cuisine, with its beaters and sushi.

But unless Japanese cuisine is only beaters yes of sushi?! No! Japanese cuisine very different. And it became interesting to me and whether Japanese bake bread? Bake! For example, milk bread for which preparation take milk of the cows who are grazed on the island of Hokkaido, on Furano`s meadows therefore he also received the name - Hokkaido. The plain recipe plus original molding, and as a result - useful and tasty bread, slightly sweetish on taste, but what soft! However, purely territorially it is difficult to us to enjoy this milk, but to taste the Japanese bread oh as there is a wish. But where ours did not vanish, we will adapt.

So, meet - Hokkaido, or the Japanese milk bread! We learn Japanese cuisine tasty and in a new way!

What for this purpose is required to us, write down and prepare that at once everything was near at hand:

- high-grade flour - 400 g + 2 tablespoons with a hill;

- milk - 70 ml + 5 tablespoons;

- water cold - 5 tablespoons;

- cream of 30 ml + 1 tablespoon;

- granulated sugar - 40 g;

- salt - 1 teaspoon;

- yeast dry high-speed - 1 teaspoon;

- butter - 40 g;

- egg - 1 piece;

- vegetable oil - 1 tablespoon.

Rolled up sleeves, put on an apron and a cap. Are ready?! Let`s start! for

the Step 1

Before kneading dough for the Japanese bread, it is necessary to prepare Tangzhong. For this purpose in a small bucket to sift 2 tablespoons with a flour hill, to pour in 5 tablespoons of cold water and milk and it is good to mix the weight that there were no lumps from flour. To put a bucket with dairy - flour weight on slow fire and, constantly stirring slowly, to cook about 1 minute until mix thickens. Mix will be similar to paste. To remove Tangzhong from fire, to cool.

the Step 2

Is time to start a test batch. Remember - the mood has to be excellent! To mix egg, milk, cream and Tangzhong. Then to add sugar, salt, to sift a half of norm flour, to pour yeast. It is good to Vymeshat to uniformity. Then to add kindled, but not hot butter, to vent. Dough will be uniform, but sticky. Gradually adding the second half of flour, to knead finally elastic, soft, not sticking to hands dough. To oil dough vegetable and to put in a deep cup, to cover and put to the warm place for rise for about 2 hours. During this time dough will well rise, having increased in volume twice.

the Step 3

the Risen dough to press down and divide into 3 equal parts. At me about 260 grams turned out somewhere. To roll each part of the test with a rolling pin in a long oval. To wrap the left part of the rolled test to the center. And then to wrap also right. To turn dough on other party, zavorotam down. A rolling pin slightly to roll on length.


the Turned-out strip of the test to curtail the Step “snail“. To try that “snail“ was equal. In the same way to create 2 more “snails“. 5

the Baking dish (at me 30*10*8) it is good to

to oil the Step vegetable, and then to lay out the created “snails“ at some distance from each other. To cover with a towel and to leave for a rasstoyka for 20 minutes. To grease from above rasstoyavshiysya bread with 1 tablespoon of cream.

the Step 6

to Bake bread in the oven warmed in advance to 180 degrees, about 40 minutes to a zarumyanivaniye (here it is necessary to have will power as on the apartment such smell of pastries will extend that directly dements). To take out the baked bread from an oven and to cool on a lattice.

Soft, fluffy, fragrant, with an appetizing crust the Japanese milk Hokkaido bread just attracts the smell and a look! And a crumb - as a fuzz!

Well, here baked the Japanese bread - as if invited to themselves on a visit home Japan, mysterious and attracting.

Prepare with pleasure!