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The fool of

About 11 hours on morning, in already woken up and in every possible way buzzing, knocking and wailing as the station of the big city, sales department, sure gait enters the smiling stranger and from a threshold joyfully questions: “I got to sales department?“. Having received a gloomy affirmative answer on the question, he slowly passes to the one who is most closer to it, elegantly takes seat on a chair, showers a leg on a leg, and, without weakening the radiant smile, already in a low voice not to disturb the rest declares: “I would like to acquire your production“.

The statement is the most ordinary which each of employees of department hears, at least, twenty times a day. All the same that the shop assistant of ice cream allow to tell “To me a portion of ice cream“. Anything remarkable. Therefore that, is more faithful that to whom this request is addressed, even an ear does not conduct, and, without lifting the light look, continues something to scribble persistently in the important papers.

To the stranger by sight years fifty, and for the age he looks good, it is fresh. Though, no, you will not call him the handsome. Thin, long ago the hairdresser had no average height. Odette it it is rather negligent, in some last year`s old clothes. Hit trousers, and the jacket, on the contrary, is longish. But his white teeth smile and the eyes shining unclear happiness do it almost beautiful, with interest compensate all other shortcomings of his appearance. It keeps surely, but it is not impudent. In a word, it is interesting to look at it. But so far to look at it there is nobody as all are awfully busy important - prevazhny affairs.

At last, that busy person against whom he sits, turns the literary trash and raises the eyes inflamed from tension on the smiling stranger:

- I Listen to you.

- You do not remember me, Natalya Ivanovna?

- Hmm … Sorry, not.

- I am Maximov!

- Maximov?

- Sure! We had a rest in sanatorium “White vezha“ two years ago. I here to a descent recognized you!

- Hmm … Perhaps … Ah, well. I remember something. But then you looked differently, in my opinion. The kilogram is so thirty heavier.

- In any case on thirty! On all forty! Yes I did not pass in a door! Once I to rise by the third floor as I began heartbeat, short wind. And once weather I exchanged, I died of pressure differences. And now have a look at me!

Natalya Ivanovna, the gloomy person to whom it turned the ardent monologue, appear, slightly became interested in the man, and, judging by folds on her small forehead, even tried to revive that unforgettable image of the corpulent and sick person with which it was pushed off once by destiny in memory. Because itself was that is called the lady in the juice, such modern mumps which on our streets every year becomes more and more.

- And how you managed so … to change the image?

- How? When doctors promised that in the near future I will be enough either a heart attack, or a stroke, I understood that it is time to give fat up as a bad job the present way of life. And what life I led, you ask? And I will answer: the most swinish!! Here to you an example of usual day from my life two years ago, I then a businessman was, so to speak: for breakfast I ate a yaichenka of eggs so from five moreover with a bekonchik, both it is obligatory for coffee, and a roll with oil. Then - a smoke break. To go on foot? That you! Same not respectably! The whole day by car. To and fro, to and fro. And you will not pass two steps. Had dinner with workmates. With businessmen. At restaurant or what cafe a konyachka we will surely bite gram on hundred fifty. For appetite, so to speak. And appetite at me, it is necessary to tell, and without konyachka always that it was necessary. And under it, under darling, brochettes, balychka, pork barrels! The sausage there, a salyamochka, a salets, well put everything! But it will not turn out to have dinner normally, so I on the road of chebureks or belyashes of pieces will buy ten and I will eat everything, by the way, for a reinforcement. That so to have a bite. Well, and evening at me in general went off with a bang. Before to sit down at a table, I beer a small bottle, a poltorashechka, for appetite again - inside will accept, I will persuade, and there, walk soul, have a rest a body. The wife will prepare, will try. I also am glad to try. That it was not offensive for the wife. I will be loaded, I will be indulged with a sigarette, on a sofa I will collapse. Well! Already every day. I only on the TV played sports. Eyes and a voice trained. And as money earned, began to be blissfully happy so even more. Lived under the slogan “Day without beer! Weeks without banquet!“. In forty I weighed hundred twenty kg, had pressure 160 on 100 and heart troubles. Well, and then told himself “Stop“. “The guy, or you in forty five will die death of brave businessmen from a stroke, or will get it together and will begin to live as the person, but not a pig“.

- And what, worked well? - phlegmatically Natalya Ivanovna`s neigbour took an interest.

- Here it I, look at me! There are I at six in the morning. Zaryadochka, probezhochka two kilometers. In day I go at least on ten kilometers.

- And to what diet you adhere? - the neigbour, appear, out of politeness took an interest.

- To what Diet I adhere, you ask? I do not eat some meat. Sausages, especially. Already two years. Sausage is a purest poison, killing for a human body. However, it kills slowly. But it is right. About twenty five years ago I visited our meat-processing plant. Judge for yourself: for preparation of raw smoked sausage, besides necessary meat and fat which in itself are harmful unless in large numbers it is used from ten to twenty, always, in a varying degree, harmful ingredients. Ponder! Twenty harmful additives which shorten to you life! What it, is asked by you? Yes you perfectly know them, I will answer you. All this those thickeners and zakoptitel, preservatives and amplifiers of taste. Any sausage - it is harmful. And the sausage is more tasty, the, as a rule, it is more in it harmful additives. That to meat, I will answer simply: eat boiled light meat of a bird and sometimes boiled fast beef. All fried, prepared on coals and furthermore with fat - it is harmful. I prefer to meat fish. Maximum of vegetables and fruit. At what I buy only not imported vegetables and fruit. In them a maximum of vitamins and a minimum of chemistry. And what water we drink, you know? Open the crane in any city apartment and just smell. Chlorine, cadmium, even lead. And chlorine, as we know, even after boiling does not disappear anywhere. And remains. Where? Correctly, on our vessels. Therefore I do not drink tap water. Behind water specially I go to Ipatyevsk, under Nesvizh. There are purest vivifying sources.

Maximov, as if from a tribune broadcast all present at department naked facts of life. Two or three postponed the work and gloomy looked at it, the others continued to write something, to knock on keyboards of computers, to call by telephones, with hatred glancing in its party and exchanging words short phrases among themselves. Though, to tell the truth, in department was, to a lump it to listen. From twelve people who worked there was no which the appearance would remind the newly arrived speaker. And though the age of listeners was from thirty two to fifty eight, all of them already that is called tasted and continued to taste its generous gifts from life.

- You that you will order that - Natalya Ivanovna bellowed.

- And? And to order. To me box of accumulator plugs and box of the fifteenth latches. I married recently - shining, Maximov continued, - and I gave birth to the successor. Or rather, successor. My wife is younger than me for fifteen years and therefore I try to be in shape. And you know what important role is played by sex for the aging man? - this time he addressed a strong half of department. What role is played by sex for any man? Paramount! Intimate communication actually rejuvenates both the man, and the woman! Pay attention as your wife such minutes gets prettier! As her skin looks younger. As her eyes light up. As all its sections are poured by life. Here so each section of your body tired with a civilization lights up, rejuvenates. What we, men do when we were tired when we are tired with work? We drink. No, it is French drink. Two hundred grams of dry wine. We get drunk. Raw vodka liter floor. It as it seems to us, helps us to forget about problems and to find become invalid. We really forget about problems, losing drunk consciousness, and here we do not manage to find force and health.

Men in department phlegmatically looked at Maximov, and, on all visibilities, did not divide his love heat at all. One should have finished the report and he with irritation frowned, trying will concentrate. Another, having crossed hands on a breast politely listened to Maximov, most likely, being guided by the rule of all sales departments “The client is always right“. The third already still right at the beginning left to smoke and did not return.

- Intimate life affects in the most beneficial way a prostate and a prostate gland. And a prostate cancer, as we know, on the second place at men after lung cancer. And then, sex is a mass of positive emotions, happiness hormone produced in your brain. As it is fine to love each other. I even composed verses when my daughter was born. Here listen … to

- Companion Maximov. A prostate cancer and sex - it, of course, is important, but you to us prevent to work - Natalya Ivanovna`s neigbour, the full pink-checked lady with manicure with irritation tore off it.

- And, well. Well, I leave. But before, young people, - he addressed almost in a whisper two youngest men sitting one after another, - think over my words. While the getting is good.

- You can receive Goods in a warehouse. Good-bye - Natalya Ivanovna reported.

- I Wish all of you a good health. Store you God - the radiant smile of Maximov disappeared together with him behind a door.

- Lifted up, Cicero is lousy - Natalya Ivanovna did not sustain.

- Peddled old stuff here. All this is known long ago. Magazines perhaps are not read and we do not watch TV? - her neigbour supported Natalya Ivanovna. In five minutes a lunch. Let`s go to buffet or the dining room?

- Better to the dining room. Something I got hungry, listening to this fool. And sweet there is a wish. Let`s go, we will have a bite.